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We believe that prayer, talking with God, changes things. Sometimes it changes us, sometimes it changes the situation. Sometimes these changes are huge, sometimes they are subtle.

Common prayer requests include prayers for healing, health, love, relationships, money, debt, children, jobs, education and other worries.

There is no charge for this service. We the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu devoted to pray for your petitions.

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


Pamisa sa mga kalag

Gaudencio , Emeliana ,Marvin ,Valeriana,Victoriana,Felix RACUYA.
Asela Nacar ,Ciriaco Nacar.
Irwin James Nepomuceno
Alan Regudo

From:Vina R.Nacar
January 19, 2021

Prayer for the soul

Prayers for the soul of velma

January 19, 2021

Prayer for the Souls

Prayer for the Souls of:

Alfreda Seas
Nicolas Seas
Engracia Garcia
Macaria Seas

From:Salie Seas
January 19, 2021

Prayer for the souls


January 19, 2021

Prayer for the soul of

Concepcion Allego Pontillas
Eufrocino Pontillas Sr
Verna Jane Pontillas
Sheena Pontillas

January 19, 2021

Prayers for the soul

Pray for the soul of my father ermenio empesto, mybrother soul danie boy empesto and nanay pulin.

January 19, 2021

approval of work visa

Nihangyo ako kang Señor Sto. Niño ang Balaang Bata nga unta dunggon niya akong pag ampo nga masugdan na akong visa petition. Aron unta makalarga and trabaho ko sa lain nasud

January 19, 2021

Offer and Thanksgiving

Dear Sto. Niño,

We are currently renovating our home. I would like to ask your guidance on this. I hope that what we are about to do is in accordance with the will of God. Thank you for all the blessings we have received and for keeping us safe during this pandemic. Thank you not just for the things we see but for also the things that we dont see. Your plans for us is always greater than our plans for ourselves. I fully trust you with my life, Sto. Niño. ❤

From:Jean Rosales Mayol
January 19, 2021

Prayer for employment

Señor Sto.Niño we beseech you that I can go back to work in China this March 2021

From:Arnold Velarde
January 19, 2021

God’s Will

God’s will be done always. Amen. Alleluia

January 19, 2021

Thanksgiving for the blessings, Student Visa Approval and Guidance

I want to give thanks to the Lord, for the blessings and protection to my family, friends and relatives. Asking for guidance for my application for my visa approval.

From:Danielle Marie Tahadlangit Ollanas
January 19, 2021

The Guidance.

Dear Snr.Sto Nino, last January 2020, i started to pray your novena in 9 days. And all my requests you gave it to me. Now Snr.,i my prayer request is healthy for my family, i hope i can archive of being cum laude soon and guidance for my boyfriend and me bliss us our relationship that we both achieve our goals and being strong for our relationship. No matter what happen, our love won’t fade. And i hope someday we can go to st. Benedict and can go back again in Snr. Sto. Nino church there at Cebu. Guide our relationship, everyday. I love you and thank you so much for the wonderful life everyday and great opportunities that came and i hope more opportunities will come.

From:Roquessa Mae
January 19, 2021

Prayers Request and thanksgiving

Snr. Sto. Nino, thank you for everything.. please hear all my prayers
good health for my family, my mama and papa, my brothers and sisters and there families. I pray that Nelson will graduate this October and land a job this year. I also pray that I will have extra income to help my family on daily needs. More blessing to come to our families
thank you for listening.. please pardon us on our sins AMEN

From:Catherine Cabanesas
January 19, 2021





From:Ela Vera
January 19, 2021


Thank you for the answered prayers.

January 19, 2021

Thanksgiving and Prayer Request

Thank you dear Sto. Niño for keeping me and my family always safe and away from harm or danger. Thank you for all the blessings that you have showered upon us everyday…
Please continue to protect me and my family from any harm or danger in life.
Sto. Niño as I am going to face this one trial, may you guide and cover me, my family and our Atty. with your shield against whatever evil that will possess to the other side. Please touch our fellow challengers’ hearts and minds that they will be able to communicate peacefully with us and understand the right law.

