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We believe that prayer, talking with God, changes things. Sometimes it changes us, sometimes it changes the situation. Sometimes these changes are huge, sometimes they are subtle.

Common prayer requests include prayers for healing, health, love, relationships, money, debt, children, jobs, education and other worries.

There is no charge for this service. We the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu devoted to pray for your petitions.

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


Lifetime Partner

Dear Sr. Sto. Nino, i thank God for giving You to us, as a child Jesus. May You grant my prayer petition for a God fearing husband that will love me deeply and sincerly. May You honor my heart’s desire to get married this 2020. May You create circumstances that our path will cross.. I thank You for in faith. In Jesus name . Amen!

January 17, 2020

Guidance, enlightenment. Strength, perseverance in Florefel’s CAP schooling at Foxton, NZ, from 15th Jan to 15th March, 2020fel

Sr Santo Nino, we pray for my daughter in law’s CAP schooling this 15th Jan till 15th of March. Please be with her all the way their everyday lessons, that she be enlightened, have enough strength to face everyday challenges and be able to persevere so she will be able to finish schooling.. Give her good health and peace of mind free from worries of any kind so she be able to concentrate in their lessons/and different tasks given to her and classmates. For all these we humbly pray.. forever and ever..Amen

From:Corazon B Garcia
January 17, 2020

Prayer for passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers

Please pray for me to successfully pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers this coming March 29,2020. Thank you so much.

From:Angelie Sinangote
January 17, 2020

Prayers for Matthew and Leila

Senor Sto. Nino I humbly ask you to bless my children Leila and Matthew. Keep the from serious illness and protect them from the dangers of this world. Please heal Matthew so that he will improve and develop mentally well. With your great miracle, please improve his speech so that he will be able to start talking.

January 17, 2020

Green card approval soon

I am receiving my US green card very soon

From:Beulah Echavez
January 17, 2020

against enemies

forgiveness of my sins healing ,financial. success in job, conversion of nina mae saplagio, precious diane calunsag , betty jane antonio, , laura mae canete, carlo jay benjamin, luke abella, javisa dagondon, for the repose of souls of Fernando Llamas, peace of mind, reconciliation , to befriend erik toquero orio

From:hilario n. llamas jr
January 17, 2020


Oh senor Santo Nino i-ampo mo ako nga unta maayu na ang sakit nga akoang gihambin.

January 17, 2020

Please grant my prayer to solve our financial problem

Dear Senior Santo Nińo,
Senior pls.grant our prYers nga unta makalarga na balik abroad akng bana..maluoy ka senior santo niño ngaa unta kaluy an mi nimu ilabina sa amung kahimtang karun nga puno gd sa prblema..ikaw na gd nasayud sa tanan kng unsa man inyo plano inyo matuman ! Amen

From:Marilou sacaris
January 17, 2020

Blessings and Graces for Financial Breakthrough

Senor Santo Nino I pray for a financial miracle and breakthrough this January.

Thank you.

From:Alexander Maranon
January 17, 2020

Complete Healing

Thank you Sñr. Sto. Niño for everything. May you grant complete healing to my father, mother and sister. Your will be done.

January 17, 2020

Finding a wonderful husband

Father God, I am so grateful for all the bountiful blessings you have given to me and to my family. Now, I humbly ask you again to please grant my request that I may be able to find a kindhearted and God-fearing husband this year. A man who will love and take care of me and Kate unconditionally. Lord, I also ask you to please make a way for us Kate to stay and still work here on the island or in any part in the states even after my contract. I know I cannot do nothing without you,Lord.I lift up everything to you,Lord Jesus.Your will be done.This I asked in your holy name,Amen.

From:Ma.luzsanie de castro
January 17, 2020

In Thanksgiving

Dear Santo Nino de Cebo. In Thanksgiving for all you have done, are doing and about to do in every area of my life and my God Fearing gentle, kind, loving and holy spouse. For the Healing ministry you called me to and all those who in need of prayer and for our world, ministries, Dr. Amodio, Dr. Brett, Dr. Stock, Dr. Christopher Divine, leaders, churches, schools, governments, doctors, police, Firefighters, & Military Heroes. St. Jude’s Children. All of you. In Thanksgiving for all my angels you lead and for the miracles your doing right now in Jesus Name I pray, believe, trust, wait on you and choose your perfect will and time in my blessed life. Have your way Jesus. Jesus I Trust In You.

From:Janeen Mito
January 17, 2020

To thank God and guidance

Thank you Lord for being there with me whenever I needed you, and the gracies and wonderful children I have
I hope you will guide me to make the right decisions for my future. Give me the strength and courage to talk over the important things between Geir and me. Guide us to come up to an agreement on matters that will be best for both of us . Please help Geir to understand and treasure what he has and the life he got from you. Enlighten him to see truth about his situation. Thank you Lord.
This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen

From:Rosalie P. Brigoli
January 17, 2020

For the soul

Eternal rest grant unto Elsie Tamayo and Blair Wrightson and let her perpetual light shine upon her may they Rest In Peace. Amen

From:Luna vinluan
January 14, 2020

Prayer for my oldest daughters

I pray for my daughter danielle to go back and finish grade 12. That she will stay away from temptations and go back to us her family and to God.

