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Prayer for acceptance 0September 19, 2017Details
Loneliness1September 19, 2017Details
miracles for restore relationship1September 19, 2017Details
Untitled1September 15, 2017Details
Getting back together 0September 14, 2017Details
Lifetime partner0September 14, 2017Details
Please pray for me that I will find lifetime partner0September 14, 2017Details
Safe delivery of my daughter -in-law and peace of my brother0September 4, 2017Details
Prayer for my Petition0September 3, 2017Details
Success on the exam0September 3, 2017Details
prayers for peace0August 27, 2017Details
Untitled0August 22, 2017Details
Prayer for my papa Thomas Edison Bacalsi0August 20, 2017Details
Test Drive 0August 18, 2017Details
For Sylner Lopez S-Pass1August 18, 2017Details
Winning the 1st spot in Volleyball Sports Feast1August 18, 2017Details
For love ones and family0August 14, 2017Details
Restoration of Relationship4August 12, 2017Details
Financial Commitments and Obligations0August 6, 2017Details
Winning the Jackpot and First Prize in Lotto0August 3, 2017Details
Luck in lottery1August 3, 2017Details
To pass Career Civil Service Professional Exam August 6, 20170August 2, 2017Details
For longer healthy life of my husband YWG1August 1, 2017Details
For my Grades0August 1, 2017Details
My prayer pettion 0July 30, 2017Details
Civil Service Exam2July 29, 2017Details
eternal repose of the soul of Otera Bibi0July 5, 2017Details
For the Healing of my uncle eric castillon1June 21, 2017Details
Healing1June 20, 2017Details
Employment Petition0June 14, 2017Details
help me for all my problems now0June 14, 2017Details
Please Pray for Me0June 13, 2017Details
Prayer for Job2June 9, 2017Details
Personal Healing2June 9, 2017Details
Thanksgiving1June 9, 2017Details
Prayer for Everything Lost or Taken1June 5, 2017Details
Forgiveness1June 5, 2017Details
Prayers for safety for Uy Family2June 4, 2017Details
Prayer for the Departed Soul and Spirit2June 2, 2017Details
Prayer for the Departed Soul1June 2, 2017Details
Freedom from Curse, Witchcraft, Evil Doings1May 31, 2017Details
Good Health1May 30, 2017Details
Your will be done Lord ???1May 29, 2017Details
Prayer for Marawi and Peace in the world2May 29, 2017Details
Prayer for my Family3May 28, 2017Details
Prayer for Protection during Travel4May 25, 2017Details
For healing and peace5May 25, 2017Details
#PrayforMarawi12May 25, 2017Details
NCLEX EXAM RESULTS2May 25, 2017Details
Soul and Spirit Blessings1May 24, 2017Details
Untitled0May 24, 2017Details
Prayer Wish1May 23, 2017Details
Guidance at work in a foreign country 1May 22, 2017Details
Work, Career and Profession Treatment0May 22, 2017Details
Work Location Transfer1May 22, 2017Details
Salary Payment1May 22, 2017Details
New Job1May 22, 2017Details
NCLEX examination 1May 21, 2017Details
Say a Little Prayer for Me1May 21, 2017Details
Migration to canada1May 21, 2017Details
Untitled1May 21, 2017Details
cancer patient stage 42May 20, 2017Details
NCLEX Exam3May 20, 2017Details
cancer patient stage 41May 19, 2017Details
Untitled0May 19, 2017Details
Thanksgiving and praying for safe travel1May 19, 2017Details
My Struggles1May 19, 2017Details
Inheritance or Legacy or Last Will Testament0May 19, 2017Details
Financial Blessings1May 19, 2017Details
NCLEX board exam4May 19, 2017Details
Fast Recovery1May 19, 2017Details
financial stability1May 19, 2017Details
Personal1May 18, 2017Details
Hope mawala na ang sakit ni Fatima Alfon2May 18, 2017Details
Personal1May 18, 2017Details
Protection &happiness or all my loved ones and myself1May 18, 2017Details
Prayer for Guidance3May 18, 2017Details
Untitled1May 18, 2017Details
Healing2May 18, 2017Details
Business Success and Stability / Financial Blessings2May 18, 2017Details
my daily prayer request1May 18, 2017Details
financial blessing1May 18, 2017Details
Patience,understanding.1May 18, 2017Details
THANKS GIVING1May 18, 2017Details
Acads1May 18, 2017Details
Untitled1May 18, 2017Details
Prayer for intention and thanksgiving1May 18, 2017Details
Good Health and protection2May 18, 2017Details
To pass the NLE2May 18, 2017Details
for my grandma3May 18, 2017Details
For my Husband and faithfulness 1May 18, 2017Details
Protection, Truth, Justice, Strength, Good Health and Healing2May 18, 2017Details
Untitled0May 18, 2017Details
financial freedom and happy family1May 18, 2017Details
prayer for my children and family0May 18, 2017Details
maka uli nako dha sa cebu6May 18, 2017Details
For my nanay who was unjustly convicted0May 18, 2017Details
Better job3May 18, 2017Details
Good health & protection2May 18, 2017Details
Good Health 1May 18, 2017Details
Prayer to Sto. Niño1May 18, 2017Details
Work Pass Approval5May 18, 2017Details
healing1May 18, 2017Details
Promoting of my husband 1May 18, 2017Details
Right decision1May 18, 2017Details
Healing1May 18, 2017Details
Guide us for review our IELTS2May 18, 2017Details
Protection for my family 0May 18, 2017Details
Passing the DHA exam0May 18, 2017Details
Maka pasar ko og akong bana sa US tourist visa. 2May 18, 2017Details
To Pass My TEACHER BOARD EXAM2May 18, 2017Details
Physical Healing2May 18, 2017Details
Healing 1May 18, 2017Details
Good health1May 18, 2017Details
Safe Pregnancy4May 18, 2017Details
Good health for my family1May 18, 2017Details
family tree & success in life1May 18, 2017Details
Approval of PR application in Canada2May 18, 2017Details
prayer for emotional healing6May 18, 2017Details
Hear Our Prayers1May 18, 2017Details
Job and Career4May 18, 2017Details
prayer for healing1May 18, 2017Details
my father cancer stage 411May 18, 2017Details
Financial Assistance1May 18, 2017Details
Better life for our family1May 18, 2017Details
Miracles for my Mama Liza4May 18, 2017Details
Job and career1May 18, 2017Details
Prayer for Me and My Family2May 18, 2017Details
Mahuman akong problema 1May 18, 2017Details
Good health and Good wealth1May 18, 2017Details
Clear Vision for Herisch1May 18, 2017Details
Pass the board exam1May 18, 2017Details
Prayer for intentions and thanksgiving0May 18, 2017Details
Healing and Guidance for my family0May 18, 2017Details
Genara Gabucan1May 17, 2017Details
Finding work abroad0May 17, 2017Details
Good Health and A good job carrier in the future0May 17, 2017Details
Pregnancy,happy family,fast recovery and good health0May 17, 2017Details
Heal my Mom7May 17, 2017Details
Personal2May 17, 2017Details
Guidance and protetion for my family 2May 17, 2017Details
Thanksgiving for the good health and all the Blessings.0May 17, 2017Details
Immigration successful approved Open Permit 0May 17, 2017Details
Please pray for my health0May 17, 2017Details
Financial Assistance2May 17, 2017Details
Heal me1May 17, 2017Details
Prayer for my intentions0May 17, 2017Details
Board Examination1May 17, 2017Details
Untitled0May 17, 2017Details
Thanksgiving and Fast Recovery2May 17, 2017Details
Grant my request2May 17, 2017Details
MY LITTLE PRAYER3May 17, 2017Details
Untitled1May 17, 2017Details
Untitled0May 17, 2017Details
Finding Work Abroad5May 17, 2017Details
Finding Work Abroad1May 17, 2017Details
Pregnancy,Happy Family & Good Career1May 17, 2017Details
pls pray for us2May 17, 2017Details
Approval of Visa 4May 17, 2017Details
Prayer intention 1May 17, 2017Details
My Great Petitions 0May 17, 2017Details
Safe Pregnancy5May 17, 2017Details
Financial Freedom6May 17, 2017Details
my little prayer6May 17, 2017Details
My little prayers4May 17, 2017Details
Heal Me7May 17, 2017Details
Untitled1May 17, 2017Details
Help11April 26, 2017Details

