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We believe that prayer, talking with God, changes things. Sometimes it changes us, sometimes it changes the situation. Sometimes these changes are huge, sometimes they are subtle.

Common prayer requests include prayers for healing, health, love, relationships, money, debt, children, jobs, education and other worries.

There is no charge for this service. We the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu devoted to pray for your petitions.

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


Healing and guidance

I am.praying for fast recovery and healing son john marco, my mother aniceta, my father ruben give them and also maria ann and franco our family and relatives brothers and sisters a healthy body. Guide and guard us always keep us away from harm and danger also from bad spirits. Touch each and every person we encounter. Also in our works guide and guard us always. I also pray for our dog to stop hawling in jesus name I pray amen

October 11, 2018


Sto. Niño, I pray that may you grant me the desires of my heart as what I have written in my novena to God’s love. Lord Jesus, may you heal all that is broken in me. Amen.

From:Mayette A.
October 10, 2018

Petition for a New Job

I pray for the success of Miroslav Spassov in his series of test and examinations and would pass all these tests and be able to get this job as Customs Border and Protection Officer. Amen

October 10, 2018


Please pray for well being and healthy life to Mireya new born daughter of Myra

From:Myra is
October 10, 2018

Healing and guidance

I am.praying for fast recovery and healing son john marco, my mother aniceta, my father ruben give them and also maria ann and franco our family and relatives brothers and sisters a healthy body. Guide and guard us always keep us away from harm and danger also from bad spirits. Touch each and every person we encounter. Also in our works guide and guard us always. I also pray for our dog to stop hawling in jesus name I pray amen

October 10, 2018


Dear Sr. Santo Nino,

I pray that I will be one of the selected 105 Fire Officer 1 applicants in the Bureau of Fire Protection Region 8. The overall result/final list for the activities/exams that we’ve done during the recruitment process since July 2018 will might be released today September 29, 2018. Hopefully, I will be included to have an Oath-Taking this October 1, 2018 (Monday). I also pray for the health and abundant blessings to our family especially our parents in order for us to also help those in need. We thank you Sr. Santo Nino for your guidance and for hearing our prayers. God bless us all! 🙂

From:Jimbo Jed
October 10, 2018

Petition for Passing Board Exam

Mahal nga St. Niño, thank you for all the blessings You have showered upon me and my family. Though despite of Your goodness, I sometimes fall into sin and I beg Your forgiveness for every trespasses I’ve committed, I know that You will always hear the petition of Your people and I am praying to You to please help my sister pass the LET examination, guide her and enlighten her mind up to choose the right answer. You alone can make all things possible, however Your will still prevail, but I am still begging You, Amen.

September 29, 2018

School Allocation

I pray that my daughter Lyanna will be allocated a space at Manor Park Primary School, UK. That she and her ate will be in the same school. Thank you much Snr. Sto. Nino for all the blessings, guidance and protection.

September 29, 2018

Petition and ThanksGiving

Dear Sr. Santo Nino,

I pray that I will be one of the selected 105 Fire Officer 1 applicants in the Bureau of Fire Protection Region 8. The overall result/final list for the activities/exams that we’ve done during the recruitment process since July 2018 will might be released today September 29, 2018. Hopefully, I will be included to have an Oath-Taking this October 1, 2018 (Monday). I also pray for the health and abundant blessings to our family especially our parents in order for us to also help those in need. We thank you Sr. Santo Nino for your guidance and for hearing our prayers. God bless us all! 🙂

September 29, 2018


Requesting prayers for deliverance from evil spirts/witchcraft/satanic cults. I’m at a lost. Grateful for the prayers Thank You! God bless,
Spencer Kyle

September 29, 2018


O Señor Sto Niño I come to you to asked forgiveness for all I’ve done . And thank you for the gift of life ..
O Señor Sto Niño we would like to ask your intervention for complete healing of Dodong Melendez …
This we asked through your son Jesus Christ Amen

September 29, 2018

Prayer for peace and unity and forgiveness of sins as well as thanksgiving prayer for all the blessings

Hi ! Good day!
Peace be with you!

I would like to request a prayer for peace and unity for my family, to my friends Billy , ate Jinky , ate Jocelyn, Joana and their families and all the people at work. I am also praying to Senyor Santo Niño for the forgiveness of all of our sins that cause hurt and injury to others. I’m also praying for good health of my friends , and people that I hurt and family as well as the poor , and those people who are not feeling well or very sick, my uncle Tiyo Nardo and ate Hilda. Senyor Santo Niño , May you touch us with your healing hands and heal our bodies and get rid of our illnesses or diseases. I’m also praying that I may be able to find the forgiveness and fully recovered from my sickness. I leave it to you O Lord, whatever it is. That all of us will be renewed and convert for the better and for the good of our souls. Thank you for all the graces and blessings that you gave us. We pray this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you so much for all your prayers. God bless us all.

September 29, 2018

Critical Pregnancy

I got pregnant two months ago, i was schedule for ultrasound last week, the result is a bit bad.. The doctor could not see the yolk sac or the baby, only the gestation sac… Im really worried, the doc says i have to wait and return for another ultrasound on Oct9,2018. Please help me pray for my baby.. That on that day, we can see him/her already. And with a heart beat.. Please help me. Im begging you.. I know sto nino will help me and my baby… He had been helping me ever since.. Pls grant my prayer request.. Thank you so much… Ive been to sto nino de cebu twice.. I hope he will hear my prayer.. Thank you so much…

September 29, 2018


I pray for forgiveness from Jean Karl Belarmino and the rest of the Belarmino Family and be fully reconciled with them and be with them again.
I also pray that I may be able to find that forgiveness (to them) from the depths of my heart.

September 24, 2018


I pray that I may be healed soon in whatever sickness that’s in me.
That I will be renewed and be changed for the betterment of my self and most especially for my soul.