I love you Sto. Niño.

January 19, 2021

Financial Abundance

May our sto. Niño bless me with financial abundance in business, family, and career.

January 19, 2021


Lord sta nino may you guide and protect me on my travel this week may everything go smoothly and may you touch the hearts and minds of those who I will be submitting my documents. I want to return home to your land sto nino i miss you

January 19, 2021

Good health & blessings

Good health and more blessings to my family in the Philippines, US, and Canada.

From:Leah Mae Manlosa
January 18, 2021

Thanksgiving Prayer to Sto. Nino

Thank you very much to Sto. Nino for guiding and protecting our eldest daughter during her four year work assignment in Cebu.

From:Federico, Teresita, Tida and Luchico Family
January 18, 2021

Prayer for taking Medical Technology Board exam

As we celebrate the Feast of Senior Sto. Nino I would like to ask for his guidance & protection. My daughter Deanne Charisse would have her medical technology board examination this coming January 21 & 22, 2021. Please help me pray that he would be able to pass the board examination. Thank you so much..

From:Charissa M. Abalayan
January 18, 2021

Prayer Request

God’s will be done. Amen. Alleluia.

January 18, 2021

Thanksgiving and Forgiveness

Thank you for being our protector
Thank you for keeping my love ones safe and unharmed
Thank you for being our saviour
Please forgive us for all our sins and give us peace

From:Widelyn Nicol
January 18, 2021

Pasasalamat at Kahilingan

Happy Feast Day Sto. Niño maraming salamat po sa lahat ng blessings na inyong ipinagkakaloob sa akin at sa pamilya ko sa araw-araw.. Nawa’y matupad ko na po ang mga pangarap ko para sa mga anak ko sa nanay ko at sa akin.. 🙏😇 Gabayan niyo po kami palagi ang pamilya ko at ang buong mundo at kami ng baby ko.. Bigyan niyo pa po ako ng lakas para malagpasan ang mga pagsubok ko sa buhay.. Maraming salamat po.. Amen🙏

From:Kimberly Rose L. Lacdan
January 18, 2021

73rd Birthday

For the 73rd Birthday of Leonila Britania. We wish her good health and safety

From:Therence Pagsisihan
January 18, 2021

prayer for health

asking for good health for me and norli

From:jocelyn tan
January 18, 2021

Private intentions

Pit señor! I offer up all my personal intentions, for those who are in need of prayers,for the end of the Covid 19 viral epidemic and all souls in Purgatory to be released. Of

From:Didi Hiew
January 18, 2021

Prayer Request

God’s will be done. Amen. Alleluia.

January 18, 2021

thank you

pls pray for my family, work, health and my friends. Thank you for all the blessing. pls help me to have a good health and guide me in my career in nursing.

January 18, 2021

Help for work and family

My Dearest Sto Nino, am asking for your help to make me become successful in this business i joined, this is now my only source of income. Please help me so i can provide for my kids and their studies. You know am the only provider Lord, help me so i can support their education. Please continue to protect us from this deadly virus, specially my first born who is a frontliner. Keep my kids away from people with evil minds and deeds. Bless and protect us always Lord. Thank you for all the blessings, small or big. Help me in the business Lord. This I pray to Your Holy Name.. Amen

From:Michelle Mallillin
January 18, 2021

For the souls

Prayer for the Soul of

Loreto Pagobo

From:Lhelanie Pagobo
January 18, 2021

Peace, Love and Forgivess

Forgiveness of my sins and those who have sins against me.
And let everyone love one another and peace to the whole wide world.