Prayer for acceptance

I am fervently praying for acceptance for the passing of my father. I am an only child and a self professed papa's girl. Although I am aware that our lives are borrowed and that one day soon we will be reunited with our our Almighty God, it is hard for me to accept that I will no longer be seeing my father in this lifetime and it pains me so much that I feel like I have been robbed in the middle of the night and snuff the light out of me. I know papa is in a better place free from suffering and ailments but I couldn't help but think that I wasn't given ample time to be with him and to fulfill my promises to him. To show how much I love him and grateful that I am his daughter. I am trying to comprehend but I can't seem to understand, maybe because I am hurting so much that I am being selfish...


Phil Chavez
Please Pray...I'm 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name

miracles for restore relationship

Please intervene god I feel very lost and unhappy, please help me, I'm hurt inside, i am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, everyone tells me to forget and leave it, they keep pressing me. I cried, it's not so easily as they say and imagine. i feel so traumatized, I have been struggling with depressed and suffering for the past 3 years. I know You knows my pain God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, Father you say, ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart, i depend on you and still hope, if God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can't touch his heart, only God can change people's hearts. please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. please help me with your prayers, I really need a miracle, thank you


virgenia Stephens
Senior Santo Nino Pray for my good health. please granted my wish Amen

Getting back together

I hope and pray that my ex boyfriend and I will get back together Enlighten his mind and heart and be able to stand and decide himself And don't obey all the time to his parents.

Lifetime partner

Please for me that I would be able to find a lifetime partner.

Please pray for me that I will find lifetime partner


Safe delivery of my daughter -in-law and peace of my brother

Please pray for my daughter- in- law's delivery and my brother's mental health

Prayer for my Petition

Please pray for my transaction in my rental house at 22 clifford that it will get approved to be modified by the bank. And I prayed to Señor Santo Nino to give my family good health, protection and success. We love you Señor Santo Nino!

Success on the exam

Please pray for my son Justin that he will get a high score in his ACT test this September 9, 2017. And I also pray that he will be successful in his studies and get accepted to NYU.

prayers for peace

for healing ,reconciliation and forgiveness within family and community; thanksgivings for blessings and graces received.


anon anon
For good health of love ones and family. Graces and blessings

Prayer for my papa Thomas Edison Bacalsi

Prayer for the soul of Thomas Edison that he be peaceful and happy with the Lord Jesus. I had a dream about that he was with me in school and we were going to eat in the canteen. I want to thank my papa for being there for me and hope to assure him that I will finish my masters degree and thesis. With God's blessing, I will finish my thesis and graduate this year or on March 2018. Thank you to all angels and saints, to Msgr Camomot, to Mama Mary and St. Joseph and most of all, to you Lord Sto. Nino Jesus Christ. Thank you.

