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We believe that prayer, talking with God, changes things. Sometimes it changes us, sometimes it changes the situation. Sometimes these changes are huge, sometimes they are subtle.

Common prayer requests include prayers for healing, health, love, relationships, money, debt, children, jobs, education and other worries.

There is no charge for this service. We the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu devoted to pray for your petitions.

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


Health and Protection

For niece lesli, myself, love ones and family, protection, health , blessings

From:M Legaspi
April 18, 2019

Prayer for my sister and family

I ask for sto niño’s help for my sister nadine callback in an audition in pbb. And also good health for our family and fast recovery for my lola lil.

April 16, 2019



April 16, 2019

Brother’s 4Oth day after death

He visited my dream today telling me that he is preparing. Please pray for the soul of my brother Ryan Chris.may his soul rest in peace

From:Carolynne Caballo
April 16, 2019

For passing the board exam

For passing the board exam of my daughter rose jean sarausad,plz help me to pray the succes of rose jean sarausad,to pass the board exam today. Thank you Sto. Niño i love you..

From:Ma.jasmin sarausad
April 16, 2019

Prayer Petition for the fulfillment of My Dream Water Refilling Station Business

Dear Sto. Ñino De Cebu,
Thank you very much for all your guidance and blessings to me and to my family. One of my greatest wish for my family and for our livelihood is to have a Water Refilling Station. To have this, may my two wishes be granted. First, may my auntie will allow us to use the vacant lot (tenant lot of my father) near our house to be the venue for that store. And may we have enough fund to support the capital for that investment. Thank you very much!

From:Misreyn Villavicencio-Valiente
April 15, 2019

Save us, Lord, for we are perishing

Eternal Father, we offer You the Holy Face and Precious Blood of Jesus Christ! And we beg You, in exchange for these treasures of infinite value to grant us a new Pope as soon as possible – a Pope who is faithful to the teachings of the Apostles, the traditions of the Early Church Father and the doctrines of the Catholic Church and Doctors of the Church! In this current papacy, Eternal Father, confusion grows much. Forgive our sins. Have mercy on us. We acknowledge that we are not worthy of a holy Pope but the Church is now half in ruins.

Your faith bishop St. Francis de Sales has once declared in his writing: “Thus we do not say that the Pope cannot err in his private opinions, as did Pope John XXII; or be altogether a heretic as perhaps Pope Honorius was.” Cardinals and bishops have spoken against some erroneous declarations of Pope Francis like the document he signed with muslims that says God wills different religions. O Lord, many Church encyclicals have said that this is a heresy. Can You, Merciful and Loving Creator, will that a religion such as “satanism” to exist? It is impossible, O Almighty God. To You alone all praise and adoration is due!

The holy Scriptures declared (1 John 2:22-23): “Who is a liar, but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denies the Father and the Son. Whosoever denies the Son, does not have the Father. He that confesses the Son has the Father also.” But muslims reject the divinity of Christ. Can You, Eternal Father, will the islamic religion? Can you will a religion that insults the divinity of Your Only-Begotten Son? Can Pope Francis be more enlightened than St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John Damascus, St. Juan de Ribera and St. John Bosco combined? Your faithful Vicar, Pope Leo XIII, has written in this Satis Cognitum: “There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition” (Auctor Tract. de Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos).

With the seraphic virgin St. Teresa of Jesus, we beg You, Most Holy Trinity: “Now, Lord, now; make the sea calm! May this ship, which is the Church, not always have to journey in a tempest like this. Save us, Lord, for we are perishing.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, in honor of Your Holy Wounds and Precious Blood, arise and defend Your Church which is attacked not only from outside but also from within. The devil has placed before us so much confusion with the current Pope. Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the glory of the Eternal Father, of Your Immaculate Mother Mary, of Your Bride the Catholic Church and of Your Own Name, we beg You to defend us from the heresies of Pope Francis and replace him with a new Pope as soon as possible. Please have mercy on us and please save us with Pope Francis despite everything we have done.

Eternal Father, grant us a new Pope as soon as possible. We ask this prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Immaculate Heart of Mary, if we are right, teach our heart the right to stay. If we are wrong, your grace impart to find the better way. Amen.

April 15, 2019


Family, health, love ones, blessings, protection, niece leslie, self, brother bong

April 12, 2019

Successful Operation and Fast Recovery

Se. Sto. Niño please be with me as I will have my operation on Sunday at 7am. Please touch me and stay with me. Please give the knowledge and wisdom to the Doctor who will do the operation so that they will do it accordingly to your will. Sr. Sto. Niño please hear my prayer. I love you! I will see you soon again in Cebu. Thank you

April 12, 2019

Pasalamat sa Grasya nga Nadawat Ug Pag-ampo sa padayon nga pagtabang sa Ginoo sa among pamilya

Iampo ko ninyo ug apil nga tabangan gihapon mi sa ginoo sa monthly amortization namo sa balay sa Pag-ibig. Dako ra kaayo ang monthly nga bayranan ug dugay dugay gyud mi nga magbayad ani pero kahibalo ug nisalig ko nga dili mi pabayaan sa Ginoo ani. Mangayo sad ko sa inyong tabang sa pag-ampo ngadto sa Ginoo nga tagaan mi niya ug solusyon sa among problema sa transportation kay ang luna diay sa balay nga naloan ug naapprove ni Pag-Ibig kay dili diay accessible. Walay public transportation nya ako baya gyud ning gipangayo sa Ginoo ug sa 9day Novena sa Sto. Nino na maapprove nya naapprove gyud intawn. Dako kaayo ang among pasalamat sa grasya nga Iyang gihatag. Ang amo na lang monthly amortization ug problema unsaon pagsakay or commute labi na kung magabhian na mig ug pauli ug lakaw. Salamat kaayo.

April 11, 2019

Passung the Bar

I ask that you pray with me in my ling time plea for passing the Bar exam. I know i am not worthy to receuve this grace but because of Gods abundant live Nd mercy He will hear my prayer.

April 11, 2019


May I ask Dear Sto Nino, a job placement at MMC . You know what’s in my heart and who
is counting on me for help. Please hear my prayers.

April 8, 2019

Prayer for the fast recovery

Prayer for the past recovery of my friend from a vehicular accident…

From:Mark Caboboy
April 8, 2019

Conversion ,healing..

Para sa pagtalikod sa lahat Ng bisyo na sugal pag inom Ng anak barkada Ng aking anak na SI juanito Dipasupil at pagbabago Ng aking apo na SI Karylle Ann Bandong na makaiwas sa barkada at higit sa lahat para sa aking kagalingan Ng aking kaluluwat katawan..