From:Rachel Iglesia
January 15, 2021

blessed us and Pray for a CHild

please pray for us to have a miracle baby in our lives. Blessed that baby in Jesus Name, i will accept and protect my child Amen. me and my lovey will protect our child in Jesus Name. Amen

From:Cherry MOrgan
January 15, 2021

Thanks Giving, Enlightenment and Petition

I would like to ask a big favour to let my prayer petition be included in your mass today until the end of 9th days novena every 6:30pm of your online live mass schedule.

To thank Senor Sto. Nino and Mother Mary for all the blessings and good health we received and about to receive. Prayer petition for fast recovery of my husband’s illness, healing of all the sick specially those who have covid-19 and cancer. Enlightenment and protection for my family and all people specially all the priests and the front liners and for financial blessings and good health.

Thank you so much and God bless you all. May the Lord God Almighy, Senor Sto. Nino and Mama Mary protect us all. Amen

From:Flores Family
January 15, 2021

Sto niño grant our prayer

Sto.Niño help us grant our prayers
Sto.Niño help us grant my petition

Good health for me and my husband for our safety always

From : Sergei and Kacey Niese

From:Kacey Isabel Niese
January 15, 2021

Blessing of the family

Pls pray that Sto. Nino our Lord Jesus Christ be always be the center of our family..And may God grant us peace harmony understanding and protect from from all.evil esp covid 19

January 15, 2021

family is forever

i pray to have a better life together with my family ,with love and courage to do everything we want to do and a peaceful mind and heart

From:queeny veroy
January 14, 2021


-Thanksgiving for Snr Sto Nino
-Thanksgiving for the 3rd Birthday of Aneisha Jaine Libor
-Thanksgiving for the good health of our family

From:Glenda Libor
January 14, 2021

Prayer for protection and thanksgiving

We ask for protection, good health, and strength during these desperate times. We also thank God for another year of living.

From:Ace Cuizon
January 14, 2021

Prayer for the good health of our family,long life,wisdom of my children on their studies ,give us good relationship to the whole family

Senior ,Help us in our daily needs give us strength,good health and long life,more graces and blessings .May you continue bless and protect us from any harm .Guide us always Senior.Amen

January 14, 2021

For Souls

For the eternal repose of the souls of our dear departed relatives, friends and the souls in purgatory

January 14, 2021

Prayer for the souls

For the souls of

Leticia Caparaz Uy Family

From:Leticia C. Uy
January 14, 2021

Prayer for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving prayer for protection, safety and good health for my family.

From:Gary Cruz
January 14, 2021

For the Souls

For the souls of MILA YAP, CHERYL

January 14, 2021

Prayer for the soul


January 14, 2021

Be bless to have baby

i prayed to Senior Sto. Nino to blessed me a miracle child from my happy loving person in my life. happy life and guidance all the time. thank you and I love you Sr. sto nino.

From:Cherry Morgan
January 14, 2021

new job

Sr. Sto. Nino happy feast day! Please help me find a new job very soon where i can be happy, keep me healthy, attain financial stability, and for this covid to be resolved. Thank you for being our Protector, We love you!

From:maria imelda
January 14, 2021

Señor Santo Niño received my Petition

Thank you for the gift of life O dear Jesus,
Please stay with me and help me to be an instrument of your image to the needy. Strengthen my faith O Señor Santo Niño when I feel like hopeless. Forgive me for the sins I’ve commited intentionally or unintentionally. Give me and my family good health,wisdom and peace of mind. I hope I will find a man that will put you at the center of our relationship so that we will nurish the fruitful future and live with goodness accordingly to your will. Lastly I pray for a better opportunity / job so that I can sustained the needs of my family and my furbabies.
I sincerely ask this in your holy name dear Santo Niño…

Viva Señor Santo Niño !
Viva Pit Senyor !

From:Glenda Ballera
January 14, 2021

Good Health and Safety

Dear Sto Nino,

We ask for your Blessings, your love and protection. Give us good health and keep our family safe from diseases and from calamities, accidents. Thank you for all your Blessings.