September 24, 2018


I pray for a safe travel of:
1. Maritess Alcontin
2. Josephine Agustin
3. Marvin Agustin
4. Paulo Agustin
5. Nicolo Agustin

And all the travellers.

September 24, 2018


I pray for the complete healing and full recovery of:
1, Hazel Gitgano
2. Reycel Rose Aguala Patoc
3. Zinnia Mangubat Rodriguez

September 24, 2018

Prayer request

Please pray for well being and healthy life to Myra and her new born daughter.

September 24, 2018

Prayer to have a child

I pray that the Holy Child Jesus will give us a child. I am currently in bedrest stage and hopefully this could lead to a pregnancy soon. Please lay Your Powerful hands upon us and bless us a child. I know everything is possible for You and we trust you in your Divine heart. Please grant our petition Holy Child Jesus. Have mercy on us. This we pray in Jesus name. Amen.

September 24, 2018


Dear Santo Niño

Nangamuyo kami ka nimo nga matawagan na, ang akong ig-agaw sa iya giapplyan nga trabaho kay hapit na mahuman ang iya 3 months working permit didto sa Cayman Island. Ipasa dios lang namo ang tanan pati na katong nangilad nga scammer. Unta malamdagan na ang iyang huna nga undangon na niya ang iya gipangbuhat basig naa pa siya laing mabiktima. Kini among gipangayo pinaagi ni Señor Santo Niño ang batang jesus. Amin

September 24, 2018

Prayer request

Please pray for well being and healthy life to Myra D Costa and her new born daughter

September 24, 2018

Prayer for asking Help to have Saudi Commission License for Healthcare Assistant, my husband’s health

Good Day!First of all pasayloa ko sa akua mga sala nga me to pray for my work situation here at Saudi,ayaw intawn itugot Mahal na Sto. Niño nga mataktak ko sa akua trabaho ug unta ma-renew na ang akua Iqama ug unta matagaan na ko ug License sa Saudi Commission,ug giyahi ako sa kanunay tagae ko ug igong kusog sa pgsagubang sa akuang mga problema.Ug Mahal Na Santo Niño tagae unta ug igong kahibalo si Mr.Tariq ug giyahi cya sa iyahang angay pagabuhaton sa pag-adto sa Saudi Commission next week aron pag-explain or pag-appeal sa amuang case ug unta paminawon unta cya sa taga saudi commission ug matagaan kami ug License sa Saudi Commission.
Lastly, akua unta kanimo pangayuon nga imuha nga tagaan ug maayung pnglawas ang akua bana nga si Archer ayuha na intawon cya sa iyahang gihambin nga sakit ibalik na unta sa normal ang iyaha kidney, lungs, liver , ug ma-normal na unta ang results sa laboratory sa iyahang Crea, protein,bun ug uban pa.Ug ilikay sa kanunay sa disgrasya ug dautan ug tagae ug kabiskay ang akuang mga anak ..
Daghan kaayung salamat sa mga grasya sa kanunay imuha gihatag kanako..

September 24, 2018

Prayer Request

Dear Sto Nino,

Im praying that my student visa renewal will be approved here in Australia. Im so scared about my medical exam. I hope I could make it and can able to stay longer so that I can work on to become a nurse. Im doing this not just for myself but for my family to have my dreams come true. I offered unto you Sto Nino all my worries. I know everything is possible with you my child Jesus. Thank you so much.

September 14, 2018

Healing and guidance

I am praying to heal and give a healthy body to my son john marco I also include my parents ruben and aniceta me and franco to have a healthy body please guide and guard us keep us away from harm and danger touch each and every person we encounter. Im praying also travel and flight on thursday sept 13 may our plane reach in kuwait safe pls guide and guard us. I also pray for my sister and brother my family to stay healthy and safe. Please pray also for our dog to.stop hawling because we are really scared in jesus name I pray amen

September 14, 2018



September 14, 2018

Pass my B2 exam on September 22,2018

Dear Santo Nino,

I thanked you for all the blessings that we received every day. May I be an example model to help people in my own little way. This coming September 22, 2018, I will be taking a B2 examination and it is impossible for me to pass the exam. But I know that nothing is impossible in your hands. I lay all my cards to you and I prayed deeply that you will give me a focus mind, an audible ears and eloquent mouth to answers all the questions. I don’t need to get a higher mark. I just want to get a passing mark.

With this, you knew what is in my heart, whatever success I may have, I will share it to many people in my own little way. In Jesus name, Amen.

September 14, 2018


Dear Sr. Sto. Nino,

Please help me to have a stable and permanent job. I trust in you. Bless, guide and protect me and my family. Amen. 🙏

September 10, 2018

Prayer for my Career and Family

Santo Niño, Thank you for all the blessings that you have given me this pass few years. ipagkaloob nio po sana sakin ang isang magandang trabaho para sa future ng mga anak ko. tulungan nio po kami makaahon sa buhay namin gusto ko po sana makapasok as flight attendant abroad pra sa mg anak ko at makatulong ako mga nangangailangan din po financially. Santo niño, wag nio po kami pabayaan at ilayo nio po kami sa mga sakit2 at malukubhang sakit lalo n po ung dalawang anak ko. i love you and i trust in you always. Amen.