From:Eufemia C.Dipasupil
April 8, 2019

Prayer request for good health

Señor Sto Niño.thank you for being with me always. I believe in you, love you and trust you with all my heart.I pray for my good health always as i live alone. Be with me when i feel lonely.Be at my side when i am troubled and comfort me when i cried..My love Sto Niño thank you so much.

April 8, 2019

for special intention

please pray for me na di ako buntis sa panahon ngayon dahil di ko kakayanin physically dahil sa dinaramdam ko, emotionally dahil nag uundergo ako ng depression, anxiety and panic attack, financially dahil wala na akong trabaho.
alam kong maraming babaeng gustong magkaanak, ipagkaloob nyo po sa kanila ang biyaya na ito. Hinihiling ako na ang kaibigan kong si Hei ang magbuntis dahil naggagamo silang mag asawa para magbuntis. tinigilan nila kahit gusto nilang magkaanak dahil mahal ang procedure.

Im claiming God’s miracle to me and to my friend Hei.

From:Vaneza Suba
April 8, 2019

Prayer for the dead

For the eternal repose of the soul of NELIA SARMAGO

From:Oliver Sarmago
April 4, 2019

Prayer Request for family

Sto. Nino, u know me so well, my greatest weakness is to see my loved ones nga naglisod. I pray for my younger brother Richel nga magtarong na unta og naa Nay direction sa iya kinabuhi nga magiyahan nimo sya. And to my brother in law nga naputos intawon sila sa utang, tagai sila og chance Sr. Sto Nino nga makarecover sila og balik kay I knew they already learned sa lesson sa life, nga hopefully maka balik unta sya sa gawas to work para sa iya pamilya. Amen

April 4, 2019

Prayer for my daughter

Pls pray that my daughter will be able to complete her research paper..She has been waiting for this for more than 2 years now since she was not able to focus on this- she was caring for her lolo who passed away last year..Pls pray that she will be able to graduate and pass her defense..she has been in a lot of stress. Pls pray for her

April 2, 2019

Prayers request and thnaks

Gratitude and infinite forgiveness for all and without
exception so far;
“May all the requests of my heart be eternal, and that
they are much more than my heart is asked
for me all is to the honor and glory of God;
“Just happiness and good things;
-Work / urgent work !!!!!!
-For all souls (without exception);
-To all my ancestors (without exception);
“I entrust all the miracles I need and deserve, as do all my
plans, dreams and all my life;
– By my residence: Helena Zerrener Street, n. 140, Fit 52, Neighborhood
Liberdade / Sé, São Paulo / SP, all my neighbors (without exception),
surroundings, region, SP and all !!! Just fleiness and
Boas COISAS !!!!! I am as blessed as possible and impossible (nothing
it is for me, everything is for the honor and glory of God)! Infinite
gratitude !!!!!!!!
-A husband / companion / dream girl, as well as children and family too !!!!!
-Forever Young!!!!!
-I trust the people’s vision regarding where I live and my house !!!!!
-I trust all my fears, anxieties and worries !!!!
-I trust everything I did, without exception, to keep myself in the presence of God !!!!!!

From:Vanessa RF
April 2, 2019

Exam and job

Please pray for my oet exam and to get a Nursing job .my family struggle to survive. Financial problems alot

From:Saranya Rejeesh
April 2, 2019

healing from Illness

please pray for Raul P. Villanueva who is in a very critical condition now in the hospital. we his family asked for prayers thru St. Niño to interceed for us and ask god to extend his hands upon Raul so that he will be completely healed of his illness, since he has 7 children who relies on him. Thank you for your graces upon us.

From:Raul P Villanueva
April 1, 2019

Prayer for Healing

Please pray for the recovery and restoration of good health of Kassie Dolino. May she be healthy again and always protected against illnesses and diseases


From:Ai Ai
April 1, 2019

Prayer for protection and safety

Pkease help us pray for Safety and Protection at all times for our daughters Kassie and Kenken. May Sr Santo Nino bless them . Amen

April 1, 2019

Pass the LET Exam this coming March 24,2019

Sto. Niño, this is already my second take . Kinasing-kasing nako nga i-ampo diha kanimo nga unta mao na ni last nako nga take , please po Sto. Niño .. Tabangi ko Sto. Niño , lamdagi akong huna2 sa anang adlawa , giyahi ko sa insakto Sto. Niño . I believe in you Oh Batang Hesukristo . Itugot ug ihatag mo unta kini kanako nga ma apil ko sa malista sa maong pasado karon tuiga ( 2019) . Salamat kaayo sa imong kaayo Sto. Niño . Amen..

From:Myra Flor L. Pocong
April 1, 2019

Praying for Immigration to Canada & Others

Maraming Salamat po Mahal na PANGINOON na sa pamamagitan po ng inyung mga prayer warriors ay maibibigay po naming pamilya ang aming pasasalamat at mga kahilingin.

Hinihiling po namin ang inyung dasal sa araw araw upang matupad ang aming pangarap para sa aming pamilya at mga anak na makapag migrate sa canada. Nagsimula napo kami ng taon sa pag proseso at sana this year po ay matupad po ito at ilagay kami sa lugar na kung saan mapanatili namin ang aming faith at mabigyan ng opportunity ang mga anak namin na maging mabuting tao at matulungan nila ang sarili nila para sa kinabukasan.

lahat ng itoy aming pinapanalangin. Nagsimula din po kaming mag 9days novena at nakatapos napo kami ng isa. Kami po ay gumagawa ng hakbang noon paman para magsimba at magdasal. Masaya po kami sa lahat ng kaloob po sa amin bilang pamilya at naghahawak kamay para sa araw araw na pagsubok ng buhay mag asawa at pamilya.

Mahal na panginoon maraming salamat po. Alam nyo po ang aming nais at ipinapaubaya po namain ang lahat ng ito sa maykapal.

Maraming salamat po sa inyung lahat. Naway gabayan ang bawat isa sa inyu na aming mga butihing alagad ng Panginoon.

Santo Nino, help us.
Santo Nino, graciously hear us.

Santo nino, guide us.

Santo Nino, pray for us.


April 1, 2019

Kaayuhan para sa akong Papa Tony

Dear Sto Niño,

Please help my papa Tony. Ihatag unta kaniya ang hingpit nga kaayuhan sa iyang sakit. Hatagi siya’g kaisog ug kadasig sa panag-adlaw. Ikaw ang among gisaligan sa tanan. Daghang salamat sa imong kaayo Sñr.