Test Drive

Vivian Paulin
Sr. Sto. Niño please help me pass the test drive for my Australian drivers license. I really need your mercy and miracle. I claim on it please help me....Thank you so much. Vivian Paulin 3D Irena Court Murray Bridge South Australia

For Sylner Lopez S-Pass

Maritess Alcontin
Sto. Nino, please help our Brother Sylner Lopez with the approval of his S-Pass or to get another job here in Singapore before his stay would expire. Sto. Nino, please calm his heart and guide him to the correct path and lead him always to your blessings. Amen

Winning the 1st spot in Volleyball Sports Feast

Maritess Alcontin
Father God, I pray that Feast Expo Volleyball Team will come out victorious and champion in tonight's Volleyball Champions League Finals. Protect the players from injury, give us all a loving heart no matter how intense the game shall turned out. Always remind us that this is just a game and that the purpose of all these is to build relationship with you Father as the center of it all. Amen

For love ones and family

Good health of love ones and family

Restoration of Relationship

I pray that my relationship with Jean Karl will be restored and that we both win our love for each other and be back to each other's heart till death do us part. Amen

Financial Commitments and Obligations

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer request for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City for the fulfillment and settlement of all financial commitments and obligations

Winning the Jackpot and First Prize in Lotto

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer Request to grant Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City to win the jackpot and first prize in lotto game so that he can be of help again to many people in need for the very few years left in his life in this world

Luck in lottery

Inday Yip
For once in a life, time let me have the chance to win a lottery jackpot ,and i will stay humbly myself forever.Amen

To pass Career Civil Service Professional Exam August 6, 2017

Help me pass the exam to be held on August 6, 2017. And also to the Let exam which I will take on September 24, 2017.

For longer healthy life of my husband YWG

Inday Yip
Longer life of my husband so we can be happy family..And i wish just for once in my life to win a jackpot in lottery! Amen

For my Grades

Ken Matthew Rufim
Dear Sto. Nino Help me in my Studies Amen.

My prayer pettion

Please grant my prayer request… Please bless me the right love in the person of Mr. Yuma Nakamura. Please give it to me soon, and I am confident that I will love him and take care of him forever. Let me have a happy fullfilling lovelife with him. Please let me receive my prayer request soon… please hear my prayer request... please give me a YES this time please... Amen

Civil Service Exam

charish abacial
Sr. Sto Nino please help me to pray to pass my Civil Service Examination this coming August 6 2017 and find a job in a Government offices. And For the good health of my family . Reconciliation between me and my sister. Thank you

eternal repose of the soul of Otera Bibi

jennifer leonor flores
this mentally disabled woman who was beaten to death after being accused of child kidnapping. she was killed by the village people by beating her with sticks and stones. I pray for her soul.

For the Healing of my uncle eric castillon

Santo niño de cebu gina ampo nako akong uncle sa iyang recovery na unta dali lang sya maayo og makayanan namu tanan ni na pagsubok samu family na tagaan mi nmu og igo na kusog iguide mi santo niño de cebu Daghan salamat


Please pray for my father, Manolito, for healing from Lymphoma and Leukemia. Please also pray for financial blessing for my family so that we could afford to pay for his treatment.

Employment Petition

Im praying to snr sto nino to help me get a job that gives me 5 or 6 permanent shifts every two weeks in a nursing home.

help me for all my problems now

jenifer ramos
Dear, Snr.Santo Niño una sa tanan nagpasalamat ako sa mga grasyang akong nadawat,ug nangayu ako pasaylo sa akong mga salang nalapas. Snr.Santo Niño, nangayo napod ko ug panabang diha kanimo sa akong mga problemang giatubang karun.hinaot ko nga imung akong hatagan ug kasulbaran niining tanan nga akong giatubang nga akong kinabuhi. hinaot ko nga sa kanunay imung kaming panalipdan sa katalagman.ilabi na gayod sa mga mahal nako sa kinabuhi. ug ngadto sa tibook kalibutang. Snr.Santo Niño kanunay nanghinaot ako nga.imung kung tabangan ug tabangan sa kasulbaran sa tanan. Daghang salamat. VivA Pit Señor Santo Niño. Amen. ,

Please Pray for Me

Gerardo San Diego
Please pray for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City

Prayer for Job

Maritess Alcontin
Lord, i pray for my brother (Michael Christian M. Alcontin) to be successful in his job hunting. May he get a good job in which he can use all your given talents and skills to him. May you guide him in his journey to living a good life here on earth. Amen.

Personal Healing

God, i pray for personal healing. Lord, touch my soul and guide me as i continue to live here on earth. Create in me a clean heart Lord and protect my mind from evil thoughts. Pour out to me Lord your Love and all the good things so i can be empowered to do the same to your people. Take me out from the darkest corner of my being and bring me out to your Light of Joy, Peace, and Love. Help me to change from my bad attitudes that only contribute chaos, unhappiness, and sadness toward myself, and to the people i dearly love. Help me to have Trust in all things and to avoid doubts in all circumstances. Grant me Lord the miracles and the power of your healing hands and heal me from my personal struggles (attitude failure syndrome). Amen.


Maritess Alcontin
Thank you Lord for the approval of Jean Karl's work pass. Thank you Lord for all the Blessings you have showered upon us. Thank you Lord for the gift of Life, Family, Friends, and Work here in SIngapore.

Prayer for Everything Lost or Taken

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer Request that Sto Nino de Romblon will return everything complete and in full that were lost or taken from Gerardo by Sto Nino de Romblon


Gerardo San Diego
Prayer request that Sto Nino de Romblon had already forgiven Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City for any wrong that Gerardo had done against the will of Sto Nino de Romblon

Prayers for safety for Uy Family

Karynn Jane Bation
Just recently, London was under an alleged terror attack. Please help me pray for my friend's safe travel to Europe. May she and her family be embraced by God's protective arms.

Prayer for the Departed Soul and Spirit

Gerardo San Diego
Please pray for the departed soul and spirit of Nerissa Rodriguez from Italy and Paranaque City

Prayer for the Departed Soul

Gerardo San Diego
Please pray for the departed soul of Judith Gella San Diego from Paranaque City

Freedom from Curse, Witchcraft, Evil Doings

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer Request for the freedom or removal of the curse, witchcraft, evil doings and in any such form inflicted to Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City

Good Health

Fast Recovery and Good Health!