From:Luna Vinluan
January 14, 2020

the healing for my husband

to my husband terry R. Hensley
na deli sya ma wad an sa pag laom ug pag salig sa ginoo. na ang clot na na found out sa iyang Doctor under his knee na ma de solve ug mawala. sa tabang ni senyor Santo Niño na mahimsug ug bendisyonan nya among panimalay that he continues to bless us a good health and happy new year of 2020. Amen

From:Terry R hensley
January 14, 2020

For successful Application for my son to Canada

Thru the intercession of Senior Sto Niño I pray that my son Evard Niño Alcazar will pass in his application to Canada for study permit and eventually can start his future in Winnipeg Canada. I promise to make a novena for Senior Sto Niño forever. Thank you Lord! Amen🙏

From:Avelina Alcazar
January 14, 2020

Grant my request oh dear Sr. Santo Niño

Sana ma help kmi ni Sr. Santo Niño na na approve c John Dave Hingosa ng Eligibility VISA at sana safe ang flight nmin mag asawa bukas pauwi ng Pinas at mkapunta kay Sr. Santo Niño while waiting sa Airport ng Cebú, matanggap at d Sana magdam2x magulang nmin kng mlaman nla na may mga anak na ang 2 kng kapatid at malalaki na ang mga ito.
Sana Po tulungan Po ang mga victims ng Taal

From:Alice Suzuki
January 14, 2020

Prayer for Mercy and Compassion

Please pray for mercy and compassion for my nephew.

January 14, 2020

Personal intentiom

Mahal na snr..sto nino nawa po matapos na ang mga suliranen konh ito hiling kopo na bigyan nyo ako ng chance na makapag hanap ng maayos makabayad sa mga utang makapag likod sa aking kapwa at mga mahal sa buhay…hiking ko den po na ingatan mo ang mga mahal ko sa buhay at pati naren ang mga taonh may sama ng loob sakin…pagpalain mo po sila at ilayu sa mga aju mang karamdaman…ganun den po ang aking asawa bigyan mo sya ng mahabang buhay…at ingatan.ang kanyang mga anak…loobin mo na magkasundo na kaming lahat…maraming salamat po…

January 14, 2020

oet exam

Help me pray that me and my friends will pass the oet exam we took last jan 11
thank you

From:jube solomon
January 14, 2020

To pass driving exam in California

Dear devotees of our child Jesus, help me pray for Sto. Niño to intercede for me, to help me get my California drivers license and be able to drive my kids to school. Amen.

From:Michelle Cabaron
January 14, 2020

Jesus i trust in you

give us peace of the eniire universe. protect us from dangers, calamities and give me good health always and more life oh my jesus. continues to bless my entire family. ill ask these through Christ our Lord Amen!!

From:Judy Cappello
January 13, 2020

A prayer to grant mybwish

For this new year that may the Senyor Sto. Nino grant my wish to be financially sufficient in our everyday needs. May he blessed us with good health for all our family member. May He grant my wish to pursue my dream abroad. May we not have problems going to New york including my 3 children.

From:Zenneth vandyke
January 13, 2020

Healing of my mother Juana Valencia

Sr. Sto. Niño bless my mother Juana Valencia with your miraculous healing. We love you Sr. Sri. Niño.

From:Liza A. Valencia
January 13, 2020

Healing and guidance

I pray for my mom to be a cancer free for life and my dad to be healthy always as well as my parents in law and our whole family.
I pray for my husband that he can find a job and will not go back to his old vices.
I pray for my own healing and complete forgiveness that my husband did to me.
I pray for world peace and love. Thank you

From:Kristine Ballares
January 13, 2020

Good health Protect Enlightenment & confidence for my CAP schooling in Foxton, New Zealand dn January 15-March, 2020.

Sr. Santo Nino, please help me for my coming CAP schooling, this coming 15January until 15March that I will be able to do the best I can so I will make it. I pray for good health, for me and my family. Help me, Sr Santo Nino that I will have enough strength and perseverance to hurdle this schooling for my family and myself, too.. being away from my family for almost 3 months… I also pray that you will protect my family while I am away.. Lastly. I am begging from you Sr Santo Nino to please help us financially that You will send somebody to buy the lot we are selling to help us financially especially in our times of need, to pay for our debts and everything will follow.
For all these prayer requests, I humbly pray, in Jesus Mighty Name and with Your loving intercession.. Amen🙏🙏🙏

From:Florefel Rodriguez Garcia
January 13, 2020

Good health Financial protection guidance enlightenment

I humbly pray for good health of all the members of my family, protect ion and guidance and enlightenment in all that we. do

Especially for Florefel’s coming Foxton, NZ.. on the 15th of this month till March..

I humbly pray that our lot will be bought soon sent by You, so it can help us, esp Vincent in our financial needs.

All these we humbly pray.. Amen🙏🙏🙏

From:Corazon B Garcia
January 13, 2020


i pray for healing for my mother in law, francisca gonzalve. That she may recover from pain and sickness. Asking for your miracle Senyor Santo Nino. And we pray for strength for all the family members.

January 13, 2020

prayer for career

for approval of my work visa for Canada

From:Kim Albs
January 13, 2020

To pass the Civil Engineering board exam this May 2020

Balaang bata, lord ,Salamat sa tanang mga grasya og sa mabaskugun na pang lawas nako og sa akong mga pamilya .sorry sa tanan tanan nkong mga sala na nabuhat og hinaon na bantayan mi nmo kanunay og lord , hinaot na imo kung gabayan sa holy spirit sa panahon sa akong board exam karung may lord na imong ihatag ang saktung answer na maka pasar kanako og maka hatag sa kong gipanganduy na lisensya og hinaot na sa panahun sa exam imong pakalmahun akong kaugalingun og ag akong utok lord god na makahunahuna ko sa saktu na answer na gibayan sa imong holy spirit . Amen

From:Relex Cabatingan
January 13, 2020

Financial Problems for my family

Healing,health, love , relationship,money, debt, children jobs, student visa approval,promotions ,protection , guidance , wisdom perseverance in serving Kids for christ in couples for christ. contentment , happiness & have a good heart peace of mind, prayerful always !