From:Yra Yvonne Cavada
September 10, 2018


may i request to pray for good health, wisdom, faith, love, and generousity in the family..thanks

From:febrille garay
September 10, 2018

Healing and guidance

I am praying for good health.of my son john marco my parents aniceta and and franco pls guide and guard us always keep us away from harm and danger. Touch each and every perao we encounters in and out of our house. Please keep us safe always. Keep us safe also our plane on sept 13 may our travel will be safe reach in kuwait safety. Im praying also for our dog to.stop.hawling we are really scared please touch our dog I believed in ypur power and no other strong as you in jesus name I pray amen

September 10, 2018

Personal intentions

Baby Jesus, pagalingin nyo Po ng husto Ang daughter ko na c Keisha from Primary Complex. Maging maganda Po Ang Chest X-ray result, please Po. Ilayo nyo po kmi sa sakit at kapamahakan at lagi Po kmi na masigla. Tuloy tuloy din Po ang work to maintain my financial stability. At matupad Po ang wishes ko Po. Thank you Sto. Nino, Amen

From:Kristine Relieve
September 10, 2018

Prayer for Dialysis patient

Please pray me para maayo na ang ahong sakit sa kidney og maundang nku og dialysis. Daghan kaayong salamat. Viva Pit Senior Santo Niño de Cebu.

From:Diovanni Bagolor
September 10, 2018

Prayer for Baby Steven Jade Sumampong – Sick

Baby Boy Jade is sick right now with high fever. We are monitoring his condition right now . We need prayers from your kind heart to ask Sr. Sto. Nino to touch this child of Mr. & Mrs. Ruel Sumampong. Amen

From:Ernest Villariza
September 10, 2018

Why am I still alive?

Sto. Niño, I don’t have anyone to talk to right now. I am so tired with my work and I don’t know how long I can bear with my life. Please let me die soon so that I wouldn’t have to end my life on my own.

September 10, 2018

new job

I would like to intervention to pray for me to have a new job, A job which has a salary range of AED 30-35K per month, a managerial role and has the perks of travel.

I would like to ask your prayers to pray for good health of my family for my son and my husband, for my family and my husbands family also for my nanny’s family.

September 10, 2018


O most Holy Child Jesus, Señor Santo Niño de Cebu, I ask pardon of you and have mercy on me, a sinner. I ask of you for forgiveness of my sins, and guide me what is your plan for me in this world. I ask of you to grant the grace of healing upon me, my family and relatives, friends, especially for my grandmother and my mother. I ask of you to pour forth the Holy Spirit upon me, as I persevere in my studies and may the Paraclete guide me what is holy, think what is holy, and do what is holy.

O Holy Child, I offer you my studies, my whole life, so that whatever I will do in the succeeding days, will always be for your greater glory.

O Holy Child, I thank you for all the graces received everyday, my friends, my family and relatives, and all the people around me who guided me to be a better person.

Through the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, this is all I ask in your Holy Name.


August 30, 2018

Petition for Visa Renewal and Nursing Papers Approval

Dear Sto Nino, I’m praying that may you help me with your heartfelt intercession to have my student visa renewal and AHPRA nursing papers approve. May you give this opportunity to continue my dreams come true in Australia.

From:Honorato III
August 29, 2018

Financial Blessings and others

Dear Sto. Niño, please provide us materially and spiritually. And I pray for my daughter, Marjorie Anne, to pass in all her subjects in Grade 8 and that she will be able to graduate in science class. Thank you.

August 29, 2018

Thanksgiving and physical healing.

Thank you Sr. Santo Nino Jesus for all the blessings bestowed upon me and my family. Thank you for the opportunity you gave us, my husband, daughter and sisters, that we were able to vist you again last June 2018. That spiritual visit which led to the early discovery of my endometrium ca. I am in my 2nd chemo session. Bless and heal me. You are the beginning and the end. Whom shall I turn to? Salamat guid.

From:Mae Joy
August 29, 2018


Ipinapanalangin ko po mahal na sto niño ang aking anak na si john marco naway pagalingin nyo po sya sa karamdaman nya sya po ay nahihilo pa din sa ngaun mahal na sto niño nung sya po ay ipinanganak ko ang dami na po nya pinag daanan na sa sakit pero dahil po sa inyo sya po ay gumaling ako po ay lumalapit pong muli sa inyo naway pagpalain nyo po ng magandang kalusugan ang anak ko po at kagalingan isama nyo na din po ang aking magulang na sina aniceta at ruben sa panganlan po ninyo ako ay nananalig at naniniwala na pinagaling nyo na po ang aking anak amen

August 26, 2018


Good health, necessary graces, blessings of love ones, self, family qnd dear ones. Healing of family member

From:M. Legaspi
August 26, 2018


I am praying for good health for my love ones, and food for those who have nothing on the table please lord help those people who cant afford, i am praying to those people trying find a job so they can feed there family that one day they will find one, im praying for the world for peace and understanding in every religion. Prayer request also for my husband waiting for a job from hongkong that one day he will have the offer soon, it will be a big change in our lives. Thanking god for all the blessings recieve and good health for my family. Thank you Lord ♥️

August 22, 2018

for protection and peace for my work as second engineer

dear santo nino please help me bless me for my 6 months contract in M/T ORE with peace,peace in mind , harmony unity for my co-workers and for work as second engineer and please help me and bless me to finish for my 6 months contract, make me a good smart and talented and a good worker holy infant jesus santo nino have mercy on me and graciuosly hear my prayers and petitions amen…thank you

From:glenn de vera
August 18, 2018


Good morning. I ask for prayers to get a new job. I feel lost and unproductive. May God give me the grace to know where i could find the work that my heart desire. May God give me the grace to know what talents i have and where i could use them. Lord Jesus, please, show me which steps to take. I also ask for prayers for C. Marcela Bedoya, for her health problem (lymphatic system). Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for praying for our concerns and warries. Thank you very much.