Your will be done Lord ???

Dear Sto. Niño, Thank you for everything you have showered upon me. Sa pag pasar nako sa board exam, sa pagka approved sa among research, nanakatubag kos among oral defend ug sa exemption sa final exam. Sto. Niño ania na pud ko nangayo ug tabang kanimo na hinaot unta Sto. Niño namapasar nako tanang subject na gipang kuha karon hilabina na jud ang Para, Micro, GenPath, ClinPath,Surgery, PD,Pedia ug Legal Med. Sto. Niño please. I pray. Nalooy nako sa akong ginikanan Sto. Niño gud na grabe jud ilang paningkamot nako para lng jd makaskoila ko. Mahadlok ko mahagbong, mauwaw ko ug labi na jd sa akong pamilya malooy nako nila. Sto. Niño pleaseee tabangi ako. Sto. Niño I need you ?. Sto. Niño please. Sto. Niño manghangyo na pd ko. Tagae kanunay akong Papo ug c mac2 ug maayong panglawas, nindot na byahe ug hilayo unta sila sa daotan. Akong mga manghud makasakay na unta. Akong mamo Sto. Niño tagae siyag kusog sa pang adlaw2. Ug hinaot unta Sto. Niño mobayad na unta c jonah sa iyang utang Sto. Niño para makuhaan na unta ang problema namo pamilya Sto. Niño. Sto. Niño enlightenment among my brother's family. Thank you Sto. Niño and to the persons praying for me. Thanks a lot. God bless us ???

Prayer for Marawi and Peace in the world

We pray for all the people affected by the terror attack in Marawi. We pray for their safety and that there will be no bigger casualties. We pray for our soldiers who are risking their lives to keep Marawi free from the terrorists. We pray that the terrorists will be gone. We pray for the worldwide Peace and unity. Lord God, may you guide us all, keep us all from harm. Amen.

Prayer for my Family

Sto.Nino, please intervene in our humble abode and for us to be able to fix the issue and be one complete family again.

Prayer for Protection during Travel

Margaret Alforque - Uy
Please help us to pray for a safe travel and journey for the whole family as we go on holiday in Europe. To keep us away from evil and harm and constantly keep us under the mantle of protection.

For healing and peace

Karynn Jane Bation
Request for prayers for Harmony Pondar who will undergo a brain surgery tomorrow, Friday, May 26, 2017. May her operation be a success and that her 2 brain tumors will be removed so she will be free from pain and suffering. May she be healed. A prayer request for peace especially the affected areas of Marawi and prayers for the people affected by the terrorist attacks. To the soldiers who fight for peace, prayersbfor them as well.


I would like to pray for all the people involved in the recent Marawi Incident.


hopefully will have a favorable (pass) result

Soul and Spirit Blessings

Gerardo San Diego
Please pray for the soul and spirit blessings of Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City


anon anon

Prayer Wish

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer request that God may grant the dreams, wishes and requests of Gerardo San Diego from Paranaque City


To be able to pass the NCLEX the first Time ?????? Thank you Lord

Guidance at work in a foreign country

May you always guide us here dearest Sto.Niño in our daily lives away from home. May you give us good health always, strength and perseverance.. patience and compassion.. may you also guide our loved ones at home, with good health as wel and keep them safe and away from harm always..

Work, Career and Profession Treatment

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer request for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City against the insulting, unfair, inhuman and unbearable treatment in work, career, profession and as a human being

Work Location Transfer

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer request for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City for transfer of work location

Salary Payment

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer request for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City to receive back the salary amount deducted from him monthly since December 2016


To be able to pass the NCLEX exam for the first time ??. Thank you Lord. And praying for the soul of the Late grandmother

New Job

I am in dire need of all your prayers for me to get hired. I am the only breadwinner of the family and by July-August I will be jobless already. Interview opportunity is very scarce because of my position and age. I was recently interviewed by a multinational firm which has been my dream company since 2013 and I am asking your prayers that I will be hired soonest. Thank you in advance.

NCLEX examination

To be able to pass the NCLEX exam for the first Time. Thank you and God bless

Say a Little Prayer for Me

Thanksgiving for the blessings and graces received. For the forgiveness of our sins. Please pray for the guidance and protection of Sabac Tiu Trinidad Teves family for protection of any kinds of sickness and any form of harm and danger of my children especially to Shaunina Gabrielle and Sean Nino Gabriel also to my husband Juan Frederick. For the sucess of my career and financial stability. To find a job that I can spend more time with my family and children (family oriented working place).

Migration to canada

Mary Joy Open
Please help us pass the IELTS exam and To be approve in our migration to Canada. Also, To have a good successful life in Canada together with my husband.


Blessings and graces for my family and succesfull future

cancer patient stage 4

i need a help for my father..a healing prayer for CATALINO NADELA, a stage 4 cancer of liver..pls help my father through your prayers father and sister..i really need your help...


To be able to pass the NCLEX exam 🙂 thank you Lord

cancer patient stage 4

i need a help for my father..a healing prayer for CATALINO NADELA, a stage 4 cancer of liver..pls help my father through your prayers father and sister..i really need your help...


Janeth Bacus

Thanksgiving and praying for safe travel


My Struggles

Señor Santo Niño, I'm begging. Help me of my big problems. Help us to survive with my son. Please give me the right path of what to do. My child needs me a lot. Want him to have a good future. Help me to find a good job, a job that I can bring my child. Help me to be a strong woman. Help me to cope the pain of my past abusive relationship. Help me to move forward. Protect us from danger & temptations. Please Lord Jesus, Señor Santo Niño De Cebu, & All the Saints, Angels hear my prayers. Been suffer of my problems for how many years..Pleases hear my prayers..Almighty..

