Lectors and Cantors Ministry


Name and Address

Section 1: This ministry shall be known the Basilica del Sto. Niño Lectors and Cantors Ministry.

Section 2: Its address is Basilica del Sto. Niño Cebu, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City.


Organizational Vision, Mission and Core Values

SECTION 1: VISION. With the Augustinians charism of “One Mind and One Heart intent upon God”, we envision to become selfless instruments of spiritual renewal and transformation by proclaiming the word of God.

SECTION 2: MISSION. To be effective proclaimers of the Word of God in the hearts and minds of the faithful.


  1. Building personal well-being and promoting good relationship among its members and establishing cooperation with the  Augustinian community of servers;
  2. Integrating and upholding as distinct identity Augustinian core values of Charity (Caritas), Truth (Veritas) and Unity (Unitas)
  3. Blending abilities and skills, talents, minds and hearts in proclaiming the Word of God to its perfection, manifested in the power of character transformation among its members;
  4. Living life in simplicity, humility, and other Christian- Augustinian values; and
  5. Exercising fair judgment in all actions and undertakings of the association.


Membership Qualifications

Section 1: All interested applicants must be at least eighteen years old; physically fit and morally upright to render the services of the ministry. Applicants who are serving in other parishes can be accepted, provided that they commit themselves to their responsibilities in the Basilica.

Section 2: Qualified applicants must undergo and pass the screening process considering the following technicalities:

2.1. voice quality

2.2. enunciation and pronunciation

Section 3: Applicants are asked to submit these documents: application letter and resume, certificates of baptism and confirmation for singles and marriage certificate in the church for married ones.

Section 4: Members are encouraged to serve not only on their scheduled time but also on other times when their service is needed.

Section 5: Renewal of membership is subject to overall evaluation by the Executive Committee with the Committee on Screening, Training and Evaluation, with the observation of the Spiritual Director and the Basilica Community in terms of their commitment and involvement.

Section 6: Members will also be evaluated quarterly in attendance in all activities of the organization for the purpose of monitoring. The evaluation will be assisted by the Committee on Screening, Training and Evaluation and submit observations to the Executive Committee and to the Spiritual Director.


Duties and Responsibilities

Section 1: The Lectors and the Cantors must prepare for the appropriate readings of the day.

Section 2: All Lectors and Cantors should observe modest and decent inner attire before donning the garb. They must be responsible for their liturgical garb.

Section 3: Lectors and Cantors occupy only the front seats of the reserved area giving space for the Altar Servers, Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, and assisting Religious Sisters. Likewise, in the processional or recessional, the order of the places is determined by the designated task assigned to each member. Thus, the lector of the first reading is expected to position herself/himself first, closer to the entrance area; the rest are going to observe the same procedure as they are expected to locate their proper places at the altar vicinity. Furthermore, the reader assigned for the Prayers of the Faithful must also read the announcement and other required prayers unless the Celebrant would opt to read them himself.

Section 4: Lectors and Cantors shall observe decorum during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Section 5: Lectors and Cantors must sign the attendance logbook before or after serving the mass.

Section 6: The Lectors and Cantors are required to submit a letter explaining the reasons of his/her absence.

6.1 Planned Absence (7 days-up) – the members have to submit an excuse letter a week before the specified date of absence. Such letter shows the signature of the Lector or Cantors-substitute being requested to do the function. Two copies of the letter should be submitted; one is given to the Coordinator or the Secretary, while a separate copy is provided for the Spiritual Director.

6.2 Emergency Absence (less than a week) – the absentees shall notify any officer or look for an available substitute by texting or by placing a call for information dissemination purposes.

Section 7: All Lectors and Cantors must attend any spiritual activity and seminar intended for their holistic development and well-being.

Section 8: All Lectors and Cantors must be present during the regular monthly meeting set every third (3rd) Saturday of the month.

Section 9: All Lectors and Cantors must renew their commitment every third (3rd) Saturday of July.

Section 10: Lector and Cantors must read bulletin announcements and communications to keep them updated at all times.


Members Rights and Privileges

SECTION 1: Members of the ministry deserve equal rights to be heard before an assembly or forum airing out one’s concerns, requests, or comments, if any is a need.

SECTION 2: Members shall follow the schedule of mass service as scheduled. However, special consideration will be given to those members with valid reasons.

SECTION 3: Members during special liturgical days such as Misa de Gallo, Fiesta Senor, Holy Week and other special liturgical celebrations within and outside the Basilica will be determined by the Executive Committee and the Spiritual Director.

SECTION 4: Full-fledged members are provided with a liturgical garb by the Basilica community.

SECTION 5: Members can participate in other activities initiated by the Basilica Community.

SECTION 6: Members of the ministry can use the facilities, equipment, amenities, etc. for activity-related requests provided that the amenities are available.

SECTION 7: Members suffering from a disease and are undergoing treatment be given reasonable financial assistance from the ministry’s funds if available.

SECTION 8: Members deserve mutual respect from each other regardless economic and social status, and or professional titles.

Spiritual Director: Rev. Fr. Ric Anthony Reyes, OSA


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