From:Javier Maria Alonso
August 17, 2018


Mahal na sto nino itinataas ko po ang panalangin ko para sa anak kong si john marco pagalingin nyo nawa sya alam kong wala pong imposible sa pangalan ninyo. Mahal na sto nino madami na pong pinag daanan ang anak ko noong sya ay baby pa at dahil sa tulong ninyo sya po ay gumaling naway ngaun syay may karamdaman naway pagalingin ninyo sya ng inyong mapagpalang kamay. Pati narin po ang mga magulang kong si aniceta at ruben bigyan nyo po silang 3 ng magandang kalusugan sa inyong pangalan hinihiling ko po amen

August 16, 2018

my family long long life

Our dear sto. Nino
Ang aking po papa na c Emmanuel joy menil nasa ospital sana sana po gumaling na po ang aking papa Paggaling niyo po healing my father touch here po mawala na po ang colesterol niya pati high blood maging normal na ang kaniya heart pati po maging health na hindi na po magkaroon nga problema c papa ko po ang aking ina na c ma. Gina sa kaniya tiyan liver heart niya rin pati po mawala na ang high blood po c tita mina c lola mga kapatid ko po c melissa, mary Joyce ,karl , our dog chachu pati po ako po maging health po ang aking buong pamily po please touch healing hawakan niyo po sila lahat po parang aawa aawa niyo na po 😢😢😢 kmi lahat ilayo sa bad evil spirit bad people at ilayo sa disgrasya po sana po marinig niyo po ako po ako po parang aaway niyo na po sana sana po meron himala po senior sto. Nino ako po ito anak niyo c maritonie po sana sana po have mercy on us pray for us i love you and thank you po .Amen 🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

From:Maritonie Menil
August 14, 2018

For Peace of Mind

Snr Sto. Niño please help me to have a peaceful mind so that i can decide what life im going to live….

August 14, 2018

Prayer for a job

Snr. Sto. Niño salamat sa tanan nga grasya nga nadawat namo. Hinaut nga makabaton na unta ko ug trabaho. Para naa na koy magasto para sa inadlaw-adlaw sa akong pamilya. I trust in You.

August 14, 2018

prayer requests

Please pray for louie genzano, virgilia genzano, francine silberer, dino genzano and the souls of joseph genzano, jennie genzano, and librado vacunador. Thank you Santo Nino.

From:louie genzano
August 14, 2018

For Good Employment and Blessings

Lord, you know my deepest intentions. Please help me pray that I can successfully achieve my aspirations to work in the UK. Hopefully, all my requirements and efforts will be enough to pass the screenings and my VISA to be approved.I offer everything to You Lord God. This is for my family. Please shower us more blessings and good health as always. In your will, Lord. Thank you so much for everything!

From:Kathlene Saniel
August 14, 2018

Thankful and full of Hope

Dearest Sto. Niño,
I would like to thank you so much for all the blessings that you have given me and to my family. Im sorry for all the sins that keeps me away from you. I hope and pray that you would continue to guide and bless me in my upcoming OET EXAM this coming Sept 15, 2018. I pray that, hopefully this time i will achieve the desired grade needed ti be able to work in UK so that i can further help my parents and my siblings. I also pray, for my soon to be new work environment, that i would be able to adjust to my colleagues and to my patients. Lastly, i pray for Mar Jun, that he may pass his school interviews today so that he may have his Bachelors degree. This I ask in your most holy name. Amen.

August 14, 2018

Safe Birth

33 weeks pregnant now and would like to ask in praying for a healthy baby and a safe natural delivery. May be able to endure the pain of labour and may the baby come out healthy and well. May I also be able to rear her to become a good child of God as I become her mother. Thank you!

August 14, 2018

Prayers for the whole family

Good health for the whole family and safety. Labi na gyd padoung sa ilang tagsatagsa nga trabaho ug ilang mga nigosyo keep them safe oh lord. Maayo unta nga mo Lambo pa gyd ang ilang mga nigosyo. Good health sa akong mama filipa sa akong sister nga si Susan. Ug makapasar sa exam nga akong e take karon September. In Jesus name Amen

August 14, 2018


Please pray that I will be blessed with a great, smooth, enjoyable and successful school year with supportive and kind administrators, colleagues, parents and students. Thank you very much!

From:Aurea Flesher
August 12, 2018

For board exam

Powerful jesus, Thank you for always guiding me,my family and love ones. Thank your for the blessings that you have given. I will take board exam this oct 24. Please guide me jesus in taking the board exam ill try my best. i offer my success to you jesus.

From:Beladona Cabunilas
August 12, 2018

Healing,Peace of mind and heart & Protection.

I can have peace of mind and heart especially at work. Healing of my kidneys, (Angiomyelipoma and stone), heart, and osteoarthritis. Stress at work. Protection against all evil intentions. Thank you!

From:Jessica Hallback
August 12, 2018

Good Health, Success & Thanksgiving

Sto. Nino, Thank you for all the blessings and opportunities you have given me. I vow to always give back to those in need and to use my blessings for the good.

Please help Ian quit smoking and bless him with good health and lifestyle for long and healthy life with me and our future family. Please bless us with beautiful and healthy children which we will raise in Gods ways.

Finally, please help me succeed in my business ventures so I may help and spend more time with loved ones.

From:Nina K
August 11, 2018

Prayer to find work

Sto. Nino, please help my sister to finally get a good job she deserves. She has been looking for work for nearly 2 years now. She had a good job before that but now she’s having a hard time looking for work. Please bless her with a good job that she will enjoy.

From:Mai B.
August 11, 2018


Prayer for complete healing and for healing from the recent pain that I am feeling…

From:Maria Flores Apape
August 11, 2018

A hopeful student

Snr. Sto. Niño , I, adore You, please hear my prayers every night… Despite of all the challenges I encounter everyday as a student I know that you were always there to save the day. I hope and pray that you will enlighten our minds and guide us as we perform return demos, answer our quizzes/exams and as we listen to our professors discussion. Hopefully, this coming October I and my classmates/batchmates will have our internship and soon graduate on March 2019. I know nothing is impossible woth ypur help and guidance. Sorry for all the bad things I’ve done and I ask for Ypur forgiveness. I lift it all up to You and I promise to give my best and do my part. All Glory and honor is Yours, forever… Amen.