Inheritance or Legacy or Last Will Testament

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer request for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City to receive the inheritance or legacy or last will testament to him of Trinidad Porcincula San Diego and Kenneth John Woodall

Financial Blessings

Gerardo San Diego
Prayer request for the financial blessings for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City for the fulfillment and settlement of all financial commitments and obligations

NCLEX board exam

To be able to pass the board exam one time 🙂 thank you Lord

Fast Recovery

Senor Santo Nino tabangi ko na maayo ang recovery nako after operation. tabangi pud ko na maging healthy ako akong anak si franco and akong bana si Manny. Daghang salamat

financial stability

Please pray for me, that I can recover my financial situations , I neef your consolation and aid senor sto nino, I need you and I love you, watch over my parents, my family in the phils, give them more blesings and good health always, senor sto nino,please protect me always from any danger during my duty and keep me away from any harm, give me courage and strength to do my job, lord help me to solve all my finances, I need your assistance, keep me strong to face my responsibility, I trust you senor sto nino with all my heart, amen


To pass NCLEX exam This October 2017.

Hope mawala na ang sakit ni Fatima Alfon

Fast recovery of Fatima Alfon


To pass NCLEX exam This October 2017.

Protection &happiness or all my loved ones and myself

Ivy Joy Jaenar
Please pray for the protection and full happiness for all my loved ones and myself. As I am here in Dubai and I have colleague of different race whom i fought with and had been hating me since then. Please help me pray that i'd be protected from all he's planning against me. Make all the people around me at work to realize that he may not be good for them. Please pray me & my partner's happiness despite everything that we hablve been through here in Dubai and hopefully success will be ours in thr future. Please pray that my family and all my loved ones be healed with whatever their bodies are feeling now.. their bodies be renewed as when they were young and lengthem their lives so we could spend our lives together longer and make lots and lots of memories. Please send my gratitude to God for being with me always... most of all to my Baby Niño for accompanying all of us everyday. Thank u very much

Prayer for Guidance

Sto. Nino, Protect my nephew as he prepares to take the engineering board exam this year. Guide my niece as she works in another country away from family. Help my brother find gainful employment. Give as strength to do Your holy will.




Hoping for my dear husband to pass the NCLEX EXAM. Thank you Lord!


Mirasol Necesario
I am diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Please pray for my healing

Business Success and Stability / Financial Blessings

Maritess Alcontin
I pray for our company (U1 Floor Pte Ltd) to have more projects with better profit and to have more years to be in this industry / trade.

my daily prayer request

lord please help me sa akng problema sa amoa pamilya,gabayi kami tnan kanunay,sa akoa trabaho,sa akoa wai klaro nga relasyon,sa good health sa akng ginikanan ug sa tibuok banay sa pamilya,lord tabangi ko mka lingawasan naku kini tnan...salamat sa grasya nga imu gihatag kanamo lord bahala ginagmay bsta kanunay?..salamat sa tnan ug pasayloa ako akng mga nabuhat,...hinaot naa ikaw kanunay kanako

financial blessing

Lord please bless me and my family financialy and give me and my family good health always.


ralph abella
kanunay unta nga hatagan nimo ug maaayong panlawas ug nga imo gayud panalipdan sa dautan,katalagman ug disgrasya ang akong pamilya ug uban pa nga mga hinugma nako sa kinabuhi. hatagan usab unta ko nimo ug mas maayong opurtyunitad sa pag panarbaho nganhi sa laing nasod SNR>STO.NiNO.. kanunay gisalig ko kanimo ang tanan.




That clemency be given with regard to my Theo class and that I may be accepted for Internship at AIM


Financial stability and thanksgiving , grantmy greatest petition

Prayer for intention and thanksgiving

Emma Faye Ando
Please pray for guidance, good health and success in our business and career for me and my family. We pray for more wisdom and more blessings to come for Vivian, Domingo, Rj, Bj and Em-Em. We would like to have a thanksgiving prayer for all the blessings receive. Hope that despite all our sins and mistakes, God will forgive us. Give us strength to overcome all the trials we are facing through everyday.

Good Health and protection

Healing and guidance with my family

To pass the NLE

virgie cepris
Dear Senior Santo Niño please help my son pass the nursing board exam to be held tthis coming jJune 4 and 5 and guide him always

for my grandma

Charles Harder
Oh sweet child jesus please help my grandma rodulfa Maturan. for she is in an old age . she started to loose health and strength. I know this is natural but I asked you to bless and give her a longer life with less to suffer for she is a good woman. Thank you señor sto. niño for listening to our prayers together with the intercession of your mother Mary and with God and the Holy spirit and your name Amen.

For my Husband and faithfulness

Heal me,and enlightened me always give me a happy family.

Protection, Truth, Justice, Strength, Good Health and Healing

I humbly pray for for protection for all my dear ones, including myself, that we be covered by Your precious blood, Lord Jesus; that Truth and Justice shall prevail and the innocence of my sister, Josephine, be proven through the evidence and affidavits submitted; that perpetrators shall experience the twinge of their conscience with the help of the Holy Spirit; that God will bless us with good health, strength, and healing of our afflictions, especially, healing of Maurino, Josephine, Celso, Salvador, myself, Manang Porferia. I humbly ask too for the normalization of Bernice's and Mirasol's heart. Lord Jesus, nothing is hidden from You for You are an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God. Lord Jesus, come into our lives, bless us, help us, heal us. Jesu ufam tobie. Jesus I trust in You. Thank You, dear Jesus. Trustingly, Concepcion


charles harder

financial freedom and happy family

Lord, allow me to be financially free. I hope i can pay all my debts this year and have a happy simple life. I promise I will help the needy. Give us peace, protection, happiness, love, good health and abundant life. Lord, let your will be done. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

prayer for my children and family

bebeth dabon
Snr.Story Niño

maka uli nako dha sa cebu

Mo request ko nga maka uli ko safe sa cebu an ma tagaan jpon ko og grasya dha sa a healthy relationship with my wife an also family..

