Cofradia de Neustra Señora de la Consolacion y Correa

confradia dela Consolacion

About the Cofradia:

The devotion to Our Lady of Consolation and Cincture was officially organized in the year 1256 by the Augustinian Fathers in Bologna and later in Tolentino, Italy. As a Catholic and religious organization, the Confraternity had its recommendation and subsequent official approval from his Holiness Pope Gregory XIII in 1575. 

In the year 1675, by virtue of the Papal Bull “Ex Junctonobis” Pope Clement X granted to the Confraternity the privilege of gaining indulgences, conditionibus, observatis,” for all the members. This privilege has been reiterated confirmed by Pope Leo XIII in 1901. And in 1903 the same Holy Father authorized the Augustinian Superiors to impart Papal Blessings to the members on the Feast of Our Lady of Consolation and Cincture. 

This devotion was brought and introduced in the Philippines by the Augustinians, who were the first Catholic missionaries to come over the Archipelago. Wherever there are Augustinians, there is the devotion to Our Lady of Consolation. It came as early as the coming of Christianity in the Philippines. 

However, it was only in 1677 that the Confraternity was formally organized in the Philippines. Santo Niño Church in Cebu and San Agustin Church in Manila were the pioneer centers of this devotion. Then, in 1780, several Confraternities were established in the following parishes of Cebu: San Nicolas, Carcar, Argao, and Boljoon. All these Confraternities were affiliated to the Archconfraternity of Our Lady of Consolation and Cincture in Bologna, Italy. 

The Confraternity was organized in order to give praise and honor to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the nomenclature of Our Lady of Consolation and Cincture, to give our everliving thanks to Her for the favors and consolation we received from God thru Her intercession, and to ask from her, as our Mother, continued help for all of us, Her children. 

Spiritual Director:

2016 – 2021           – Rev. Fray Harold Langahin, OSA

2021 – present      – Mark Anthony Tampos, OSA


Updates of the Cofradia:

Short History of the Devotion to Our Lady of Consolation and Cincture


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