August 11, 2018

Prayer for Healing and conversion

Pls pray for the enlightenment, conversion, healing and deliverance of my husband Jay

From:Marie Abella
August 11, 2018

Good Health, Wisdom, Strength, Perserverance and Good Job Opportunity

1. May God give our family good health, free from any harm and accidents and free of emotional stress. May we overcome the loss of my grandmother who passed away last July 26, 2018.
2. May the Lord, our God, give us enough wisdom on whatever decisions we made.
3. May God give our family enough strength to deal with our daily burdens and problems.
4. May God give us perseverance to cope up the problems encountering by each Filipinos. May we become a good set of example to other people.
5. May God, grant me a good job opportunity that will enhancen more my knowledge and skills as a healthcare. May he lead me to a healthcare facility who loves employees by prioritizing their needs in terms of trainings and skills. I am praying all of these, in the Holy name of Sto. Nino de Cebu.

From:Rosalie Alcantara
August 11, 2018

For Healing &Thanksgiving

Mahal na Sto.Niño please help my husband Archer Andrade tabangi intawon cya sa iyahang dugay na nga sakit nga gihambin nga almost In & Out lng kami sa hospital ,ayuha na cya labi na iyaha kidney ibalik na sa normal please restore Him,give Him good health just for my children that He need him to be there ky dia ko sa layu nanarbaho pra sa amua panginabuhi .Pls. give to my my husband a total healing sa iyahang sakit ug unta ihatag pd kaniya ang kaayuhan sa iyahang samad sa tiil ug mkalakaw na intawn cya ihatag intawon niya ang milagro in Jesus name thru Mama Mary.Amen tabangi pd akua mga anak sa ilaha pag-eskuyla tagae pd cla ug igong kahibalo ug ilakay cla sa mga temptasyon ug disgrasyaug ihatag kanila ang maayung pnglawas kanunay..
Salamat Mahal na Sto. Niño sa akua work nga imuha gihatag nko ..Thank you sa tanan nga blessings nga amua nadawat ug God bless..

From:Theresa Andrade
August 11, 2018

Prayer in all our endeavors

Prayer of grattitude to all the blessings received. Prayer for good health to all family member. For Motivation and perseverance to persue our dreams. For the success of my studies. For the success of my husbands application. For the success of my mothers business transaction. My brothers visa application for his wife. My sisters future career. Continue to guide us Lord to follow the path that you intend us to go. May you journey with us and stay with us as we go through challenges and battle against evil. Amen

From:Lea Galeos
August 11, 2018

prayer to get pregnant (meagan and arce lodonia)

please for me na ma overcome nako ang sadness and pain kadtung nakuhaan ko last year sa akong 8weeks old pregnancy. iampo usab kami sa akong bana na hinaot pa unta mabuntis nako that will be our first baby.

From:Meagan Marge Lodonia
August 11, 2018

forgiveness of sins

please pray for the forgiveness of my sins, sins of relatives and sins of our ancestors… thank you and god bless.

From:john tionko
August 10, 2018





August 10, 2018


I pray for the good health my family especially my parents and siblings. I also pray for our continued success in every path we take. I pray for the success in our BFP Qualifying Written Exam which will be scheduled on August 11, 2018 (11:30am) at San Fernando Central School, Tacloban City. I pray, Lord God that you will guide us all through the entire procedure of the recruitment process until the Oath Taking on October 2, 2018. We pray also Lord Jesus for our financial concern/stability and good relationship to all we met. We always pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

From:Jimbo Jed T. Juntilla
August 10, 2018

Prayer for my Son

Mangayo unta ko sa inyong mga pag ampo alang sa maayong panglawas akong anak nga si Kian Jabonero. Mag cge ug labad ang iyang ulo ug lately wala kaayo syay gana mo kaon. Sakit akong dughan sa akong anak ug nag worry kog maayo kung unsa kini iyang gipamati karon. Lord, tabangi akong anak. Wagtanga ang tanan sakit gibati niya sa iyang lawas labi njud ang pag labad sa iyang ulo ug unta mobalik na ang iyang gana sa kaon. Daghan salamat Ginoo sa tanang grasya nga imong ghatag dri nko ug sa akong pamilya. Sa kanunay nimo pag dungog sa akng mga pag ampo. Pasaylo-a ko Ginoo sa akng tanang sala labi na sa akong mga pagkulang isip usa ka kristyano. Daghan salamat Ginoo.

From:Katrina Jabonero
August 10, 2018

Prayer for reconciliation

Sana po maayos na kami ni angel alam nyo po na sobrang mahal ko sya at madami na akong naisakripisyo.. Sana po marealize nya ang halaga ko sa ngalan ng panginoon hinihiling ko na maayos na kami at magkabalikan.
Ipinagdadasal ko din si vane na sana magkausap na kami at maayos na din namin kung ano man ang naging problema

From:Andrei hernandez
August 10, 2018

Good health for my family

Senior Santo Niño guide us always in everything we do. Give us good health always especially my children, my husband my siblings, my mother, my nieces and nephews and my cousins. Protect us from harm. Thank you also Senor Santo Niño gor all the graces and blessings you bestowed upon us.

From:Albie Lacida
August 10, 2018

for the good health and for the study of my son

Keep me all safe especially to my son..and my wihole family

From:marfe kho
August 10, 2018

Gainful employment

A new job or contract – whichever is God’s plan- for my husband. A gainful employment to be able to pay all our financial accountabilities. For our kids’ future and to continue to help others. In Jesus name through Mama Mary’s intention. AMEN.