From:Frances Licup
January 14, 2021

Thanksgiving, Health Intentions and Deliverance

We thank you, Sto. Niño for the daily graces received by our family.
We pray for the gift of healing, peace, and guidance of Eddie, Eva, Wilson, Lenie, Wellyn, Jan Mark, Kiesh, Kenzo, Inna, Cesar, Marco and s.Joy2 and the rest of our family and relatives
May you also grant eternal rest to our loved ones especially to Rosenda, Ignacio, Dante, Ignacio Sr. , Lee Rene, Jocelyn, Andres, Felix Sr., Mila, Binoy,
Dominga, Juvy, Manuel Sr. , Manuel Jr. , Loreta, Salvador, Nieves, Luzviminda, Bienvinido, Elmer, Lorenzo, Jayper, Rolando, Oscar, Charlie, Fred, Danilo Sr., Danilo, Butchok ,Luis, and all the forgotten Souls in Purgatory

From:Catapang Family
January 14, 2021

Prayer for Guidance

Pray for Dixie, and the rest of the candidates for the dancing of the Sinulog Festival. And that the whole event may be successful as it is.

January 14, 2021

Prayer for my family

Prayer for peace, love in my family. That my husband’s heart will be softened and his mind be be enlightened always and have more patience in life. And most specially that my son Jeith Paul will be able to look for a job.
And this pandemic will end soon. And peace in our country and the whole world

From:Editha S. Odchigue
January 14, 2021

Prayer for Healing and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for 27th birthday and healing of autism.

From:Christopher Luardo Jr
January 14, 2021

Grant my prayer

To grant fast my spousal visa
That my husband has a good health always and he will be safe always

From:Kacey Isabel Niese
January 14, 2021

Thanksgiving & Petition to Sr Sto Nino

Good health ,peace of mind and more blessings too. And Julie May and Bart will support our financial needs always.

From:Jorja F Pajunar
January 14, 2021

Prayer for the Souls, Healing and Thanksgiving

Prayer for the souls of Vaz Alabata, Decorosa Alabata, Domingo Alabata, Anatalia Adaya and Cesario Adaya and all souls in purgatory.

Our dear Sr. Santo Niño thank you for protecting us and keeping us all safe from Covid 19, other diseases and calamities. We thank you dearly for the good health, stable job and all the blessings we receive everyday. We ask for your guidance and protection. Amen.

From: Aiza A.
Jan. 14, 2021

From:Aiza Alabata
January 14, 2021

Thanksgiving Prayer

For the blessings received and gift of life everyday and for the good health and safety of our family. And may the Lord God and Senior Santo Niño heal the world against COVID-19.

From:Frohlinche Faelnar
January 14, 2021

Prayer for protection & financial healing

Pit Senyor! Sr. Sto Nino please do grant each & everyone of my family good health. We pray for your divine protection against covid 19 dengue and other illnesses. Please do keep us safe always. Please help my business J’S mini mart na maka sustain and surplus so we could be of help to others. Please also grant that our Dito telco application will be approved. Thank you so much Sr. Sto. Nino🙏🙏🙏

January 14, 2021

I / we pray miracle Baby

I pray to Almighty God and to Senior Sto. Nino a healthy and strong Miracle baby. this gift change our life’s. this bundle of Joy will be more my faith and strong in life. Amen. WE pray you grant this blessing. me and my lovely man of mylife is more happier. Amen

From:Cherry Morgan
January 14, 2021

Prayer Of the Eternal Soul

Danilo Oliveros
Manny Enriquez
Arsenio Dionisio
Emilia Dionisio
Kehaulani Dyan Tarroza
Caridad Praxides Moran
Christine Dacera
Vicenta Cortez
Maximo Cortez
Eugene Manansala

From:Bianca Dionisio
January 14, 2021

Prayer Of the Eternal Soul

Danilo Oliveros
Manny Enriquez
Arsenio Dionisio
Emilia Dionisio
Kehaulani Dyan Tarroza
Caridad Praxides Moran
Christine Dacera
Vicenta Cortez
Maximo Cortez
Eugene Manansala