From:Mona/ Jeffrey Narvacan
January 13, 2020

Debt free

Lord , I Praise and Love thee…Lord, please help us to pray to the person i entrust to Refund all my investment..

This all i pray..In Jesus , Name ….Amen

From:Marian Claribel Alvarico
January 13, 2020

For the soul

Prayer for the soul of uncle Henrik Nielsin who pass away today..

From:Bill Christian Subrado
January 13, 2020


For my daughter jacinta to pass the physician licensure exams

From:Dehna sevilla
January 13, 2020

For Teacher’s board exam

Please help me pray that I can pass the teachers board exam this coming march 2020.

January 13, 2020

A baby

God give me everything, especially the love of my family. Akoa giampo sana magkababy nami sa akong partner bisan busy kaayo mi tungod sa amoa trabaho.

From:Ivy Romero and Joselito Mier
January 13, 2020


I pray for the safety and good health of my family. I pray for success in my career. I hope that I will be hired in the company that I’m applying and will pass the may 2020 CPALE. I pray for peace, safety and happiness of the whole world.

From:Camilla Celeste
January 13, 2020

Salamat sa Grasyang nadawat

Sñr. Santo Niño Salamat sa pag giya ug sa mga grasyang nadawat namu ug maayong oanglawas sa tibook pamilya .. Ipalayo intawon kami sa disgrasya, mga kalamidad ,sa sakit ug samga d maayong tawo .. Salamat Ginoo Salamat

From:Nellanie Jane Yungco
January 13, 2020


Senor Sto Nino please pray for the approval of Ralph Michael visa, for the protection of Jenny Rose and her baby inher womb and for John Russel from any danger. Amen

From:Jovita Lazaro
January 13, 2020

Prayer to graduate this April 2020

Please pray that I will pass all my subjects this sem so that I may graduate this April 2020. Thank you.

From:Denise Christine C. Li.
January 13, 2020

Prayer for Healing for my Mama’s Cancer

Lord Jesus,

Please heal my mama Jessica Orozco. We love her so much. She is so dear to us and we don’t know what our life would be without her. Lord God, mama has a cancer, a sickness that no one ever wish for. Please lord heal her. We offer our mama to you oh sto Niño since this is put of our control already. Lord please grant our prayers.

We pray too that she can now go out from the hospital.


Your son, Varie John

From:Varie John Orozco
January 13, 2020

Prayer to Have A Child

Dear Sto. Niño, thank you for all the blessings you have given us, bisan paman sa mga butang nga wala namo pangayoa pero imo kining gitugyan kanamo. Please hear my prayer, heal us oh Lord. Grant me the gift of the womb, help us dear Sto. Niño. Amen.

From:Cheryl C. Cristobal
January 13, 2020


Pls help me with my plane tkt and pocket money
So I can be wirh my brother. Pls help me and my children to pay off our credit cards. Pls give me good health and be a good mother and sister. Pls keep my children away from their boyfriends/girlfriends if they are not the will of God. Thank God for all graces.

January 13, 2020

Prayers for my son.

Please pray for my son Joshua to be successful in his endeavors and for the virtues of temperance, prudence, fortitude and wisdom. Also the grace to recognize the purpose of his life and to open his heart to the presence of God in his life. Amen

January 13, 2020

Forgiveness of Sins and Blessing for Long Life, Good Health, Good Relationship, and abundancy

Sto. Niño, HAPPY birthday! Pasayloa kos akong mga sala nga nabuhat sa ako isig katawo. Sorry kaau nga wala ko ga follow sa footsteps sa Ginoo. Dili enough ni akong pagpangayo ug pasaylo but you can feel and see my heart. Salamat kaayo sa mga grasya nga imu gihatag nko ug sa akong pamilya Sto. Niño. Sto. Niño, i pray na hatagan nimu taas na life akong Mama Eta, papa, Aq igsuon na sina Bamilou, Apple, pag umangkon nko cla Thea, Bon2x ug Jaja. Longer life nko ug sa ako bana and good health namong tanan. I pray na imu intawon i bless amu marriage life sa ako bana ug i bless mi ug healthy baby this year 2020. Your Will Sto. Niño! I pray na dli mi nimu pasagdaan when it comes to financial matters. Salamat kaau sa tanan! We love you

From:Janica Andersen
January 13, 2020

My prayer request

I intend to pray for Richard Mukisa to get a job and to keep us in a good loving Godfearing relationship so as we may be able to reach the holy table through the sacrament of matrimony this year thank you God

From:Babirye Catherine
January 13, 2020

May i be granted to go home this May

Sr. Sto. Niño, hope you hear my prayers. I really miss my family in Cebu.May you grant my wish that i asked a few times. Grant me a miracle so that i can finally be reunited with my family back home. May you use me as instrument also to help others. This i ask and pray. AMEN

January 13, 2020

Complete Healing

Complete healing of Simon Almeida and Dalia Comilang. Guidance in everyday life in Dubai (work and business). More more blessings to help to charity and to improve Sr. Sto. Niño church in Cebu. Have mercy on us.

January 13, 2020

Healing of baby Daniel

Sto. Nino I humbly beg of you for the complete healing of baby Daniel so that he will be a healthy baby. He has allergies in food and dermatitis. I ask for your miracle if only to bring hope and strengthen the faith of his family.
Thank you so much Sto. Nino.

January 13, 2020


1. Comple Healing for my nephew Melmar for his zeisure, no more.
2.Forgiveness of my sin
3. Plans for businees
4. Guidance, wisdom, health, peace.