From:Rae Villanueva
April 1, 2019


Please clear my mind. Please tell me what’s the best path to make. Please give me guidance on everything that I do. Please always make me remember that I came from humble beginnings. Let me realize what are your plans for me in this world. All of me, I surrender to you.

April 1, 2019

Job and Employment

Sto niño i pray that you’ll give me another chance to find a job. To help my family other people and for me to support my masters education this August. I know you’ve given me this before but i just wasted it. All i ask is another chance, touch the hearts and minds of the companies that i applied i hope that they will hire me soon in your name. Amen

From:Franz Joshua Merida
April 1, 2019

Thank You

Thank you, Santo Nino. I hope to visit again soon. Please bless my parents with good health.

April 1, 2019

Petition for Employment

I pray that God will give me another chance to find a job so that i can help my family, other people and of course for my own goals and dreams. I hope that through this he would be able to touch the hearts and minds of the companies that i applied and soon be hired. Amen

From:Franz Joshua E Merida
April 1, 2019

Prayer for my health

Dear St. Niño,
Please give more strength to endure my pain,please take away my worries everytime I have seizures,please touch my head and take away my AVM in your mighty and powerful hands so that I can serve you and your people..Amen

From:Rachelle Nenette Banzon
April 1, 2019

Heal my baby Bryn David

For the healing and fast recovery only 4 months old baby Bryn David c. Generaule who is diagnose of severe pneumonia and sepsis here at south general hospital titan city of naga,cebu

From:Cristy C. Generaule
April 1, 2019

Dinggin ang aking panalangin Panginoon at Sto Nino of Cebu

Lord lagi niyo po kaming bigyan ng malakas at malusog na pangangatawan lalo na po ang pamilya ko lord
Lorrd sa a po maipasa ko po ang aking NCLEX-RN EXAMINATION
Sana po maapprove po ang aking US visa at mabigyan po ako ng multiple entry visa
at higit sa lahat diyos ko sana po makapagpermanent residency po ako dito sa canada at makuha ko po buong pamilya ko
Thank u so much panginoon sa walang sawang pagdinig sa aking mga panalangin. Sto. Sto Nino of Cebu please pray for us.🙏

From:Gelie P Tamayo
April 1, 2019


My dearest and most loving sñr sto niño I offer this prayer thanking you for answering one of our prayers. This shows how much you love us and you never fail to resist us. This we ask in jesus name. Amen

April 1, 2019

Speedy approval of documents

To our dearest and merciful sñr sto niño,

I humbly come before thee asking fervently for the speedy approval of my huband and I work permit and travel document. This is in preparation for our upcoming marriage this july. I also pray for the success of our most memorable day.. May you bless our suppliers that they will give out the best of there talents that you have bestowed upon them. This we ask in Jesus name. AMEN

April 1, 2019


Please pray for the success of the deposition of Phillip C. Comp and Bruce E. Lewis in my favor.

From:Yvonne Manalo
April 1, 2019

EAD and travel document approval

Dear snr sto Niño,

With your kind, merciful and loving heart I pray for the approval of our EAD and travel document next month so we can go home and finally bind our union with the sacrament of marriage this coming july with my husband whom I had civil marriage for almost 3 years with no problem in our immigration papers. This we ask in jesus name. Amen

From:Joanna Sumalinog
April 1, 2019

Pass board exam for teachers


From:Lenie E. Baquial
April 1, 2019


Please pray for the healing of my daughter Maddy. May God have mercy on her and heal her. Amen

April 1, 2019


Viva pit senyor! Senyor santo. Niño thank you for all the blessings you showered us everyday especially to my family. Sr. Sto. Niño i’m praying for your Guidance and wisdom for tomorrow big event for our Licensure Examination for Teacher, March 24,2019. Grant this through christ our lord. Amen.🙏
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 🙏🙏🙏

Viva pit senyor! Para sa akong pamilya kini. 🙏

April 1, 2019

Prayer for the Licensure examination for Teachers

Sr. Sto Niño, I humbly pray for your guidance and enlightenment for the upcoming exam. Please guide and enlighten also my friends and my co reviewees that we can make it to the exam. Please let your Holy Spirit enlighten our minds that we can answer the exam with ease. Guide also my families and relatives from harm.. Thank you for all your blessing that you gave us..Amen.

From:Leizl Pizana
April 1, 2019

Thanksgiving and Petitions

Dear Sto Niño De Cebu
Nagpapasalamat Ako Sa Lahat Ng Mga Biyaya Na IpinagKaloob Mo Po Para Sa Aming Lahat Po Sa Araw-Araw At Humihingi Po Ako Ng Kapatawaran Sa Aking Mga Kasalanan Po Sainyo At Sa Mahal Na Diyos Ama Sa Langit Po At Protektahan Mo Kami Sa Araw-Araw Po At Gabayan Mo Kami Po Sa Araw-Araw Po At Santo Niño De Cebu Hinihiling Ko Po Sainyo At Sa Mahal Na Diyos Ama Sa Langit Na Ipagkaloob Mo Po Ninyo Sa Akin Ang Kumpanya Po Para Sa Akin Po At Ipinauubaya Ko Na Sainyo CSE Result Ginagawa Ko Ang Lahat Po Amen

From:Bianca Kamille Dionisio
April 1, 2019

Divine intervention or guidance

Dear sto. Niño, I pray that Erik will win in this coming election. That someone like him who has a sincere heart to serve will bring back the city for the people. Continue to guide him and bless our family as we go through this journey, with you our Lord. Amen

From:Mitch Espina
April 1, 2019


Dear Sto Niño De Cebu
Nagpapasalamat Po Ako Sainyo Po Sa Lahat Ng Mga Biyaya Na IpinagKaloob Mo Po Sa Aming Lahat Po At Hinihiling Ko Po Sainyo Na Tulungan Mo Ako Magkaroon Po Ng Trabaho Po At Ipinauubaya Ko Na Ang Lahat Po Sainyo Lalo Na Po Ang CSE Results Dahil Ginagawa Ko Na Ang Lahat Po Kahit Nahihirapan Ako Magreview Nagtiyaga Ako Po Magreview Po Alang-Alang Po Para Sa Aking Magulang Ko Po Amen🙏🙏🙏

From:Bianca Kamille Dionisio
April 1, 2019


Love ones, dear ones, family, self, healing, finances

From:M. Legaspi
April 1, 2019

Job And CSE Result

Dear Sto Nino De Cebu
Hinihiling Ko Po Sainyo At Sa Mahal Na Diyos Na IpagKaloob Mo Po Sa Aking Po Ang Kumpanya Po Para Sa Aking Trabaho Po At Ipinauubaya Ko Na Po Sainyo Po Ang Result Ng Civil Service Examination Ginagawa Ko Ang Lahat Po Makakaya Ko Po Kahit Nahihirapan Ako Magreview Ginagawa Ko Na Ang Lahat Po Para Sa Aking Magulang Ko Po Amen.