From:Bianca Dionisio
January 14, 2021

For the souls in purgatory

Grant eternal rest for all souls in purgatory especially to the souls of Aritas Alba Salazar, Neri Alba Padong, Pablo Orihuela, Francisca Balaba Orihuela and Leonor Cordova Salazar

From:Kilsten Orihuela
January 14, 2021

Prayer for the souls in Purgatory

Prayer for the souls of Sergio and Dolores, Pangkoy and Pening, Reynaldo Jr, Nilo, Insi Marianing, Linda, Liloy, Tomas, Elisa, Clarita, Delia, Gregoria, Ulad, Florencio, Mayong and all the souls in purgatory especially the forgotten souls. Amen.

January 3, 2021

Prayer for the souls

Please pray for the souls of:

Purificacion Rodil Bacolod
Miraflor Diongzon
Romeo Diongzon
Rosita Diongzon
Guillermo Diongzon
Hector Bacolod Sr.
Irenea Arique
Manolita Morales
Vicente Bacolod

Thank you very much.

From:Odeth Mizuno
January 3, 2021

Prayers for the souls

Prayers for the Souls of

Avelino Tabliga
Margarita Tabliga
Elvira Ramil
Mark anthony Ramil
Harif Genon
Felipa Reyes
Pablo Jose Berador
Nicalina Berador

From:Sargie Tablega
January 3, 2021

Prayers for Protecrion And Thanks Giving

Snr.Sto.Niño, Pls. Hear My Prayers for My Family Protection, Guidance and Enlightenment. Help My Old Mom Elena And Help us All the OFW’s…Amen

Snr.Sto.Niño, Thank You for the Graces Received especially for the Gift of Life…Amen

January 3, 2021

Prayers For the Souls

For the Souls of Rosalia Mata Crispiniano Diongzon
Selirina Diongzon
Gerardo Diongzon
Rudènio Diongzon
Glorita Aguilar
Love Joy Mancio
Themestocles Onde and for all the souls in pogatory. Amen

January 2, 2021

Prayers for the Souls

Prayers for the Souls of
Jaime Noynay
Primotivo Noynay
Regina Noynay
Alex Noynay
Sagrada Asingua
Filoteo Asingua
Pendaluz Sinoy
Hermoso Sinoy and for all the souls in porgatory Amen

January 2, 2021

prayer for soul

prayer for the soul of benhur salimbangon

From:mae anne
January 2, 2021


Thanksgiving for protection, safety and good health for our family

From:Bingo and Ethel Matugas
January 2, 2021


Pamisa sa Kalag

From:Fortunato Hermosa Junior, Sofia Hermosa, Lourdes Hermosa
January 2, 2021

Thanksgiving prayer

Thank you Sto. Nino for all blessings and graces. For all the answered prayers. Even in the stormiest days of our lives You never fail to guide and protect us. This pandemic taught us to be more faithful to You Lord God and trust Your timing. Thank you Lord God for everything, my heart is glad because You are my God. I love you Lord God.

From:Rose Medio
December 29, 2020

Prayers for The Souls, Healing & Thanksgiving

Prayer for the souls of Felino sr, Engracia, Edison, Leonora and all souls in purgatory.
Thanksgiving of graces received of 2020 and the coming new year 👼🏼❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

From:Bulandus family
December 29, 2020

Prayer for souls

Prayer for the souls of Dolores, Leon, Ronald, Juana, Policarpo, Tomas, Cresencia, Cenon, Agrifina, Rosita, Demetrio, Joseph, Dominador and Edilberto. And all forgotten souls in purgatory.

From:Rose Medio
December 29, 2020

Abundace and success

I wish succes in life all my plan and business,abundance of blessing and grace. Prosperity,protection and good health guidance,wisdom,joy,happiness a peace of mind. Thank u lord sa tanan nimong gehatag sa amoa sa akong pamilya.thank u lord jesus. Praise the lord.