For my nanay who was unjustly convicted

Please pray for my nanay who is in jail. The case was unjustly administered. We already filed for bail so she can be out but the judge won't grant it just because he does not want to. Please help us pray for my nanay. She is already very old and does not deserve to be there. It has been a year already.

Better job

Please pray that my son, Chris will find a better job.

Good health & protection

Good health for my family, safe travel & protection my son, and permanent work for my daughter

Good Health

Good health for my family especially for my daughter.

Prayer to Sto. Niño

To be able to retire in Cebu & with the resources to build a house for me & my 95/87 year old parents. For health and wellness for me and my family esp. my son Dodong. World peace.

Work Pass Approval

Jean Karl Belarmino
That my work pass renewal here in Singapore be granted for approval. And the renewal will be successful. In Jesus Mighty name.


healing of the hearts and guidance and protection

Promoting of my husband

Please help for pray to my husband jimmy Bigas to protect of iya work and just gave chance for the promotion..

Right decision

I may have the right decision to migrate a to other town, i could pay all my debt for its all due. protect my husband for his working away from us. My daughter protect from all harm and danger. Me that I may able to start my review and pass the CPA exam


Healing for all those who are in pain.

Guide us for review our IELTS

Queruben Open
Sana po tulungan ninyo po kame maka pasa sa pag take namin nga IELTS at pag review po namin kame nang wife ko...

Protection for my family

anon anon
Please pray for me and my future husband sana de xa magbabagu, sana faithful xa sa relationship namin, sana makamit na namin ang pangarap na magkakaroon ng baby.pray ko din sana bawas bawasan din ugali na bilis magalit sa maliit na bagay.. kc nasasaktan ako lage sa kakaintindi sana habaan pa ung pasensya ko sa kanya..pray ko din about sa work now sana maging ayos na ang lahat at magkaksundo sa lahat bagay..sana wala ng problema.sana mabawas bawasan na mga NG nmin sa work..pray ko din po ung papa, mama, at sa lahat ng kapatid ko bigyan mo po sila ng maayos kalusogan at lakas at ilayo noi po sila sa mga sakit and bigyan mo din po ako good health everyday, patience, and stregnth..I ask you in Jesus name... amen

Passing the DHA exam

Lorraine Faith belvestre
Please help me pray that i may be able to remember what I have studied and be able to choose the correct answer.enlighten my mind so that i can understand each questions asked.

Maka pasar ko og akong bana sa US tourist visa.

Good health for my family, my brother n sisters, neighbor, relative & friends & to you.


Help Me to PRAY that I may pass my teacher board exam last March 2017 and this will be my last take. Thank you for the prayers

Physical Healing

Physical Healing for my mother - Kidney disease stage


Please help me pray that i will be healed in my bells palsy. Its almost 4 months now and its not healed yet.. but i claim that senior sto. Nino will heal me. And he also grant my husband application for residency here in canada so that we can celebrate sinulog in cebu next year 2018. I claim it in your name sto. Nino Amen..

Good health

I pray nga maayo ang resulta sa akong biopsy ug ma regulate na ang akong regla. Ug nga wala nay problema sa akong ovaries ug matres. Salamat

Safe Pregnancy

Estela anon
My daughter is pregnant and pls have her safe delivery that no any complications and pls sto. Niño imo junta siyang panalipdan sa kanunay and thank you for everything

Good health for my family

Faith Aliviado
Good health for my family Long life Success in life Guidance and protection for my fsmily Strong relationship with my husband

family tree & success in life

Bernard Allan Estrada
For the bandages of sin of our family tree, good health of everyone, my daughter drelliane, all of my friends & colleauge at work prayer for peace of city of cebu & the whole nation may sñr santo niño continue to guide us with his mercy & love. Thank u also dor all the blessings he shower to ne & my family.. Thabk u GodBless us all ??

Approval of PR application in Canada

Pls. help me pray that our permanent residency application in Canada will be approved so that I can be with my children again. Thank you and God bless us all.

prayer for emotional healing

ronabel laran
Please help me realize that it is okay to be not okay. Lord, I lift up everything.

Hear Our Prayers

Mary Jojie Uy
Good health to my family, good financial assistance, peace to the whole world, and peace to each one of us.

Job and Career

Maritess Alcontin
For the pass approval of Jean Karl P. Belarmino. For longer working career in Singapore of Maritess M. Alcontin and Jean Karl P. Belarmino and for our good health.

prayer for healing

please pray for the healing of my son Luis Gabriel Espina suffering from dengue and whatever needs healing for him physically, emotionally and spirtually.

my father cancer stage 4

id like to ask ask for praying of my father who is suffering now of cancer stage 4 of liver.and the kidney is infected already.he is suffering now..he dont like to eat and he cant walk well right now..i really needs a help for him..pls help me praying for his healing...thank you...

Financial Assistance

Mary Hyacinth Gabumpa
hopefully i can go to abroad and can find a job there so that I can support the needs of my family, especially for my siblings (who are still studying) and my mom.

Better life for our family

Dear Sto. Niño please guide us to do what is right so our lives will improve and keep us away from harm & sickness so we will be avle to come home during Your fiesta celebration, the Sinulog.

Miracles for my Mama Liza

Please Pray for my mama Liza for healing and faster recovery . Suffering endometrial cancer stage 4a.