Write in Bisaya or English

From:Dahlia Lagrama
January 13, 2020

A Prosperous 2020

Help in our financial and spiritual life.
Strengthen our bonds with people who are in need of help, and to the people we care about, and with God and all the saints in heaven.
And to live a long and prosperous life as we start the decade right.

From:Philippe Deron R Padolina
January 13, 2020

Daily Prayers & Petitions

For our family, parents, siblings & their families; the church, Israel; Svc members & their families; the souls in purgatory. For this country, our people & the leadership: protection from evil & harm, protection from our enemies, inside & out. Shower us with blessings. Protect us from corrupt media/judges/school system. For me & my husband, that we always do well in our jobs. For our children, blessings.

January 7, 2020

Near Death Prayer

Please pray for my mother, Ma. Teresa R. Caitor of Cagayan de Oro City. Please pray that she can live longer now that she has cancer throughout her internal organs and that the human hands can no longer handle the operations. We know that Sr. Sto. Niño has better plans for her and His miraculous scepter will cast us with an answer to our life’s crisis right now. Please pray that we could do this together as a family now that it will just be me, my other 3 younger siblings, and my Papa. Please pray that she could live so that she can fulfill the dreams and aspirations that she has in mind. Lisod kaayo na anytime mawala na si mama, 17 pa ko ug ang pinakagamay namo is 4 years old. My papa’s body couldn’t handle us too, any longer. He is slowly deteriorating especially his left eye cannot see. We know that Sr. Sto. Niño will always be in our side. Please pray for the health of my family now that we are struggling to meet ends. Thank you so much po.

From:Quennie Carl Caitor
January 7, 2020


Milagrosong sto. Nino dungga amo pag ampo tabangi ako tita bless maayo cya sa iyang sakit. Heal her touch her with your healing hands. Amen

January 7, 2020


Milagrosong sto. Nino dungga amo pag ampo tabangi ako tita bless maayo cya sa iyang sakit. Heal her touch her with your healing hands. Amen

January 7, 2020

Mass Intentions

Thanksgiving Mass for the blessings that you have given us and Mass for the Intentions of the souls of:

From:Kristiana Carmel D. Herrera
January 7, 2020

Grace and Mercy

Sto. Nino. I pray for the Good health of the family, love, peace of mind, more blessing and graces . Unity and Peace of the World. Good health of the relatives, friends and for All souls in purgatory and forgotten one.

From:Jimmy Trasmil
January 7, 2020

Healing for my Mom

Dearest Sr. Santo Nino,

You are our king and our God. You are our healing God. Please give a glance to our humble heart. Please provide total healing to my mom suffering from cancer. Give comfort and total healing in your powerful name. Pls comfort after her surgery and divine assistance that she can endure her chemo treatment.

Thank you so much and we love you!



January 7, 2020

Special Intention for 2020

Dear Sto Niño de Cebu,

May I faithfully request that this 2020 will be a great year for our family. That this year may be a year full of blessings, wisdom, knowledge, and good health. May you continue to guide and protect our families, most specially to our new married life. May you bless us and grant Jenny and I our baby as we start our new family. We ask this prayer, through the blessing and graces of our Sto Niño de Cebu, Amen.

From:Bon Pugal
January 7, 2020

THANK YOU, Sñr Sto Niño!

Hi Sñr Sto Niño,

You have showered a lot of blessings to me and my family this year. Thank you Sñr Sto Niño! I really am grateful and appreciate everything that you do for me.
Thank you for everything, all that you do for me and my family and loved ones. Thank you for all the blessings you have showered upon me and my family. I appreciate everything. Im sorry for my shortcomings and my mistakes towards you and to others. I hope and pray you forgive me and the people I did wrongs also forgive me. Snr Sto Niño, I pray that you protect my family from danger, sickness, accidents and bad things and help them in times of needs and shower them blessings always especially my mother, siblings, KP and JP. My family, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.
I also pray you protect my little family from danger, protect them always and guide them always. Please touch the heart and mind of JP, that he will prioritize our union that it will be blessed and we will be able to get the blessing of holy matrimony soonest. Please touch his mind and heart that he will be able to think, prioritize me and KP always and will be there for each other always.
Please help me financial,in all my debts that I will be able to repay everything and save money for my future and baby’s future. Please help me achieve my goals, mission in life to give my son a better future.
Please protect my son from danger and give him good health and protect his sleep and as he grow. may he grow as a good person with strong faith to the Lord and to you Sñr Sto Niño!
Please help me, guide me always and please don’t leave my side Sñr Sto Niño. Be my shelter, strength and protect me always from danger and pain. Help me financially, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally in raising my child. Help me financially in this time of needs. I want to be debt free and make sure I provide the things my son needs.

Thank you Sñr Sto Niño!

January 7, 2020

Mentally and emotionally ill

Please pray for my daughter Nerissa Compton Blackstone for restoration, healing and strength she is mentally and emotionally ill. Thank you and God bless.

From:Nerissa Compton Blackstone
January 7, 2020

Prayer for the year 2020

Jesus/Sr. Sto. Niña/ Mother Mary/ All the Saints and archangels

Please pray and heal my whole family what ever worries, pain, hatred, insecurity, pride, anger, depression, out of control…etc. We beg you to touch each and everyone of my families heart body and soul to renew what best for us to start the year 2020. We thank you for everything that we have been through the UPS and DOWN of our lives. Just continue to comfort us, guide us, keep us in safe and good health always most especially to our love ones abroad, friends and relatives. Guide those people who are begging for your miraculous healing/ blessings.