From:Bianca Kamille Dionisio
April 1, 2019

Thanksgiving and Forgiveness

Dear Sto Nino De Cebu
Nagpapasalamat Po Ako Sa Lahat Ng Mga Biyaya Na IpinagKaloob Mo Po Sa Aming Lahat Po At Humihingi Ng Kapatawaran Sa Aking Mga Kasalanan Po Sainyo Po At Sa Mahal Na Diyos Po At Patawarin Mo Rin Po Nagkasakit Sa Aking Kalooban Po Ipakita Mo Po Sa Kanila Po Ang Magpamahal Na Puso Po Amen

April 1, 2019

Prayer to Get Pregnant

Our senyor santo nino, i had miscarriage last Nov. 2018, and now me and my husband, we are trying again, Please help us conceive again and i hope this time it will be a heathy pregnancy… amen.

From:Jennifer Leonor Flores-Jamiri
April 1, 2019

Praying for health and carrer

Help me. Senior santo nino to find a better job here in singapore.. Give us good health and. Long life senior santo nino

April 1, 2019

Prayer for LIFE, HEALTH and CAREER

Lord please always give us a strong and Healthy Body especially my mama papa and siblings and my entire family as well. Help me and guide me also lord in achieving all my dreams in life. May i be able to pass my NCLEX-RN examination (first take, last take) which i am currently preparing right now. Lord please guide my journey here in Canada, it is not easy to be away from my family but i know all of these sacrifices will all worth it soon. I hope and pray that i can get a permanent residency here so that in your perfect time i could get my family here with me.
Lord, i also applied for US tourist Visa and my interview will be on april 1 please help me to answer all the questions with confident so that my Visa would get approve. Thank u so much Lord for always hearing our Prayers. Sto. Ñino of Cebu please pray for us. 🙏

From:Gelie Tamayo
April 1, 2019

Prayer for Health and Career

To the Child Jesus, Sto. Nino, I offer you the ff. prayer intentions.
1 Please heal me of my illness. Work your miracle on me by ridding this polyp in my uterus and cysts in my ovaries. Bless me with a healthy physical body and enough life years. Allow me to have the time and opportunity to take care of my parents as they get old.
2 Bless my job application efforts. In your will, I will be accepted by a company you chose for me.
3 Enlighten me always and bless me with the wisdom I need for every decision I make. Guide me always to know what I truly wants for my career.

These I offer to the child Jesus, Sto Nino. Amen

From:Jancy Adrienne Salvaloza
March 22, 2019

Healing prayer

Senor Sto. Nino, thank you for the successful first cycle of chemotherapy of my son. He is now on his second cycle. Please grant Drysdale Lanz strength and cover him with your holy spirit to protect his internal organs from being damaged by the chemo. Guide the doctors and nurses who are involved in this treatment. Thank you Senor, I know you are protecting him. We trust in you.

March 22, 2019

Stroke left me crimple thanks Jay arnold who lives in saskatoon Canada

This is a copy of the following message you sent to For Inquiries/Concerns via Philippine National Police – Official Website

This is an enquiry email via from:
William Deavin

What kind of s***hole is Cebu where some one puts drugs into luggage and causing the person to have a seriousstroke. Give that f***ing message to Cebu f***ing councilor joel f***ing Garganera and his f***ing inlaw Jason f***ing Arnold married to Dr Florence p f***ing Arnold not his first f***ing wife and his other f***ing inlaw f***ing Paul f***ing Feraro who works for f***ing hallmark as a f***ing realtor.

From:william Deavin
March 22, 2019

Stroke left me disbled

This is a copy of the following message you sent to For Inquiries/Concerns via Philippine National Police – Official Website

This is an enquiry email via from:
William Deavin

What kind of s***hole is Cebu where some one puts drugs into luggage and causing the person to have a seriousstroke. Give that f***ing message to Cebu f***ing councilor joel f***ing Garganera and his f***ing inlaw Jason f***ing Arnold married to Dr Florence p f***ing Arnold not his first f***ing wife and his other f***ing inlaw f***ing Paul f***ing Feraro who works for f***ing hallmark as a f***ing realtor.

From:william Deavin
March 22, 2019


This is a copy of the following message you sent to For Inquiries/Concerns via Philippine National Police – Official Website

This is an enquiry email via from:
William Deavin

What kind of s***hole is Cebu where some one puts drugs into luggage and causing the person to have a seriousstroke. Give that f***ing message to Cebu f***ing councilor joel f***ing Garganera and his f***ing inlaw Jason f***ing Arnold married to Dr Florence p f***ing Arnold not his first f***ing wife and his other f***ing inlaw f***ing Paul f***ing Feraro who works for f***ing hallmark as a f***ing realtor.

From:william Deavin
March 22, 2019

Pass the clinicla precptorship and RN re entry

Help me pray so I will get a mastery grade in my clinical preceptroship in LPN and I will pass my Re entry for RN course for nursing.Thank you


From:Leo Liguid
March 22, 2019

Miracle of complete Healing for my Mother

Please include in your prayer the complete healing of my mother Linda Huertas Antazo, she is scheduled to be operated today to remove her breast, nawa po sa tulong at pagpapala ng Diyos Ama makaligtas ang nanay ko sa operations at tuloy tuloy ma buhay na kasama namin, in Jesus name. Amen

From:Joriza Antazo
March 22, 2019

Visa extension and good health

Dear Sto. Nino , please help my mama feel better , please grant her good health and longer life. please help me also find ways to be able to pay my debts im financially unstable for now. And please dear Sto. nino this Coming April 9 I will for another visa extension here in Japan , Please help me that I will be granted a 3 or 5 years visa extension here to be able to work longer here in Japan. and lastly please pray for me a smooth and loving relationship with my Japanese husband. than you papa jesus.

From:marilou fujii
March 22, 2019

Birthday Blessings

Salamat Lord kay imong gi pa abot akong Papa ug 81, akong Kuya ug 50, ug akong pag umangkon ug 21 years karon month. May you give them safety and good health always.