August 10, 2018

Wisdom, Knowledge and Strength

Prayer for my Passion
Prayer to find New Job
Prayer for my Families’ Health
Prayer for my Career


From:Erec Magsipoc
August 10, 2018

Pray to STO.NINO

1.Dili nalang unta operahan ang mata sa akong MaMa, January Year 2019.
2.Ako og akong MaMa Good Health Always.
3.Ako og akong MaMa Always Safety,Walay linog og Bagyo sa Cebu City.

From:Alvin Vicente Alvarez
August 10, 2018

Sr. Sto. Niño, dungga ang akong pag ampo

Sr. Sto. Niño, ayaw kami ug talikdi, hatagi ug maayong panglawas ang akong pamilya labi na sa ako mga ginikanan, mga igsoon nga nakigbisog sa pagpanarbaho, giyahi kami sa maayong dalan, ipahilayo kami sa kadautan ug tabangi kami inadlaw adlaw namong panginabuhian. Ug ako usab nagpasalamat kanimo batang Hesus sa mga grasya nga imo gihatag dre kanamo sa amoang pamilya. Ikaw magahari kanamo Sr. Sto. Niño sa amoang kasing2x. Kining tanan ako gipangayo pinaagi ni Kristo nga among Ginoo…Amen Viva Sr. Sto. Niño

From:Gemma Culiao
August 10, 2018

Thanksgiving prayer

Prayer for thanksgiving for all the blessing received and good health for my family members

From:Chat Alforte
August 10, 2018

Thank you

Senior santo nino salamat sa pag gabay Kanimo kanamo ug sa tibook nko pamilya dghan kaau sa Salamat sa tanan grasya nga imo ghatag kanamo Kada adlaw ug imo gyud Kami protektahan sa kadautan ug imo sad me glayo sa mga disgrasya dghan kaau salamat senior santo nino sa tanan Tanan nimo ghatag ka nko nga htagan mo kmi ug maau panglawas ako ug ako mga pamilya ilabi n sa ako mga anak ug sa ako bana ug htagan mo pa kmi ug taaa ug lugway pa nga kinabuhi. Salamat sa tanan senior santo nino. Amen

August 10, 2018

Prayer for the soul

Please pray for the soul of my Mom Felixberta Menoria on her birthday on August 22 and for my sister Jennifer Menoria on August 28.

From:Rosario M. Elliott
August 10, 2018

Can i go home and our case will be done to be payed

Santo niño pls help us to solve our problem mabayran nami para maka uli nako sa pinas kay gkapoy nako dri saudi sr. Santo niño all though naka transfer ko ug company pero nag take advantage ang presence company patay ang trabaho hope mabayran nami para mabayran na nako ang mga utang nako para maka uli nako and akong pamilya ipalayo sila sa dautan sr. Santo niño labi na sa akong asawa sr. Santo niño malamdagan na sya na dili na magpatakag pangutang

From:Ivan Osmil
August 10, 2018

My prayer

Please grant my prayer Sr Sto Niño that my new Job will arrive so soon. And give me an enough strength that I could face and surpass all the challenges I may encounter with. Give me a good health and also my family, relative and friends, make us happy and safe as always. Thank you so much Lord God Sr Sto Niño and to all Saints and Angels. Amen.

Viva Sr Sto Niño! Viva!!!
Viva Sr Sto Niño! Viva!!!

August 10, 2018

Family peace

Dearest Baby Sto. Niño, Please let Your peace and love reign in our hearts and homes. Amen

From:E. Kramer
August 10, 2018


First of all I want to say Thank you for all the blessing, love, protection and provision you showered us and our family all through out my life. I offer my prayers for the good health, peace of mind, contentment and harmony in our family and lovedones, i pray that u guide our heart and mind to do rights things everyday in our lives. I pray that U continue to protect and prosper our business. I also pray for children and elderly who are sick right now that u comfort them with your love. Lastly for our families and friends that departed. Thank u for all the blessings we received Amen.

From:irine grace mercado
August 10, 2018

Prayer for safe delivery

Sr. Sto. Niño please bless me with safe & easy delivery of my new baby in the coming end of this month. Please bless our whole family. Amen.

From:Meredith Jorquia
August 10, 2018

For healing

Dear Blessed Sr. Sto. Niño nangamuyo ko diha kanimo alang sa akong gibati karon nga unta imong ayuhon ang hubag nga mitubo sa akong sampot nga naghatag deria kanako og discomfort. Og nahangyo pud ko og complete healing alang sa akong inahan nga unta ayuhon mo ang ashma nga dugay na niyang gibati. Amen

From:J. Quijano
August 10, 2018

Blessed Senior Sto Nino

Senior Sto Nino tabange intawon makakita na trabaho ako bana. Lord God tagae ko maayo panglawas ako mag anak ako mama ako mga igsoon ug kaparentehan. Amen

From:Maricel Gamil
August 10, 2018

Tabangi or lamdagi

Senior sto nino sa dli pa nku sugdan salamat kaayo sa tanan2x nga ghatag nmo kanamo sukad pa sa una.Karon panahona senior sto nino daku kaau akong problema about sa akong bana.Usahay ma feel nlang nki nga wala koy bana.kauban man me sa usa kabaly pero eyang huna2x wala dre sa amoa..senior sto nino lamdagi ang panghuna2x s akong bana nga sayup eyang nabuhat.og lamdagi pod ko senior sto nino kung unsa akong angay buhaton labina krong panahona..layu ko s akoang pamilya..dha nme namuyo s canada..maong wala koy masampit kung dli ang atong Ginoo ra gyud..salmat kaau s tanan

From:Amelia Cogal and Family
August 10, 2018


Please help me pray to Snr Sto Nino for the success of my job application as pediatric nurse. I also ask for your help for the success of my sister’s OET examination tomorrow that she will achieve B scores in all tasks. Thank you very much and God bless you. Keep doing what you’re doing in helping other people through prayers.