We ask this through Christ our Lord Jesus. AMEN

Irene & Michael

January 7, 2020

Prayer for Guardian Angels

Dear Lord, Assign guardian angels for Sanuza lifelong and for her father & mother. I pray their presence is felt. In Jesus Name. Amen.

From:Niva N
January 7, 2020

Everything with you is possible

I pray to have good health for the family and good health for rejan/tobias guide them sr.sto nino to have more faith on you keep them safe everyday,sr sto nino take this anxiety and gave me peace of mind…

January 7, 2020

Spousal permanent resident visa application to canada

Sñr sto niño I thank you for the grace and blessings you have showered towards our spousal visa application to Canada . You’ve made it easy for us to process and submit the application. Your favor and blessings delighted my heart , thank you Jesus. Now I believe that you are working together with the Visa Officers who are handling our papers. I believe, decree and declare my Spousal Permanent Resident Visa is approved in Jesus name. AMEN

From:Violeta owacan
January 7, 2020

Healing for Rhyan

Sto. Niño, please heal Rhyan from his sickness now. He is still at hospital following his surgery. But until now, he can’t pass gas and no bowel movement. He has fever too. Please Sto. Niño be with him and heal him. Let the operation be a success to avoid another surgery. Heal him. Make him pass gas and return normal bowel movements please. Let him have a smooth recovery from now on. Give him the strength to fight through this. We love you and we thank you.

January 7, 2020

general intentions

for the repose of soul of fernando llamas, triumph over enemies, job/employment/ conversion of nina mae saplagio, laura mae canete, luke abella, deliverance from occult practices. peace at home, to befriend erik toquero orio

From:hilario jr. llamas
January 7, 2020

Prayer for a blessing

Sr.Sto Nino dili ko takus sa pagdawarbsa mg grasya nga imung ghatag apan ako dako nga paslamat s inung dakong gugma,dakong gugma sa bisannunsa nga akong pag ampo imung maga ihatag,Im praying for you sr. Sto Nino to hear my hearts desire,esp.the birthday of my only princess is coming please give her the best health very goodhealth,hear my prayers for my children dor them to be successful someday,strenght for me and my husband to have more longer years for us to help all our children nga maplastar.Please help all my siblings to be able to surpass all the trials in life my dear Sto Niño we love you very much please help me to sustain every year nga mka apil mi sa imung kapistahan.Amen.

From:Alnel Christine S. Saldia
January 7, 2020

Prayer for Jesus to be deepest soulmate and intercession for year 2020

Dear Infant Child Jesus, Please be the deepest soulmate where I do not need anyone else. Please intercede for me in the year 2020 AD. Please intercede for me to receive a US tourist visa and a US greencard interview. If not, please replace with better. In Jesus Name. Amen.

From:Niva Niroula
January 7, 2020


Praying for AUSTRALIA to pour and shower rains on the affected fire areas. Protection for the people who is trying to stop the fire and to save everyone in the area, the people and the animals and to save nature.

From:Marion Mitz Resilla
January 7, 2020

Praying for a successful Ielts Result

I humbly ask each and everyone of you to please include me in your prayers, as I am waiting for my IELTS result. I need a score 7 for each component Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking for me to be able to pursue my dream in working abroad. May Sr. Sto Niño hear our prayers.

From:Melissa Alderite
January 7, 2020

Prayer to pass the 2019 bar examinations

Dear Señor Sto. Niño,
I took the 2019 bar examinations last November, and the results are yet to be released in few months time. I humbly pray that the examiners will be considerate in checking my booklets and generous enough to allocate passing scores. Pray for me Señor that I will be able to pass the bar exams. All my life I will be grateful to you and will be your faithful devotee until I can thank you in Heaven. Amen.

January 7, 2020


Dear Fathers,

I am writing on behalf of the Filipino Community in Warwick in Queensland, Australia.

You may have been aware by now of the catastrophic bushfires happening around the country.

Please help pray for a good rain to quench these fires and bring back to life into earth and heal our dry land.

Thanks you.

From:Leleth Sorono
January 7, 2020

Indecision with job

Dear Sto. Nino, please guide me as I make my decision whether to accept a job in FOGT or FPM or neither. Please guide me in my decision as I make my decision as you see how it best fits my life and family. Amen.

From:Charlotte Leong
January 7, 2020

healing prayer for my mother

Senor Santo Nino I know i do not visit you much often. But I know you have a good heart. Please guide my Mother always she is fighting with a cancer please help her overcome everything. I humbly ask this to you. Please help us!

From:vi antonette alerta
January 7, 2020

Remote Jobs in Upwork

Dear Senyor Santo Nino,
Request please help me find an online job eith in Upwork or any platform. I am a breadwinner 62 years old for a diabetic husband 61, years old. I am only making a living and this time on bended knee, please hear my prayers to have a continuing job to sustain our monthly maintenance for medicine, foods and others.
Hatage usab kami sa akong bana ug maayong panglawas. Viva Santo Nino.

From:Regina Palmero
January 7, 2020

Prayer for the eternal rest of the soul

Request prayer for the eternal rest of the soul of Victorino Bagares Cosina… may he rest in peace in God’s realm. Amen.

From:Carlo L. Cosina
January 7, 2020


Help me pass the nclex-RN exam for Illinois State board

January 7, 2020

Prayer for Success in the NCLEX

I’m praying for the success of my NCLEX test this month. Praying that during the day, I will not feel anxious. That I will be confident to tackle each question.
Help me to think clearly
to remember what I’ve learned,
to use my time well.

All this I asked of you, our father and the Holy Spirit. Amen

From:Catherine Ellazar
January 7, 2020


O Señor Santo Niño, I humbly ask , in your Holy Name and Sacred Image, to grant me the blessing of a successful application for culinary internship; that Inspiring Interns will give me a good news that I can participate the culinary internship in London. In your name, I heartily claim that I can participate in this wonderful opportunity, a culinary internship! AMEN.