From:Rosalle Bejerana-Ranis
March 22, 2019


Prayer request For
1) kienel D’souza who had a car accident on 15th March on the Mumbai – nasik highway,he has been admitted to kokilaben hospital Andheri (w), he has damaged his forehead scull and skin which in turn had some effects on the brain, he also has facial fractures which has effected his nose and eyes he is kept in a state of unconsciousnes to give his brain some rest til the time he regains Consiousness.. Please pray for his speedy recovery…. He was supposed to migrate to Australia on 18th with his wife and 2 sons which are 5 and 2 years old as a result of this accident his plans are cancelled for the moment….. Request if you could please pray over him and he comes back to normal.
2) Kersi Mirza who has a spleen problem and undergoing blood transfusions please pray for him. He also tried to commit suicide by cutting off his wrists.
3) Ms Prema Santosh is still in ICU. She had internal bleeding yesterday and was given blood transfusion. She is undergoing dialysis. Has diabetes and bp problem too.

Please pray for them.

Thank you

March 22, 2019

Prayer to Pass the Exam. me…I ask it with all my heart..pls let me pass the board exam for teachers this coming March 24,2019.I believe in your Miracles Sr.Sto.Nino..Have Mercy on me and my prayers to you.Thank you.I love you Sr Sto.Nino.

From:Crestine J. Garcia
March 22, 2019


This is a copy of the following message you sent to For Inquiries/Concerns via Philippine National Police – Official Website

This is an enquiry email via from:
William Deavin

What kind of s***hole is Cebu where some one puts drugs into luggage and causing the person to have a seriousstroke. Give that f***ing message to Cebu f***ing councilor joel f***ing Garganera and his f***ing inlaw Jason f***ing Arnold married to Dr Florence p f***ing Arnold not his first f***ing wife and his other f***ing inlaw f***ing Paul f***ing Feraro who works for f***ing hallmark as a f***ing realtor.
Is Jason Arnold dead his family wants to know???? And has somebody killed his driver RJ??? Joel Garganera. sent from in-law jay’s cousin William said bigamy doesn’t mean it’s big of you jay. if you can’t tell I’m pissed off

From:William Deavin
March 14, 2019



March 14, 2019


Please pray for me na tagaan ko maayong panglawas matag adlaw…Akong family ug friends my grandpa na tagaan pa nimu taas nga kinabuhi…Mawala na ni ang burot sa akong Lagos sa baba…Kadtong naay sakit nga grabe tagaan pa ug taas nga kinabuhi…

From:Jenny Kim Lapina
March 14, 2019

Dream Job

Please help me pray that I will pass my exam and asessment to become a Police Constable this coming 20th of March 2019. Thank you.
I love you Sr. Santo Niño❤️

March 11, 2019

Please help Sofie

Dear Divino nino please help Sofie feel better she has a fever and I am worried please help my husband who does not feel well I love you and thank you

From:Christine Digiacomo
March 11, 2019

Prayer for financial help

Dear senor santo nino,
Please help to find a way to produce enough money to pay all my debts and bills, specialy for my son school and the rest of my familys needs.please Nino stand by my side and help to solve my financial needs at the moment.thank you.

From:Jennifer S Berry
March 11, 2019

Prayer for speedy recovery

Please pray for my mama that she will discharge from the hospital as soon as possible, all her organs will functions normally and her kidney disease will be reversed as soon as possible. she can breath normally no clogging of nose. In Jesus Name Amen

From:catherine k. matienzo
March 11, 2019

Please pray for our success in the GCS exam

Please help me pray for our success, for me Lizbeth Labora and my friends Leah Vintero and Janelle Carney and all the exam takers who wants to pass this exam with all their heart’s desire. Please help us pray to our dear Senor Santo Nino to guide us as we take this exam on March 15, 2019 and may it be His will that we pass this exam. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen. Thank you so much, God bless us all.

From:Lizbeth Labora
March 11, 2019

Pass the LET Exam this coming March 24,2019 me…I ask it with all my heart..pls let me pass the board exam for teachers this coming March 24,2019.I believe in your Miracles Sr.Sto.Nino..Have Mercy on me and my prayers to you.Thank you.I love you Sr Sto.Nino.

From:Anna Liza L.Piquero
March 11, 2019

re : prayer request

March 8, 2019

Dearest Lord Jesus And To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to ask for a prayer request to please help me and my family:

1. Please Lord Jesus, please help my dad find a foreigner as buyer for his assorted metal business like the previous ones, the Taiwanese in 2009 and the Koreans in 2011. (Preferably foreigners since they have the capacity to pay and follows the agreement on the contract)

2. Please Lord Jesus, please help me and dad to be able to sell our properties
especially those in San Mateo, Rizal.

3. Please Lord Jesus, please help me and dad to be able to have money and income from both expected and unexpected sources

Please Lord Jesus please, we need help for the sale of our business through a foreigner as buyer and the selling of our property, which ever comes first, or both at the same time this year, and also for us to have money or income coming from both expected and unexpected sources. As of last January 17, 2019 my family’s savings has depleted to 30,000 Pesos (around 600 Dollars) and it will only last up to 2 to 3 weeks and it won’t be enough to sustain the needs of my family especially now that; (1) my dad (Romeo) is under medication for his prostate, and (2) both my mom (Helen) and my sister (Jannet) have been diagnosed with depression.

Since the beginning of the last year, we have been receiving inquiries from potential buyers for both the selling of Dad’s Business and the selling of our Properties in San Mateo, Rizal.

For Selling of Dad’s Business last year (we are selling it at around 40 Million Pesos that is equivalent to 800,000 Dollars), sadly the brokers/agents who kept coming back all have buyers that are local buyers and at the same time the brokers/agents placed an over price in terms of millions (an over price of 10 Million Pesos which is equivalent to 200,000 Dollars) without our approval, and there are some who are making other transactions with the buyer without our presence (one buyer had the chance to talk to us and told us everything) making the transaction difficult to close the deal. To date no selling was made because of what the agents/brokers were doing. Please Lord Jesus please help us find the buyer and to finally close the selling with ease, please Lord Jesus please help us to find the buyers and may we be able to sell it. Please Lord Jesus please we need your help and protection both for us the family and the buyers since there are people (including our relatives) who do not want these transactions and selling to happen.

Please Lord Jesus please we need dad’s business to be sold this year as well as our properties in San Mateo, Rizal. The selling of our Business and Properties and the money from other sources are very much needed since our family’s finances are already depleted and we needed the funds so that we may also relocate to another place to avoid any other conflict with our relatives as well, please Lord Jesus please.