From:Mysah Alerta
August 10, 2018

Residence Status

Sr. Sto. Niño,

Please help me and my husband to become resident here in Canada,. Send forth your holy spirit to the people who process our papers and documents. Daghan kaayong salamat Sr. Sto. Niño!! Iloveyou

August 10, 2018

Prayer request for LET Exam

Sr. Sto. Nino tabangi ako nga makapasar sa akong board exam karong umaabot Sept. 30,2018. Hatagi ako ug maayong panglawas ug tabangi ako sa pagpili ug tama nga answer sa mga questions Sr. Please heal me also Sr. Ilabina sa akong balatian. Giyahi ako sa kanunay ilabina sa akong pamilya Sr. Salamat kaayo sa nga tanan Senyor Sto. Nino. Amen.

August 10, 2018

Board Exam Guidance

Sto. Niño guide me as I take my board exam this coming 24-25. Ayaw biya ko biyae sa pag tale nakog boards. Hinaut unta nga maka pasar ko ani nga board exam. Gaka lisud ko pero salig lang ko nimo.. Thank you kaau..
In Jesus name. AMEN..

From:Gino Paolo C. Russel
August 10, 2018

Healing prayer

I pray nga magising auntie ko mula sa comatose.. At tuluyang gumaling… Please God nagmamaka kamo sayo. Amen

From:Celeste Claracay
August 10, 2018


My beloved Señor Sto. Niño VIVA PIT SÑR. balaang bata nangayo ako sa imong kalooy Señor Sto. Niño nga magkapundok pa intawn mig balik akong mga igsopn ug akong anak sa akong pag uli pohon. Malooy ka Señor Sto. Niño tagai jntawn mig kadasig kanunay sa matag adlaw namo nga buhaton ug maayong panglawas ug grasya nga gikinahanglan namo sa matag adlaw. Bulahang bata nga Señor Sto. Niño. I love you

August 10, 2018


Thank you Snr Sto Nino for all the blessings we received, the good health with my family.

From:Eden Secular
August 10, 2018

Prayer Request

Please pray for:
• physical healing of Anthony Elmer Garcia, Flordelita Garcia, Luisita Concepcion
• successful career of John Rhobert Garcia, Daniel Garcia, Mia Quililan, Catalina Papa, Marc Rene Miranda, Alvin Tagle, Gerardo Santos, Jeffrey Fulgar
• soul of Rogelio Garcia

From:Anthony Garcia
August 10, 2018

PR Request

Hi Sr Sto Nino nanuktok ko sa imong maluluy onb kasing kasing na hinaot ma approvan akong Permanent residency application diri,, para d me magkalagyu sa akong asawa..kaw nalang bahalo Sr kabalo ko d ko nimu pasagdaan.. Salamat sa tanan grasyu Sr luvv uu.. Basta Lord nanghinaut ko na unta bsag unsa pa mahitabo through richer or poorer sickness and in health magkauban me sa ako asawa d me magkalyu ug bukag Sr kabalo ka sa intention sa amo mga heart Sr bless us always … amen

From:Jerilyn Dacumos Aya
August 10, 2018


LORD HEAR MY PRAYERS FOR MY PROMOTION, ENLIGHTEN THE MINDS OF D SB AND VICE MAYOR for thr passage of an ordinance for final reading Jesus i trust in you Mama Mary i love you

August 10, 2018

Petition Good health and work abroad

Dear Sto. Niño pls help me to be successful to my dream to work abroad for my family.. And to pay all. My debts. Amen

From:Arlene C. Capili
August 10, 2018

Prayer for employment

Please pray for my husband that he may have a good employment.

From:Suzette espina
August 10, 2018

please help me pray for the grant visa for my husband

baby niño hurot ko ngask sa imong tabang kay nakabalo ako kong ikaw ang gamhanan sa tanan. salamat kaau sa bless una imong gi hatag sa among family ,sa imong pag guide sa amo everyday sa akong mga anak na si bebie sophia og gabriel na imo silang gi hatagan og maau ng panglawas. niño imo unta me help na approve ang visa sa akong bana aron siya makalarga og balik ,kay aron mkahatag og maau kahimtang og pagswila sa akong mga anak..kining tanan akong hugo ask sa imong tabang you

From:eppie sto domingo
August 10, 2018

Board exam

Sñr. Sto. Niño please help me pass the board exam this coming Sept. 30, 2018.

August 10, 2018

Prayer intention and family

Please help me pray to Senior Sto. Niño to pass the ielts exam on September 8, 2018 for the application of Canada express entry. And also please help me pray for my family in Philippines to keep them safe and have a good health always.

August 10, 2018

Healing prayer for Rafael Dave M. Carreon

Praying that my 14-yr old son who suffered a stroke will recover from his condition soon so we can go home.
Praying also for strength for thr family–that we may be able to hurdle the trials that we are currently going through. In Jesus’ name we pray…

From:Doris Carreon
August 10, 2018


Guidance, Blessings, Good health.. For my family and me. Then i hope that i will be successful someday. Thank you for everything.

August 10, 2018

Happiness, Acceptance, Career Growth and Healing

Humbly asking for prayers, to see and feel the joy/happiness in life, acceptance, forgiveness and healing of the souls and peace in our lives. Thanksgiving to Senior Santo Niño for all the bounties in life, May Senior Santo Niño guide us always as we keep on reaching out to him. God Bless us always.