Job and career


Prayer for Me and My Family

Please help me pray for my intentions: - fast visa approval of my husband and daughter - good health and safety for me, for my daughter, my husband, my parents, my siblings, my Lola, and everyone in the family - good career for me and my husband - strong and faithful marriage forever - strength and courage especially i am away from my family Thank you.

Mahuman akong problema

Señor Santo? Niño manghinaot ko nga imung Tagaan ug Kusog ani tanang Nakong pagsuway karun nga giatubang Nahibalo ko nga nahitabo ning tanan tungod adunay reason. Lord balaang Bata tabangi ko nga Mahuman ug masulbad na ang tanan.hikapa ang dughan sa Mga tawo nga akong giproblemahan Ikaw na ang bahala sa tanang. Ilabi sa birthday sa akong anak nga s Farrah Jane nga imung Siyang Tagaan daghang katuigan PA.. Hatagi siya maayung lawas ug panalipdi sya kanunay Señor Santo Niño... Ug sa Mga Mahal nako sa kinabuhi. Ug sa tanang tawo sa tibook kalibutan.. Daghang salamat sa Mga grasya akong nadawat. Ug pasayloa ako sa akong Mga Salang nabuhat.. Amen

Good health and Good wealth

Victoria Merry
To have a happy and healthy retirement sometime next year

Clear Vision for Herisch

My dear Sto. Niño please heal the eyes of my daughter for she has a blurred vision.Her name is Herisch T. Evangelista.May she can see things in clear vision. And also please pray for our family to have good health always and safety. Thank you so much. from Evangelista family here in Batangas City

Pass the board exam

Pls. Pray for my brother Romnick Lubiano to pass his accountancy board exam , and good health to my family, Amen.

Prayer for intentions and thanksgiving

Please pray for goodhealth,guidance,success in business and career for my husband and children, wisdom,more blessings to come and holy spirit for ferdinand navarro,ken benedict navarro,mark angelo navarro and family. We would like to have a thanksgiving prayer for all the blessings received, hope that we experienced despite of mistakes we've done, forgiveness that we felt from our sins and trials overcomed.

Healing and Guidance for my family

Pls heal our illness Lord God. I am praying that my family's health will be ok and we will be healthy again. Let our gallstones and gallbladder polyps meltdown. Keep us safe always Lord. We need your guidance and protection especially to my daughter and my husband. Amen.

Genara Gabucan

Death anniversary

Finding work abroad

Andrew Pabellan
Father in heaven,you created me for a purpose.even before I was formed in my mothers womb,you already had a marvelous plan for me and have prepared for me a future of hope.Align my life with your glorious plan and my mind to know your my heart to do you will.i surrender my own will and plans to you,that you may completely have your way with me.Amen.

Good Health and A good job carrier in the future

I would like to request some prayer for my family...specially for my job carrier on to be back hopefully in the cruiseship company someday...and aside for this I pray also for successfully living in my family

Pregnancy,happy family,fast recovery and good health

Please pray ninyo ako wife na mabuntis na unta,kay ganahan najud mi mka buo og family for almost a year,wla pa ni abot among giwait.pray also for the fast recovery sa akong mama na gioperahan sa breast and good health sa tanang memeber sa akong family og sa family sa akong wife side.salamat sto niño.

Heal my Mom

Mary Hyacinth Gabumpa
Sto. Niño, please heal my mom. Hopefully, her cancer will be gone and will not come back anymore to my mom's body. Hopefully, you will give her a long life, good health, and happiness. I love you Sto. Niño!


To pass NCLEX exam This October 2017.

Guidance and protetion for my family

Financial Assistance, Heal Me

Thanksgiving for the good health and all the Blessings.


Immigration successful approved Open Permit

Mary bagabaldo
fast approval without any question approval Open Permit ,Immigration Canada .

Please pray for my health

I have goiter and teridium

Financial Assistance

I will be out of work by August 1 but my business has not started yet and I still do not have new work. I am the only breadwinner of the family which means my daughter has to stop studying, my husband cant buy his medicines and my granddaughter will have no milk. No money for rental pay bills and food.. please pray that I find a new job soonest to feed my family. I have applications and I really hope I get hired soon.

Heal me

Ask for your help sa akong sakit na sinusitis & sa akong blood. Hepa c. Thanks pit senior santo niño

