Eyes of The Two Blind Men

Today’s Reflection
Gospel: Mt 9:27-31 The Healing of Two Blind Men”
December 07, 2018 | Friday

Readings for today

Jesus touched the eyes of the two blind men and their eyes were opened. The encounter with Jesus in faith transformed them into his disciples. They were overwhelmed with the grace of God’s love in Jesus so that they could not help but spread the news about Jesus even if they were warned to keep quiet about it.

When the two blind men begged Jesus to help them, they were actually praying, for praying is a begging from God. Praying results in having a profound experience of God, leaving a mark in our life, transforming us interiorly, and healing us from our sins. Prayer is also allowing ourselves to be touched by the hand of Christ. The two blind men were touched the mystery of God in Jesus. This, too, can happen to us when we seek God in prayer.

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