Obeyed the Messenger

Today’s Reflection
Gospel: Mt 2:13-18 The Flight to Egypt
December 28, 2018 | Friday

Readings for today

Early in the life of Jesus, there was already an attempt to kill him. Joseph, a God-fearing man, obeyed the messenger of God to protect the baby Jesus from the ill-intentioned Herod. Jesus grew up in wisdom and proclaimed the kingdom of God.

Like the baby Jesus, children in our world today are in danger. The environment is polluted and unhealthy; they are deprived of basic needs; the family is dysfunctional; etc. We need men who, like Saint Joseph, have in their hearts the wellbeing of children, willing to protect them from the harm and evils of the society. We have to strengthen our families and be concerned about the health of our environment. We must ensure that children have enough food and drink on their tables and that the future generations will grow up to be agents of justice.

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