From:Lucila Canute
December 29, 2020


To thanks God for my second life, and hopefully for 3rd.

From:James Uriel Dela Cruz
December 29, 2020

Pasalamat sa negative swab result

Pasalamat sa negative swab result, kabaskog lawas,protection, guidance og sa daghan grasya gihatag kanako og sa akong pamilya😘😘😘😘

From:Ayn conde
December 29, 2020

Prayer for Thanksgiving

Thank you Lord for all the graces received.
Thankyou for the fast recovery of our lola, Exequiela Baran.
Thankyou for letting us celebrate a safe Christmas.

From:Aloha Mae Padayogdog
December 29, 2020

Prayer for the souls

Prayer for the souls of
Benigno selloria,
Irenea obejero
Jennifer Barbon zosa
Sarah zosa
Primo heramil
Basiliza Dela concepcion
And all souls in purgatory

December 29, 2020

For protection and my family

Na unta tigaan pami ug grasya sa Ginoo ug dugang kusug sa mga trabahoon ug unta ilikay sa mga sakit

From:Richard Gere B Acain
December 29, 2020

For the Souls

Prayers for the Souls of:
Dominador Rallos Angeles Jr.
Mannie Anonsascion Capote Angeles
Moises Capote
Maria Surigao Capote
Dominador Angeles Sr.
Nanda Rallos Angeles
Angelo Angeles
Roann Angeles
Mama Sherley Alboro Dosdos

From:Maria Angela C. Angeles
December 29, 2020

For Financial Blessing

Abundance of Blessing , prosperity & happiness, good health & long life to live, protection & guidance for my children & grandchildren, love ones. Amen

From:Maria Angela C. Angeles
December 29, 2020

My prayer and wishes on 2021

My prayer and Wishes, for 2021 Good health and protection for me and my children and family,happy lovelife full of happiness,harmony,sweet family,abundace and prosperity, lifetime business na magbibigay sa amin ng kaginhawaan kasaganaan,tagumpay at success,all my dreams come true. Amen..thank u lord thank u god thank u jesus mother mary and St josep. Alleluya alleluya amen.

From:Lucila Canute
December 29, 2020

for the Souls

Happy bday Titay/Estelita Parrilla in heaven. Prayer for all souls in purgatory especially the forgotten ones.

From:Soon, Borres, Uy Families
December 23, 2020

Thank you for all the Grace

Thank you dear Jesus for answering our prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

From:Mafe Teves
December 23, 2020

Prayer for the Soul

For the souls of: Arneil

From:Elisa Sanoy
December 22, 2020

Safety and protection

Prayer for Spiritual Guidance, good health, safety and protection from CORONAVIRUS and from all harms of Lene Young Ricardo, Dave Young Ricardo, Marie Antoinette Laranjo, Althea Marie Limbaga and my whole family.

December 22, 2020

Prayer for the Faithful Departed

Prayer for the eternal repose of:

Sergio Costa
Dolores Costa
Pankoy Tomampo
Pining Tomampo
Reynaldo Costa
Nilo Gomez
Delia Lim
Fe Capul

…and all the souls in Purgatory.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

December 22, 2020

Prayers for financial stability

Prayers for abundance, financial blessings, success, peace and prosperity.

From:Kathleen Grace and Ramil Alejandrino
December 18, 2020

Prayer for protection

Prayer for protection and good health for me and my family,guidance,abundance,financially freedom, success,
Wisdom, Peace of mind. Alleluia, alleluia.

From:Lucila canute
December 16, 2020

A prayer for Financial freedom

Abundance, prosperity, success good health and protection

From:Lucila Canute
December 16, 2020

A prayer for financial freedom

Abundance of blessings and grace, prosperity Success and Good health and protection.