We are not in good terms with our relatives for some time now, since we discovered several discrepancies to the collection and dividends from the family’s rental business as well as to the accounting of all the remaining properties we inherited from grandma, they were the sole custodian of all these leaving dad out from any responsibilities and any copy of the Titles, Contracts to it. Last year, Dad, Jannet and my I have decided for the first time to take on the responsibility of the collection and dividend to several units in one of the family’ rent a house business for only a year to correct the discrepancies from those transactions, it made my cousin Albert so mad (the main cause of trouble of the family) that he has been manipulating the rest of the relatives including his mom and my aunt to deliberately oust me and my Dad and for him to get back the task that we took over from him. There were also some rumors amongst my aunts and uncles that my grandmother’s death was suspicious and untimely it all started when she refused to give to my cousin his share of his inheritance. There are also a lot of things that went on over the years, among them is that my cousin and other relatives have even turn to black magic and even hired men to threaten me especially dad, as much as I would like tell them all, but talking about them is such a bad taste so this is all what I could tell. And now that my family and I are down to nothing and that my mom is on their side and would often tip us off, whenever they would come over my family is in chaos and sure enough disagreement would erupt leaving my family with no peace, also as of last January 17, 2019 my cousin Albert and his mom came over unannounced and before they left, we overheard them talking and were celebrating because now that we are down to nothing they can demand and call the shots, all this mess because of jealousy and greed for the inheritance.

Please Lord Jesus please save me and my family I already did everything I could to help and save my family please give us total freedom from our relatives, the selling of the business and properties as well as the money from other sources would be of great help to us. Above all please Lord Jesus please always protect me and my family safe especially my Dad since he is the one they wanted to eliminate first then me, also, Dad and I also saw two crows today, some say it is a bad sign. The last time we saw the crows was around October last year when our neighbor died. I know it sound superstitious but I admit it did scared us, please Lord Jesus please always keep me and my family safe especially my Dad.

Also, I would like to ask for your help and for a prayer request for the following:

1. Please Lord Jesus, please help me and my family especially my Dad
(Romeo V. de Lara), Mom (Helen C. de Lara), Sister (Jannet C. de Lara) and Me to be able to join the Pilgrimage to Italy in the Vatican City, which is currently being organized by our Bishop, which is planned to be re-scheduled onbetween May to June 2019, this year.

We were told that this will be the last Pilgrimage that our Bishop will organize and embark on, due to his age and health, and that he needs more to focus on his Diocese. Also, this might be our last chance to go together as a Family, since my sister is engaged, and will marry her high school sweet heart and will migrate to another country, at the same time, the preparations for the wedding will start anytime soon.

But in order for us to join, as soon as the dates and arrangements are made we needed the funds through the selling of our business and properties in San Mateo, Rizal, as we as from other sources and for me and my family to have a Schengen VISA for all four of us, since we were told it’s hard to get this visa. Please Lord Jesus please, let everything fall into place. Please Lord Jesus please, let me and my family be able to join our Bishop’s Pilgrimage to Italy in Vatican City, we also needed enough time to prepare the visa for us to go as a family, please Lord Jesus please.

Last year our Bishop and the Travel Agency has extended, many times, the deadline for others to join, it was a blessing that since the required number of pilgrims were not met, they deiced to reschedule it between May and June 2019 this year, giving us time as well, please help us make it to the deadline and join the group please Lord Jesus please, Thank you.

Please Lord Jesus this is all what I would like to ask, Thank you Lord Jesus.

Sincerely Yours,

Melisa C. de Lara

From:melisa c. de lara
March 11, 2019

prayer to pass the 2018 bar exams

please Sr. Sto. Niño, itugot ug ihatag kanako pasar ko sa 2018 Bar Exams, Please Sr. Sto. Niño, nga sa pgcheck sa mga bar examiners sa skong bar examination notebooks lamdagan ila kasingkasing ug tagaan ko passing grade , muhumok ila kasingkasing ug tagaan ko passing grade, puno sa kaluoy ila kasing kasing ug balatian para sa pgcheck nila sa ako bar examnation notebooks tagaan ko nila passing grade. Please Sr.Sto.Niño, mkaabot ako passing grades sa total passing percentage ug usa ko sa ideklarar nga pasar sa 2018 Bar Exams, please please please Sr. Sto. Niño, itugot ug ihatag kanako pasar ko sa 2018 Bar Exams

From:Ariane Joy Sanchez
March 11, 2019

Good Health

Please pray for my irregular rhythm of my heart will be normalize and for complete and total healing.

March 11, 2019

Guidance for Examination

Help me pass the written diplomate exam in Pediatrics. Guide me as I study and prepare for the exam. Give me wisdom and an enlightened mind on March 13. And give me strength each and everyday.

March 11, 2019

Granting and arrival of UK visa within the next week

Dear sto.Niño,
Thank you for your blessings.

I ask again of you that my UK visa will be granted and will be delivered to me within next week to continue my employment here in the UK.
I pray hear me O sto. Niño.


From:Stephanie Opsima
March 11, 2019

Help me Sto.Nino and Let Me Pass my LET Exam.

On March 24, me pray..I believe in Miracles..I know I can pass.. through Sto.Nino Miracles Ways and Papa Jesus in Heaven.Amen

From:Anna Liza L. Piquero
March 11, 2019

Employment and Health

We pray that we will soon find employment so we could continue supporting our family in everyday life…and give thanks to the Lord for the good health we are enjoying, may He continue to look after our wellbeing.🙏🏻

From:Malynn Olavides
March 11, 2019

Petition Prayer Request

Sr.sto.Nino nangayukbo ug nagahangyo ako kanimo nga unta dunggon mo ang akong mga pag ampo nga Negative ang akong sputum culture…salamat kaayo!!!I LOVE YOU!!

From:Meriam Restauro
March 11, 2019



March 11, 2019


please pray for Damianus aditya christie and myself. I have been waiting for reconciliation and to forgive each other, peaces for me and him, I have been struggling with pain. You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, in suffering and disappointments. I come with a broken heart, his heart so hard, he doesn’t respond to anything. Father, please soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart, i know that prayer is a powerful thing. Without Your graces, we cannot accomplish anything. only God can change people’s hearts. please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. and if You don’t want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. Teach me how to remain grateful, although this is the most difficult. teach me to love you more than anything. I really need a miracle, thank you

From:NN j
March 11, 2019

Vocation to the Priesthood

I pray for my discernment to enter the Seminary and become a Priest since I am already entering Senior High School.

From:Mark Vincent Tecson
March 4, 2019

job seeking

Lord God please give my husband a good agency so that he can go overseas again. And we may be able to pay our debts. Lord we entrust you everything that we have in our lives. Help us always to be a blessing for others. Please guide and protect my family. And please forgive us from our sins. Thank you Lord Jesus, miraculuos Sto Nino, have mercy on us!

From:julie ann cotales
March 4, 2019

ear problem

Please pray for the healing of my ear problem. Thanks.