From:Rayver Vough Lleno
January 7, 2020

Prayer to pass the L.E.T exam

Prayer to pass my L.E.T exam this March 29,2019

From:Brian Christian Ababon
January 7, 2020

for healing and peace of mind

protection and deliverance from occult practices, bad intentioned persons, healing, forgiveness of sins, job, blessing to those i have offended and those who have offended me, financial , conversion of nina mae saplagio, luke abella, for the repose of soul of fernando llamas, for the repose of souls in purgatory, peace at home, to befriend erik

From:hilario jr. llamas
January 7, 2020


Dear Santo niño I ask you for my completed healing of my body I want to enjoy more in this life you’ve given me and spend more time with my family and you please kindly heal me now and my love ones and also your fellow people especially Cebu, Philippines

From:Esterlita Ramos
January 7, 2020

Daily Prayers & Petitions

For the president & his administration, blessings in the governance of our country. For my friends, blessings. For those who mean us harm, enlightenment. For our parents, safety & well-being. Blessings & mercy for my siblings and in-laws; for our children that they may be responsible & love the lord, love learning & country. Protect us from evil & harm & surround us with good people. For the prayers & petitions of the members of this prayer community..

January 7, 2020

Prayer for the coming board exam of my son Adrian Dela Cruz selgas

Sr. Sto nino please help my son for his coming board exam.adrian Dela Cruz selgas. Amen

From:Imelda Dela Cruz selgas
January 7, 2020


I heartily request for healing physically and emotionally…that may peace between us Siblings exists and remains…. that I may forgive and forget the stain of the past among us.

January 7, 2020

Papuri At Pasasalamat

For spousal visa approval of joel
For complete healing of all people afflicted with cancer
For protection safety and good health specially to my family
For world peace and forgiveness
For continuing blessing of long good healthy life
To free from debt and financial prosper
For all who have died let perpetual light shine upon them
For all families to be forgiving strong and help each other
For our beautiful world to be save and protect from human destruction- stop the war the hatred
I pray to God in Jesus name Amen.
Viva Pit Senior 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

From:Marlyn and Joel Mendoza
January 7, 2020

Healing request

Complete healing of of all our member of the family:
Manolito mahinay – that his wound onhis fingerbe healed and let his sugar level ne normal
Kelf francis and Keŕinmatthew- that they may have good health always
Suzette mahinay- normal blood pressure and good mental health and other organs of the body may function normally

From:Suzette mahinay
January 7, 2020

Prayer for Guidance and Enlightenment

I need prayers that I may be guided and enlightened in making major decisions in regards to the Last will and Testament of my sister who passed away last June 2019 whereby a niece is causing trouble because she wants half of it while I am the only beneficiary. From this situation, all other arrangements have been compromised and though my faith in God is really strong, somehow I have doubts along the way. Thank you so much.

From:Gines Pangia
January 7, 2020

Job promotion and Healing mentally and spiritually for my Daughter Nerissa and guidance

Senor Santo Nino I just applied for a different position and this a promotion for me. Please Grant me to get this job so I can help with family when need. Sto. Nino intawon malooy ka sa akong ang imong siyang ayohon nga mauli-an ang iyang pang huna- huna imo siyang agakon sa maayong dalan, ang iyang mga anak nag hulat niya nga maka uli na siya gikan sa mental therapy hospital. Ug akong tumanon ang devotion kada tuig. I will praise you Sto. Nino hangtod sa ka hantoran. Salamat Sto. Nino. Salamat Dios nga among Ginoo.

From:Myla Compton
January 1, 2020

Healing for Rhyan

Sto. Nino, please heal Rhyan. He’s in the hospital for 3 days now because of stomach pains (intestinal obstruction). The doctors don’t want to operate yet because of his kidney transplant. Please Sto. Nino, let his stomach and intestines work again to avoid surgery. Let it’s normal functions come back please. Thank you. We love you.

December 26, 2019

praying for visa approval

Snr. Sto Niño We pray that you will grant our visa approval to Canada and we pray that we can acquire the requirements esp financially. Thank you Snr Sto Niño for all the blessings received!!

December 26, 2019

pag ampo alang sa biktima sa abusado

lamdagi kami sa among pang huna2x ug pag ampo alang sa among naagian nga kalisdanan nga lang mi ni snr.santo niño ug kaisug ug pah lig.on ubanan mi sa amo.ang laban karon.daghan salamat

December 26, 2019

Going back of my love Adrian on me

May you grant dearest Sto. Nino to give me back Adrian. I love him so much. We are being overpowered by anger and misunderstanding and pride. May our love be greater than all of those. Sto Nino de Cebu grant me a miracle for this in my life and I will be forever honored with you. He has been my happiness deares Sto Nino. I know that nothing is impossible on you dearest Sto. Nino. Amen

From:Shaira Mae Ambal
December 26, 2019

Prayer for Healing

Please pray for the healing and speedy recovery of our father Danilo Lagman.