From:Lucila Canute
December 16, 2020

A prayer for all souls


December 16, 2020

Safety and effectiveness

Prayer for safety and efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccine in UK and the whole world.

December 16, 2020

Prayer for Erlinda Cachero

Eternal rest grant unto Erlinda and let your perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

From:Cloie Ceniza
December 16, 2020

Thanksgiving and Guidance Prayer

I am giving thanks for the gift of life and good health. I am thankful of the protection and guidance that my family is receiving. I pray for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. I am also praying for guidance in answering and passing my final exams.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

From:Yohbel M. Bautista
December 16, 2020

My prayer requests

Sr. Sto Niño de Cebu salamat sa lahat ng blessings na binigay mo sakin at sa pamilya ko, nawa ay gabayan mo ako parati sa lahat ng hamon ng aking buhay. Gabayan mo ako at protektahan ang aking pamilya, ilayo kami sa kapahamakan, at sakit, lahat ng uri ng karamdaman. Sr. Sto .Niño salamat sa pag dinig mo sa wishes ko na magkaroon ako ng magandang trabaho, maraming salamat po, gabayan mo ako parati sa aking mga tungkulin sa trabaho maging smooth lahat ng transactions ko sa mga cliente ko at sana po mag succeed ako dito at magtagumpay ako sa buhay. At sana po matapos na ang pandemya na kinakaharap ng buong mundo ngayon. Promise ko babalikan kita sa Sto. Niño Basilica upang magpasalamat saiyo sa lahat ng blessings na aking natanggap. Malayo man ako pero hindi ito hadlang na itigil ko ang pananalig saiyo mahal na sr. Sto. Niño. Thank you thank you .

December 16, 2020

Prayer Request

Greetings from Corpus Christi, Texas USA! Please offer prayers for my special intentions. Also for good health of mind, body, spirit and protection from covid. Please include prayers for Jerome Spanier, Yvonne Del Rio, Elda Garcia, Sr. Maria Mondagron, Seferino Elizondo, Cynthia Vela, Ed Vela, Eddie Vela, Ronnie Dunn, Sr. M. Corelia Bechold, Estella Phillips, Joseph Ojeda, and the Holy Souls in Purgatory. In Christ through Mary, Gerard Elizondo, OP

From:Gerard Elizondo
December 16, 2020

Prayer for the Faithful Departed

For the eternal repose of the souls of my beloved father, Celestino Pahamutang Sr.
Narcisa Baring
Silverio Baring
Felix Baring
Pablo Baring
Pedro Laspinas
Ernesto Noval Sr

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. O Lord, your sorrowing Mother stood by your cross; help us in our sorrows to share your sufferings

From:Celina Froehlich
December 11, 2020

Prayer for the Souls

Prayer for the souls of Benita, Felipe, Petronila, Cornelio, Apolonio, Escolastico, Sergio,

From:Maria Teresa Co
December 11, 2020

Prayer for my children

Sr. Santo Niño, I pray that my children are always safe and healthy.

December 11, 2020

Santo niño

Santo niño de cebu

From:Metchelle Zuniega
December 11, 2020

40 days

Prayer for the soul of FLOREDELITO SR.
(Ika 40 days niya today, Dec.2)

December 4, 2020

40 days

Prayer for the soul of FLORDELITO MAGHUYOP SR.

December 4, 2020

Thanks Giving and Guidance

Snr.Sto.Niño, Thank you for the Protection and Guidance for my family members and keep them Safe Always…..Amen
Snr.Sto.Niño,Protect me Always from Harm and Teach me how to be patient in adverseties…..Amen

Thank u, Friar’s
Joan del rosario Sente

From:Joan del Rosario Sente
December 4, 2020

Prayer for a child

We pray for the blessing of a child. May God see in our hearts our longing for a child to love and to care for. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

From:Regine Taiño
December 4, 2020

For safe travel,good health,and for covid19 to end very soon

Sr Sto. Niño, I am humbly asking for your guidance and praying for protection and safety for my flight this coming Dec 5,2020 going back in the Philippines. Please protect me and my loved ones sa Covid19 ug ang tibuok kalibutan. Hinaot unta mawala na ang pandemya sa tibuok kalibutan. And also good health always for my family , fiancé and his family, friends and relatives.May you protect as always from evil. And thank you for all the blessings and may you continue to bless us all. Lord God,Mama Mary, Holy Spirit, Sr Sto Niño, Black Nazarene and all the angels and saints in heaven, thank you and sorry for everything. I love you always and forever and i believe in you.