March 4, 2019

Land broker Agreement in Moalboal

Please pray our transaction in MoalMoal Cebu will push through and everything is alright no more delayed the lawyer and owner will accept the payment and our terms and condition next week in Jesus name Amen. All of our family circle is in good health sound mind and body. God bless you more.

March 4, 2019


Please help me Senior Santo Nino I can have baby this year that my ovary is working well to bear a child. I am praying for you and believer that you hear my prayer in Jesus name Amen.

March 4, 2019


I pray that my baby will grown full term in my womb.
I pray that my baby will be healthy and normal.
I pray for a successful, happy, healthy and normal pregnancy.
I pray that I will see and take good care of my baby someday.

From:Suzette Sambas
March 4, 2019

Blessing for LET exam

Deat Sr. Sto. Niño,
Like what I always do in my every night’s novena, I thank you for all the blessings I receive from God Almighty. I just have a very special request, please help me in my review and kindly give me your blessing so I can top the LET exam this coming March 24 but if that’s impossible, I beg you to let me pass the exam in just one take Señor. I will accept whatever your decision may be but please consider my wish so I can continue with pratice teaching and be a professional teacher who can teach in public school.

I love you, Señor Santo Niño.

March 4, 2019

Prayer for the board exam

Please help me to pray to pass my board exam for pharmacy this coming march 6 and 7. Thank you.

From:Balore, Nicole Marie A.
March 4, 2019

Pharmacy board exam (Mar6-7,2019)

Please pray for my daughter MAGEL GUZMAN TEORIMA for pharmacy board exam this coming weds.and THURS.(MAR.6-7,3019)
Thank you somuch for your prayers

From:Ma.ELSIE Guzman Teorima
March 4, 2019

Prayer for Unity in the Family

Please pray for my family. My husband and my children do not go to church anymore. I’m asking dear Sto Nino and Mother Mary to please talk into their hearts that they will be able to come back to the church, that we can worship God as one family. This is the reason why there is no unity, peace in my home anymore.there’s no respect, patience and understanding anymore. My heart aches that’s my family is disintegrating. Please pray for us. Thank you.

From:Sydney Muralla
March 4, 2019

Safe and smooth delivery

Snr.Sto Niño, please help me and my baby in the womb. Her coming is nearing. I pray that I will have a safe and smooth delivery and please help me that I can manage the pain during the labor. I pray that there will be no complications and everything is well. I pray that my baby is healthy and safe. Thank you Snr. Sto Niño. Thank you God. Amen

From:Jackielou Casing
March 4, 2019

Brent Keith – Financial Blessings

For Brent Keith, please pray for abundant financial blessings and prosperity over work and finances to meet all obligations, pay off all debts, and to bless others. Thank you.

Brent Keith

From:Brent Keith
February 26, 2019


I pray to Sr Sto Nino to please guide my daughter in her studies. Help her focus and remember her lessons so she’ll pass all her tests.

February 26, 2019

Prayer requests (some urgent)

Praying for financial help USD134000, release of souls in Purgatory,grace 4 all 2 avoid sin&love God, deliverence&exorcism of all possessed,obsessed,oppressed by Satan&demonic spirits, especially for Mark Louis and loved ones, Ang Jin Wee and loved ones, Jason Benny Sarangapani & loved ones, Winnie Fred Lingam&loved ones, Linda Thomas&loved ones, Mary Chantel&loved ones, the late Robert a/l Savarimuthu &loved ones, Jonathan Hon&family.
For my personal intentions & all who need prayers, including Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you…

From:Cindy Hiew
February 26, 2019

Healing Prayer and Prayer to Conceive

Emotional and Physical healing for my father, Avelino Cuanan and for my brother, Christopher Cuanan. Please heal him from TB. I’m prayer for the complete healing of my ovaries and that I will be able to conceive.

From:Rosemarie Jane Ty
February 26, 2019

A prayer for the Departed

Please pray for Carrie, Matthew, Jack, Olivia and Bob Caseley who have lost Pat Caseley a beloved mother, grandmother and wife.

February 26, 2019


Please pray that my husband and i will be blessed with our own healthy and normal baby this cycle. That my period will not come. That we will be blessed with a positive pregnancy test result.

February 26, 2019

prayer for strength

God tagae intawn ko ug dugang strength nga makaya pa nako ang tanan. tabangi pud intawn ko nga unta maka trabaho nako balik.

From:Ann Valerie Galas
February 26, 2019

9 novena


February 26, 2019

Praying for my celpip exam

Senyor thank u for all the blessings and good health always..and I will ask your mercy that u guide me in my CELPIP exam this coming march 9 2019,.thank u Senyor

From:Maribeth Songahid
February 26, 2019

Prayer for Having a Baby

Please pray for me that through the mercy and grace of the Lord God, HE WILL GRANT ME MY FIRST BABY..


From:Steephanie Joe J Lomuntod
February 26, 2019

Petition to get into Nursing

Dear Sto Nino,

I really don’t know what’s my future holds in Australia. I wanted to work for my nursing career but it seems the process to become a nurse is uncertain for there are some schools not accepting us here to get enrolled. Im anxious and scared on their policy and procedure. I’m hoping that I still have the chance to study this bridging program for nursing.

From:Honorato III
February 26, 2019

Suitable job and peace for me and my family

I am in desperate need of the right job. I would like to stay close where I don’t have to move my family. I also need to make enough so I can pay back loans that I have to get my degrees. My family is in dire straits. Please pray for Me (Terry,) Kim,and Dyer Martin. My wife also suffers from hearing loss and her employers are giving her a hard time.

If possible please send a prayer card or small medal.

Terry Martin

557 Hawkins Branch Rd Crandall,GA 30711

Thank you

From:Terry Martin
February 26, 2019

Overseas Employment

Prayer request for stable overseas employment for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City

From:Gerardo San Diego
February 20, 2019

Financial Blessings

Prayer request for financial blessings for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City

From:Gerardo San Diego
February 20, 2019

For recovery of love one

Protection healing forgiveness deliverance from sickness maladies misfortune success in work conversion of deborah jane labastida nina mae saplagio jordan gonzalo alexander ponce for the repose of souls of mario soledad hilario sr charles

From:Hilario n llamas jr
February 19, 2019

Restoration of Health

My dear Senor Sto. Nino, I humbly pray and ask you to please restore the health of my son, Drysdale Lanz. Please grant him complete healing from leukemia without recurrence of this illness and without damage in any of his internal organs due to the chemotherapy. Cover him with your love and protection to get through this. Thank you Senor, we trust in you.