From:Jayson Lagman
December 26, 2019

Reconciliation of Me and My Ex bf

Dear Sto Nino de Cebu,
Grant me that you lead love between me and Adrian. May you help us understand that we are people and may commit mistake and always forgive each other. Grant us that we will get back together again. I love him so much dear Sto Nino. Amen

From:Shaira Mae Ambal
December 26, 2019

for a dead loved one

protection forgiveness of sins healing employment for the repose of soul of Fernando Llamas, conversion of Nina Mae Saplagio, Laura Mae Canete, Luke Abella , dhaviline balatayo, karen panal, carlo jay benjamin, for the poor souls in purgatory peace of mind, reconciliation. to befriend erik

From:hilario jr. llamas
December 26, 2019

Maayong panglawas og longer life

Dear Santo niño nagapasalamat kami sa kalibutan na imong ghimo gkan sa Langit the God father created this world.
Santo niño among Hari og GINOO we ask for forgiveness of our sins.
Santo niño among Hari ilikay og protectioni kami sa katalagman.
Santo niño among Hari tagai maayong panglawas akong pamilya og taas na KINABUHI.
Senor Santo niño ipahibabaw imong gugma, kalinaw og faith dri ka namo.
Our father who art in heaven. 3x
Hail Mary full of grace. 3x
Glory to the father. 3x
Amen hallelujah!!!!

From:Kenneth Ramos
December 26, 2019

To be debt free

Ako po at taos pusong nagpapasalamat sa Panginoong diyos sa lahat ng ginagawa nya para sakin at sa pamilya ko. Ako po ay nananalangin na nawa ay ako po ay bigyan ng panginoong diyos ng milagro upang magkaron ng sapat na pera pambayad sa aking mga pinagkakautangang mga tao at mga obligasyon na dpat bayaran. Ng sa ganon ay makatulong pa ako sa iba slamat po

From:Joanne Marie Salonga
December 26, 2019

Healing prayer

I am begging you please help my mother she is in the hospital with pneumonia she is out already in the ICU but still with hard cough please to.pray for totally healed my mother and give her a healthy body in jesus name amen

December 26, 2019


Sr. Sto. Niño, ako po ay nagpapasalamat sa at nadinig ang aking panalangin na maipasa ko ang aking comprehensive exam. Ako po ngayon ay ganap na Master of Management at ga-gradute sa June 2020 sa University of the Philippines. Lubos po ang aking pasasalamat Sr. Sto. Niño. Amen.

From:angemar millaro
December 19, 2019

Please pray for me

Please pray for me Mr Angel Valentino Ramirez to truly love with with my all God and the sacraments and for healing and good health in mind body and spirit and soul and deliverance from all evil and that I should learn my Catholic faith the catechism extremely well and practice it extremely well both spiritually corporately and intellectually and materially verbally.

From:Mr Angel Valentino Ramirez
December 19, 2019

prayer for family

almighty and loving god i am heartly sorry for my sins im so sorry for all my sins..
im here today asking for your guindance not only for myself but for my family give us strength to face this trials which my family is experiencing ginoo ko naga pangayo gid ako sang imung tabang nga kuntani dili na mag ka away ang akung ginikanan og dili na sila mag bulag pa ginoo ko naga pangayo gid ako sang tabang kanimo nga gina salig naku tanan kanimo ginoo kay kahibalo ako nga my ara ikaw maayo nga plano sa amung kinabuhi kag kini tanan mga pag sulay lamang sa amua…ginoo ko madamo gid nga salamat sa pag hatag nimo sang pamilya sa akoa…kabay ka lord maayos sang akun ginikanan ilahang problema og mag balik sila og alagad kanimo amen…

From:enegue diane tronco
December 19, 2019

Overseas Employment or Source of Income

Prayer request for overseas employment or source of income for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City

From:Gerardo San Diego
December 17, 2019

Payment of Unpaid Salary and Money Claims

Prayer request that previous employer Mohamed Mane Sultan Aballala and Al Masane Al Kobra Mining Company of Saudi Arabia will approve and will pay the unpaid salary and money claims of Gerardo San Diego from Paranaque City

From:Gerardo San Diego
December 17, 2019

Prayer for healthy pregnancy

Please pray and intercede for me and my family that we may be blessed to have a healthy pregnancy. I have been hving spotting and this is my first pregnancy. I implore you to pray for me as there might have been a misdiagnosis. The er told me the baby has no heartbeat 4 days ago but i know and i can feel it that my baby is all well inside me. Please bless and guide my doctors and medical practitioners that i will be seeing to be able to see and hear my baby is alive. I claim it in the name of Sto. niño. Thank you

From:Marion tuazon
December 17, 2019

Prayer for a baby

Praying for a healthy married life away from any temptation and may God grant our prayers to have a baby…

From:Mary ann nemenzo
December 16, 2019

Healing of my body

Dear Santo niño I pray that you will grant me now my healing of the body my left body is paralyzed and I have difficulty in walking.
Dear Santo niño may you help me and grant me
Dear Santo niño forgive me my sins
Dear Santo niño we praise you forever till we die glory to God the father the son and the holy spirit amen.

From:Esterlita Ramos
December 16, 2019

prayers for the souls

i pray for the soul of my father eduardo de la cruz, may lola adelaid estampador, and my nephew fatima de la cruz. may there souls be in the hands of our almighty father in heaven

December 16, 2019

Prayer for hope

Santo nino,tabange intawn ako,unsa angay nako buhaton,tabange ako sa akong mga pag.ampo emu kong tobagon,para sa akong pamilya,sa akong bana,og sa tanan nagmahal naku,santo nino tabange aku nga matovag akung pag.ampo,nga aku karun perme nagpa.avot,dag.han salamat santo nino sa tanan.Amen

From:Nina Lovely Alora
December 16, 2019

For health

Señor Sto. Niño I pray for goodhealth , protection and wisdom for my family. Please help me to pass my coming exam and bring little miracles in our lives. Thank you for everything.