From:Nonika Tolentino
December 2, 2020

Good Health

Sr Santo Nino,

Daghan salamat sa grasya na akong nadawat kada adlaw. Salamat sa akong pamilya. Pasayloa ko sa akong mga sala. Batang Jesús ayaw kami pasagdi tabangi kami sa among mga challenges guide us na unta Sakto among mga decision. Tabangi ko sa Akong depression na unta ako ng malampasan ayaw salig ako sa imo ginoo. Ayaw pasagdi akong bana na unta siya maayong pang lawas ug wala kakulian sa trabaho , tabangi sad m na Matudloan ug tarong among anak na mag tubo siya naa kay hadlok sa imoha. Ginoo e salig ko tanan sa imoha. Ayaw Lang kami pasagdi Malouy ka. Amén

From:Gina Silveira
November 29, 2020

Thanks Giving

Thanks giving offered to Señor Santo Niño , San Vicente Ferrer, Mama Marry Immaculate Conception, Berhin sa Lourdes, Santo Thomas De Villa Nueva, Señor San Roque og sa tanang mga Santos og mga Ka Santasan nga tanan, for all the blessings we received. Thank you kaayo Lord sa grasya of kaayo nga imong gihatag kanamo. AMEN.

From:Priscy L. Gabutero
November 29, 2020

Prayer for the Soul

For eternal repose for the soul of:
Roland Larasan
Romana Larasan
Avondeo Larasan Sr.
Avondeo Larasan Jr.
Rosalie Larasan
Rosie Larasan
Lilian Larasan
Pening Binag
Zacarias Binag
Elvera Binag
Vicente Labor
Crispina Gorre
Nenita Pasay
Loloy Sistoso
And to all the souls in purgatory who will not remembered them.
May you all rest in peace. Amen.

From:Priscy Gabutero
November 29, 2020

prayer for asking

Guidance, protection, give us good health

From:Alfern comonsad, Chiryl comonsad
November 29, 2020


giving thanks to good health and blessings

From:tale family
November 29, 2020

soul, bereaved family

Eternal rest for the soul of Dave Geewing who recently passed…Comfort, guidance, good health for the family he left behind.

From:Maria Baguia
November 26, 2020

Prayer for the Soul


November 23, 2020

Thanks giving

Thanks giving prayer offered to Snr. STO. NINO for the good health , blessings and all the other graces received.

From:Alma Mayorga
November 20, 2020

Happy Birthday in Heaven

Please pray for my Father Zosimo Fat Jr. He will be celebrating his 50th Birthday in Heaven this November 30th. May you rest in internal Peace Pa. We love you !

From:Danica Fat
November 19, 2020

Prayer for the soul

For the eternal repose of the soul of my father, Jose T. Ng

November 19, 2020

Prayer for the souls

For the eternal repose of the following:
+Judge Romulo G. Carteciano, Sr. (Ret)
+Romulo “Bong” Carteciano, Jr.
+Soledad A. Gonzales
+Florencio Cartesiano
+Doroteo Cartesiano

From:Jerome Edson C. Cunanan
November 17, 2020

Prayer for the souls

For the eternal repose of the souls of
and all souls in purgatory

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

From:Leah Marie Barangan
November 16, 2020

Death Anniversary

Please pray for the soul of RAFAEL FALCON CENIZA.
You are never forgotten and I miss you always.

November 16, 2020

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