February 19, 2019


Graces, blessings, good health of love ones and family

From:M Legaspi
February 19, 2019

For my kids

Heavenly father,
Sana maging maayos na petition paper ng mga maconvince na namin si gayle.sana ayusin ni tita letty papel ni gayle paa magkasabay na sila.papuntang states.sana maging maayos na po ang lahat.maraming salamat po sa biyaya namin araw mapatawad nyo po kami sa aming mga kasalanan… Amen

February 19, 2019

Prayer for taking the National Medical Admission Test this March 10 2019

God, grant me the desire to study for the NMAT this March 10. I know that you have plans for me, I can only pray and hope my passing in the NMAT and acceptance in Med school is part of your plan for me. Lord, I will accept the path you have laid for me, as i always have, just grant me the strength and humility in case it is not what i wanted. Thank you for your everlasting love, guidance and support my Lord. I am forever grateful.

From:Guila simene
February 19, 2019

Financial Blessings

Prayer request for financial blessings for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City

From:Gerardo San Diego
February 14, 2019

Overseas Employment

Prayer request for overseas employment for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City

From:Gerardo San Diego
February 14, 2019

Healing prayer

Please I am praying for my father ruben laxamana please heal him he has problem in the heart he cant breath he has chest pain I believed that you will give him a healthy body in jesus name.I.pray amen

February 14, 2019

pass the john abbot exam and do the nursing integration

Please help me pray, to pass the exam in john abbott so that i can do the integration here in canada to be a nurse. Alvin and maan that they can pass there nursing licensure exam

From:Niel Ivy Onida
February 14, 2019


please pray the evil spirit of abduction and abuse named Paul Bernardo and Sarkis Harmandayan and Greg Shean leave me and set me free as I am being tormented and pray I receive the love of God and heal my soul.

Dr. Magdalena Lovejoy

From:Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy
February 11, 2019

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for me to finally get a stable job as soon as possible so I can finally save up for my graduation (master’s degree) and plans to work and live in Japan in a few years. Japan is where I want to start my life anew.

2. Please help me by praying for my peace of mind. Indeed, I need a new environment where I could thrive and think for myself. In other words, I need independence in all aspects.

3. Please pray for my mother to finally realize that my feelings are important, too; may she finally realize that I deserve independence and ultimate freedom in making major decisions for myself.

4. Please pray for my financial provision so I could pay off all my debts as soon as possible.

February 11, 2019


Dear Santo Nino I pray for my family to be reunited and for good health and Long life for my mum and dad, my Brother and myself. I pray our family is protected from all harm and adversity and we all have a strong faith in God and in you Santo Nino of Cebu. I pray my Brother and I have good jobs also and that we will be a blessing to others and all of us be happy in life. I pray also for the conversion of G and E and S and also all those who need it. I pray for all my godchildren that they may all do what God Our Father wants and you look after and guide each of them esp D and also that you look after my godparents and also my relatives and loved ones and friends. Thank you Santo Nino and help me in my trip and plan to visit you that it may have good success and all will go as you want dear child Jesus and the right people may go.

February 11, 2019

Keeping the Faith

Dear Sr. Sto. Nino,

Good day!

Before anything else, I would like to give you thanks and praise for what you have done for me and my family in each and every moment from our daily lives. It is such an amazing feeling waking up each day knowing all the good things you prepared for me despite from such setbacks from my life.

First, I want to pray for the everyday safe keeping of my daughter, my son and wife. I ask you sincerely to watch over my wonderful and amazing wife as she plays her role as a mother of our beloved little angels, from which whom we asked from you. Keep my wife healthy and safe from her daily tasks at work, and may you give her peace of mind and wisdom as she teaches our daughter and son on how to deal with such situations from this world especially the practical things. I love my wife so much Sr. Sto. Nino and I need her as well within this marriage life that we both agreed ourselves. As for my daughter and son, I devote them to you as much as I devote myself from you. May they will grow as an understanding, selfless, and open minded kind of beings. They are progressing in their own ways at these days and yet I am amazed with such wonderful things that my daughter and son are experiencing and learning. So, I devote both my wife, daughter and son to you Sr. Sto. Nino.

Second are my parents. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a son of both wonderful parents. They taught me well for me to be the person that I am today, and of course! They taught me on how to have faith and be strong with it. Keep them both safe from their daily lives, as my mother is serving as an instrument from your church. May she be fully devoting herself also of serving at the church and community teaching the good deeds as well as spreading the word from God. And my father, as form what he did for me and mama while we were just starting our own family then I thank you for he did as much as he could even though he were not able to attain a degree, but he did teach me a lot of things on how to find a way to provide the things needed to sustain our daily lives. He always finds a way to prove that he truly loves us despite his failing at some point of his life, however he is still my father and I am proud of him as his son. Sr. Sto. Nino keep my parents safe and healthy because I love them so much, no words can describe the feeling that I have felt upon writing this petition knowing to have wonderful parents.

On the third part of this petition that I have Sr. Sto. Nino, I would like to include those people, and especially the children who are victims of the harshness of this world of today. I pray for them that they will be given attention for those who are capable of doing it, and at some point I always like to have the opportunity of being part of making a difference in this world. You know that I have my dreams of settling to another country where I can see my family there for the better, but I must pray for those people who have less or nothing at all for their daily lives. Show your miracles to them Sr. Sto. Nino and shower them with the blessings that they need. For my departed love ones and the holy souls in purgatory, may this petition help them Sr. Sto. Nino at your kingdom in the heavens of our almighty father. Unbind them from their sins which they have done during their stay from this world of yours and lift as much holy souls as you can through this petition of mine because I started to realize that this one of my purpose here in this world.

To end this petition Sr. Sto. Nino, once again I give you thanks and praises for you have been so good to me as well as to my family. Thank you for giving me the chance to wake up every day as a son of our most beloved Jesus Christ. Thank you so much and I praise you for giving me the opportunity of being a husband to my wife and a father to my daughter which whom we soulfully asked from you from those days then. On the other hand also, thank you for always reminding me in your own ways that I have to keep my focus for I have this huge goal for my family. I praise you together with my wife and daughter, Viva Sr. Sto. Nino! Pit Senior! Amen.

From:Mark Guevarra Cabañero
February 11, 2019


1.ibigay nyo po sa akin ang pagpasa sa board exam for professional teacher (let) this coming march 24,2019
2. Hinihingi ko po ang maayos na relasyon namin ng boyfriend ko panghabang buhay na maging faithfull at maunawain sya sa akin.
3. Hiningi ko po ang good health and longlife for my family and love one..

From:Lenie E. Baquial
February 11, 2019