Jesus is the Bread of Life

02 May 2017

Jesus is the Bread of Life

Today’s Reflection
Gospel: Jn 6:30-35

By presenting himself as the “bread of life,” Jesus wanted his contemporaries to understand how much they needed him or to believe in him in order to have eternal life. Just as material food is necessary for physical life, so is faith necessary for spiritual life.
There’s a constant conflict and tension between our material and spiritual needs. Sometimes we tend to pay more attention to one or the other. The Lord is not asking us to neglect our physical needs. He is simply reminding us not to neglect our spiritual life as well.
Our Gospel reading invites us to reflect on how we strike a balance between our two fundamental needs. Better yet, to ask ourselves what our priorities are especially when the two come into conflict. Do we prefer bread that perishes or bread that lasts for eternity?

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