December 16, 2019

Prayers for debts and healing

Dear Santo niño we offer our prayer request to you for the debts and healing for Esterlita Ramos and family 👪

Dear Santo niño forgive our sins physically and mentally spiritual

Dear Santo niño I likay sa mga utang akong pamilya

Dear Santo niño reconciliation for Esterlita Ramos and family 👪 Marson family and Ramos family

Dear Santo niño protect, love, peace, patience, healthy body longer life us.

Dear Santo niño we love you always and we also pray for you until our death

Dear Santo niño pray for us.

From:Keneth Ramos
December 13, 2019

Financial and Economic Healing/Stability/Blessings

Prayer request for financial and economic healing/stability/blessings for Gerardo San Diego of Paranaque City

From:Gerardo San Diego
December 13, 2019

Please help my online business and Financial Hepl

Dear Santo Nino,
Please help me and bless my online business, help me to find more customers, please help me earn some money now, Please help my husband secure his job from TP and get more work from them. Santo Nino please hear my prayers, thank you. In Jesus name Amen.

December 13, 2019

Financial free and healing free

Good evening to our lord and dear Santo niño from esterlita Ramos and family I wanna say today my every day prayer to you and every Friday posting prayer online as we celebrated your day our lord Santo niño tabangi intawon akong pamilya Esterlita Ramos and family sa kaayoHan sa masakiton healing Santo niño taas na kinabuhi financially free, protection, temptation, patience, love, peace and successful life ni kenneth ramos. Dear our lord Santo nino forgive our sins as we say it to our prayer everyday that we commit sins every day forgive us dear Santo niño watch always my family give us everything we deserved in the name of your holy name Santo niño amen.

From:Kenneth Ramos
December 13, 2019

Señor Santo Niño, have mercy on us!

Dear Sacred Heart of Señor Santo Niño,
For the sake of the Precious Tears of Your most holy Mother Mary (our Mother) and through the merits of Your Holy Childhood: please have mercy on us and grant me and my family the grace of perpetual good health in mind, body and soul all the days of our life; please heal my parents and grandparents from their pains and wounds; please grant speedy eternal rest to the souls of Milagros, Mike, Marilou, Carmen, Carmen, Virginia, Jesus, Pedro, Jose, Concepcion, Primo, Julia, Aldegunda, Jose, Ramon, Maximo, Maximino, Isabel, Gregorio, Antonio, Annunciata, Ben, Leonardo, Matilde, Felina, Jane, RG, Roger, Wilhelm, Paul, Lutz, Franz, Bienvenido, Edilberta, Pacquito, Lucia, Feriong, Patrick and the souls in Purgatory whom charity bids me to pray for me; please grant that all Filipinos will wear a blessed Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with a Miraculous Medal attached to it – please extend this to Alfonso and Laura and their parents too; and please grant that all of creation will pray the Holy Rosary daily devoutly and go to Mass daily too.

Holy Mother of God, Mary Immaculate, please cover these prayers with Your Precious Tears and keep them under your holy mantle where no devil may ever know about it. Amen.


December 13, 2019

Employment/ Health/ Family

Sto. Niño, I know that you are always there for me and my family, help me in granting my wish to be employed and to land in a good company to help my family survive in this ever complicated world, keep my family safe from all harms, give us health to endure the challenges in everyday we will be encountering. This I ask of you blessed Sto. Niño. please hear my plea, I will all surrender this to you, thy will be done. I love you Sto. Niño.

From:Neil Joy Cruz
December 13, 2019

Petition Prayer for Board Exam

Dear Sr.Sto Niño,
Daghan Salamat sa tanan grasya nga imuha gipaambit sa amoa ilabi na sa akoang pamilya..Karon Nangamuyo ako kanimo pag usab ug nangayo sa imuhang tabang nga unta tabangan nimo ug giyahan karon ang akong manghod nga si Clinton Gems Veloso Araneta nga mu take karon adlawa sa Criminologist Licensure Examination, kahibalo gyud ko sa gibati nya karon kay naagian sad ni nako kaniadto, Ayaw intawon pasagdi c Clinton Sr Sto Niño ,Tabangan mo unta siya nga makasabot sa mga questions ug makatubag unta siya sa insakto nga tubag..Hatagan mo unta sya ug presence of mind,peace of mind,ug Faith ug Pagsalig sa iyahang kaugalingon ug labaw na sa imuha Sr.Sto Niño..Ayaw intawon siya pasagdi sa sitwasyon niya karon, Giyahan mo unta si Clinton Gems sa pagtake niya sa board exam nya karon adlawa..May Holy Spirit Guide him…Mother of Perpetual Help please Pray for him…i beg you please hear my prayers for him..have pity Sr.Sto Niño,bisag pinaskuhan unta ni nimo para ni papa elmo ug mama sabeth..Nanghinaot ko nga magmalampuson unta siya niini…Have mercy on him…I love you Sr.Sto Niño..please hatagi intawon siya chance nga maging successful intawon siya niini..Amen

From:Shiela Mae A.Natividad
December 13, 2019

Healing for breast cancer

Sr.Sto.Niño ang balaang bata, plz ayuha ko sa akong gibati karun sa akong totoy, na diagnose ko ug breast cancer, di ko magpaopera sr.sto.niño, peru isalig na naku ang tanan, ikaw na ang bahala sa tanan nakung kaayohan, ako nangamoyo kanimu sr.sto.niño na imo akong ayuhon sa akong sakit karun, kay gusto pa kong malugwayan ug taas pang kinabuhi tungod kay wala pa intawon kahuman ug skwela ang akong mga anak, di ko gusto na mawa ko sa ilang kinabuhi na wala pa sila mahiluna,,pray for us, salamat kaayo sr.sto.niño..
From: Marina C. Polestico
Dec.2, 2019

From:Marina C. Polestico
December 13, 2019

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