Road to Emmaus

30 Apr 2017

Road to Emmaus

Today’s Reflection
Gospel: Lk 24:13-35

The disciples felt their hearts burning within them while Jesus talked with them on the road and opened the Scriptures to them.
The burning heart is an Augustinian symbol – a heart set on fire and wounded by God’s word, which signifies the strong impact the Bible had on him leading him to conversion and guiding him throughout his priestly ministry in his fight against heretics and schismatics.

Our Gospel reading today invites us to consider the role of God’s word in our daily life. How much time do we dedicate to reading the Scripture? Do we find time to meditate on it? Does it still set our hearts on fire? God’s word should be the lamp at our feet and our daily guide in everything that we do. It is through it that Jesus – the eternal Word – speaks to us.

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