From:Chantal P. Jerusalem
August 10, 2018

Prayer for my family and thanskgiving and to all the souls in the porgatory

Sr. Santo niño daghang salamat sa tanang grasya nga among nadawat og sa umaabot pa nga grasya taga adlaw,i pray for our good health always with my children and husband. Sr. Santo niño tagae pakog taas taas nga pasenxa para sa akong mga anak og bana, unta magmalipayon kanonay ang among pagpamuyo. Pasayloa ko sa tanan nakong kasal.anan Sr. Sto niño, magpabilin sa kanonay akong pagmahal og pagsalig kanimo Amen.

From:Sharica Morimoto
August 10, 2018

Guidance, Healing and protection

Im asking po a prayer for my youngest son Kody kasi palagi pong sumasakit ang ulo nya sa gabi at sa umaga dinala ko na po sya sa doctor pero bumabaik po ung sakit sakit ng ulo nya. Hiningi ko po ung kalunsan or healing ng sakit nya po at sa apo kung si aiden myron po siyang lagnat ubo at sipon pati po si jey an na nagbabantay sa knya. At hiniling ko dn po ang kalunsan ng sakit dn po ng aking mother in law na si Mama Imay kasi myron po siyang chronic leukemia ngaun. At hiniling ko po ang mabuting kalusugan at proteksyin sa aking pamilya sa aking parents dn po at Lalo na po sa aking butihing kabiyak na si Papa Melchor Ibis na isang Seaman. And im asking also for guidance po sa aming buong pamilya. Sa aking mga anak kung ano po ang nararapat sa kanila at para po sa future nila. At please po im asking na i pray po yong isang pinaka gusto ng asawa ko na maging piloto sa barko para po magkaroon po kami na more time together. Lord we offer our lives to u. I surrender everything to u. Its only u knows what is best for us and Thank u for all the blessings and for all the coming blessings. At please pray dn po sa aking mga kaibigan na myron dn pong karamdaman sina Tatay po ni leila valle paumanhin po hndi ko alam Name nya kay Anna clemente myron po siyang cancer kay ate mila conception. Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyo for giving us this opportunity. To God be the glory. Amen God bless…

From:Erna Jonem
August 10, 2018

Special intention

Special intention for good health for my whole family. Guidance for my work for everyday life. For all the people who sorround me may they seek peace and blessings from the Lord.

From:Juan Paolo Transfiguracion
August 10, 2018

Healing Prayer

Senior Sto. Niño please heal me physically, emotionally and spiritually…Amen

From:Geraldine Dejito Gabion
August 10, 2018

Healing and health

Please pray for my complete healing and health of my family

From:Nilcar mortola
August 10, 2018

Miraculous Healing

Please pray to Senior Santo Nino the miraculous healing of Rocil Q. Ulgasan from her lupus, kidney failure and all other health challenges. Restore her to full health. Amen.

From:Frederick Cabije
August 10, 2018

Pass the Interview

May Jesus takes over the Consul who will then grants Kenny the tourist visa. This I claim in the name of Jesus. Amen

August 10, 2018

Career amd love

First of all, please bless my family and i a good health, safety, peace of mind and happiness. Please help me in pursuing my career. The strength and perseverance to study. Guidance duing the exam. Hopefully, if the guy that i love is really for me. Please redirect him back to me. Thank you.. i love you sto. Nink

From:Leilane villahermosa
August 10, 2018

Request for Financial Security

Dear Sto Nino, please help us find a buyer for a property we are selling if it is for the good of our souls. Thank you dear Sto Nino for all the love and assistance.

From:Flerie Punzalan
August 10, 2018


Pray for my son Drexler Edgel that he may realize the value of life..May the divine intervention touch his heart and mind that he will stop the wrong doings for himself and for his coming baby and family.

From:Drexler Edgel
August 10, 2018


For the reconciliation, forgiveness and love in our family. For our business venture. That God will bless it more. Thank you.

August 10, 2018

Prayer for good health.

Sr. Sto. Niño giyahi mi kanunay hilabi na ang akoang pamilya, hinaot unta nga dili mag kasakit ang akong anak nga si Caitlyn Blaire Dungog hinaot unta nga mudako siya nga buotan ug matinabangon sa isig ka ingun. Sr. Sto. Niño hinaot pud unta nga giyahan nimu ang akong kapuyo nga si Raynie Demecillo nga unta luwas siya kanunay hilabi na sa iyang pag biyahi sa iyang trabaho ug pag pauli diri sa balay, hatagi pud ug maayong panglawas akong mga ginikanan ug mga igsoon ug ang among mga paryente hilabi na si tiyo leo nga nag dialysis hinaot unta Sr. Sto. Niño nga mamaayo na siya hatagan mo siyag maayong panglawas kanunay, hinaot Sr. Sto. Niño nga giyahan mo ako kanunay nga mahalikay sa mga timtasyon ug kasalanan pasayloa ko sa akong mga sala nga tanan, hilabi na ang akong lola nga namatay nga si Buenaventurada Lasap nga unta napasaylo mo na siya sa mga sala nga iyang nabuhat ug banhawon mo siya diha sa imung gingharian sa langit. Amen

From:Ryan Dungog
August 10, 2018

To be hired for a job

May almighty God and his savior son Jesus Christ helps me back to my resources work in oil and gas. Pass the medical examination And soon safe to be mobilized. Please hear me God

August 10, 2018

Prayer For Discernment

Child Jesus, Guide me on what will I do in my Life, Child Jesus help me discern well and understand your Word. Child Jesus help me know what is righteous to do, and most of all instill in my mind what to do right now. You know what my heart contains, You know what my mind thinks, may all of my thoughts and words be in accordance to your Holy Will. I ask you to provide me an answer to every single question my mind thinks, Lord Help me discern well your Gospel so that I can serve you my whole life and enter the Gates of Heaven. Amen

From:Yuan Padlan
August 10, 2018

Please send me home to the Philippines soon…

Blessed Sto Nino please send me home soon to the Philippines.

From:Robert Solidum
August 10, 2018