Prayer for my intentions

Please help me to pray over me. Hinaot makahuman ko sa pageskwela sa college, mahatagan kog padayon Grasya sa Ginoo aron mapadayon nko na mkahelp to support my sister said iyang pag eskwela na Karon pa college. Hinaot unta na Bisag unsa ka gubot man usahay ang akong pamilya kay magpabilin gehapon meng lig on. Hinaot na bisan sa panahon na gusto na MO give up as bisag kinsa sa akng pamilya kay magpabilin gehapon na malig on. Mayta Snr. Santo Nino. Lamdagan nimo ang huna2sa akng Mama ba bisag sa karon lng ba tiguwang na siya ipabati niya namo nga naa me inahan. Na ipasuway nya namo Ang pagkainahan. Atimanon me nya assuming na mga bata pa me. Because I am longing for a Mother's care and love. Mayta si Mama dli na Mag cge go sugal Lord, Mama Mary , Snr. Santo Nino. Hinaot MO undang na siya anang mga utang og lending na Padng ra ang kwarta sa iyang sugal. Mayta malikayan ninyo siya mobalik na pd tong dakong utang nya sauna na shock nalang me nakautang si Mama na Wla sya gasto sa balay . Og f mkautang mn sya unta iya nlng hunahunaon na etabang nlng sa pagpaeskwela sa iyang anak. Mayta sad si Papa, hatagan ninyog taas pa na pasencya namo. Mayta d na sya sapoton kay tungod namo. Og mayta si Papa lamdagan ninyo Ang huna-huna na MO take risk para sa kaugmaon sa iyang mga anak ilabi na ang edukasyon. Hinaot Snr. ma akong eldest sis motawag na og Mama /Papa so iyng mga gnikanan og d sya magdumot na nganong wla sya gadako kuyog namo. Mayta maayo na siya na feeling na murag wla syay ginikanan Kay y gadako syas akng Lola og lolo. Mayta mapasaylo nya Ang akng gnikanan. Akng ate na si Faith na Mayta dli na motaas ang garbo nya og d na ko pasakitan sa iyang mga pulong na dli tnuod. Hinaot na appreciate nyang mga taw na nagpaluyo sa pagtabang niya aron mahimo syang better na taw. Hinaot d na niya makalimtan Kay aron d sya mkalimot asa sya sa panahon na wlang wala siya. Hinaot lamdagan ninyo iyang kasingkasing na d na magminaldita og pataas garbo. Mayta akng ate na usa Kay makahuman sa pag eskwela aron naa syay nindot na kaugmaon, Mayta di lng sa siya msbuntis bsag naa syay uyab until mkagraduate sya. Wla man impossible Lord f e ampo nko. Mayta iyng uyab naghunahuna sa iyng pageskwela. Mayta akng kinamanghuran lamdagan iyng huna-huna na importante Ang naay mahuman ra kinabuhi. Mayta d na sya mag focus kaau ka uyab ig padayon sa eskwela og d na nag undangundang og hunahunaon nya unsa ka pait ang kinabuhi kung Wlay paningkamot na MO asenso. Tabange ko sa success sa akng edukasyon Kay aron naa ko mahatag na nindot na kaugmaon sa akng anak og Ma payback nko akng mga gnikanan. Tabange ko na akng baby mapadako nko og tarong nga naay kahadlok nmo Lord. Good health sa matag USA sa akng pamilya. More more blessings to come as akng pamilya. And lastly Snr. Santo Nino, if maminyo man ko if maabot ang panahon na e open na nako pagbalik akng heart hinaot siya na, hinaot boutan siya , kugihan, faithful, loyal, naa stable na trabaho og god-fearing. Prayer is power. My always prayer.

Board Examination

Snr. Santo Nino I am requesting you to fill me up with knowledge & good health so that I can pass my licensure examination of social work this coming july. Thank you and Iloveyou. Amen


sonia russmeel

Thanksgiving and Fast Recovery

Senor Santo Nino! Daghang Salamat sa tanan na Blessings and most specially sa Successful operation. Tabangi ko na maging maayos ang recovery nako for 6 weeks with no complications. Gabayi ako pamilya and pmilya sa akong bana. daghang salamat.

Grant my request

Elson Bolocboloc
To approved my work permit here in canada and to be a good permanent resident for the future of of my family and to help those in need with the guidance of snr sto nino




Harold anon
Dear Santo Niño, You who have said: ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you. I ask you my Dear God to please help me and my family always. Bring forth to us your grace of good health. Send forth to us your grace of abundance and prosperity. Pour forth to us your wonderful grace of good works. Help me that I will become an instrument of love to others and make me an implement of your peace. Amen.


sonia russel

Finding Work Abroad

I humbly would like to request to pray for me that I can have the work which I applied for abroad. And also for my husband to the job that suits him and his health. Financial blessings na rin po because we have been struggling financially at the moment. Guidance and and good health. And a huge thank you for the gift of life!

Finding Work Abroad

I humbly would like to request to pray for me that I can have the work which I applied for abroad. And also for my husband to the job that suits him and his health. Financial blessings na rin po because we have been struggling financially at the moment. Guidance and and good health. And a huge thank you for the gift of life!

Pregnancy,Happy Family & Good Career

Hi! Please help me pray to get pregnant as soon as possible. We longed to have a baby for years. Me & my husband longed to have a happy family soon with our baby. Help us pray for miracles. And hopefully,God may grant the desires we prayed for. We also prayed to have a good career for our future. Please help me pray that God will forgive us for our sins. And thanks to Him for all the blessings he has given us. These I ask through our Lord Jesus Christ who reigns forever & ever. Amen.

pls pray for us

Norvy Malagum
Good health of my entire family, career of my brother, more clients and more blessings

Approval of Visa

I pray that we will be approve from the Australian embassy for our permanent resident in Australia.

Prayer intention

Nora rivera
Pls pray for ashish n nora to marry in the catholic church God give ashish enlightenment n bless this union

My Great Petitions

Dear Señor Sto. Niño, I am begging your help seeking for job I'll been looking for a job for almost one year please help to find permanent full time so that I can help my family financial matters. Praying also that my son Gabriel Michael Hugo and brother Jerrick Fajardo provide a job for them too. Praying for complete healing of Nora Fajardo and Gabriel Hugo. Praying for successful careers of Gabriel Michael, Francis Vincent and Elaijah Daniele Hugo and Good health physically fit to work. Praying for grant of housing loan SamuelGeorge Castle. Praying for the release of our Permanent Resident. Thank you and I love you Sto. Niño.

Safe Pregnancy

M Cabreros
I am pregnant with twins and I pray that both will grow healthy and be born on time without complications.

Financial Freedom

Please help me and heal me with my financial burden from all sort of debts, help me to be able to find ways in sending my children to upcoming school year and be financially free. This I ask in the name of Jesus, amen.

my little prayer

Ampo sa blessing para sa akong pamilya, health, peace and prosperity

My little prayers

Franz Joshua Merida
First i would like to thank Señor sto Niño for the gift of life love and family. I pray a stable job in order for me to help my family and also for my personal goals and dreams, i have been looking for a job for about a year now, i pray for miracles. Amen

Heal Me

Heal me O Lord, my family and mahal. Good health and long life for us.


Mary Grace o


genesis labana
Help me to pass the Board Exam
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.