Basilica Implements Preventive Measures Against COVID-19

Basilica Implements Preventive Measures Against COVID-19

COVID 19 Preventive Measures

COVID 19 Preventive Measures

The Basilica is one with the government’s efforts in battling against COVID-19 through conducting preventive measures in its compound.

Hundreds of pilgrims and tourists are flocking the Basilica daily wherein it could be a possible breeding ground to contract the virus.

The Basilica community headed by the Augustinian fathers initiated preventive measures to help control the spread of this deadly and communicable virus.

One of which is the constant reminder every mass to encourage the church goers to receive Holy Communion by hand upon the advice of the Archbishop of Cebu, Most Rev. Jose S. Palma, DD.

With the abrupt increase of the number of cases reported by the Department of Health since yesterday, the Basilica has intensified its efforts to help the government in minimizing the spread.

At the Sto. Niño marble chapel where the miraculous image is enshrined, a security personnel is assigned to wipe the glass with disinfectant for the safe veneration of the devotees.

The devotees are also advised to touch the glass or relic by hands and refrain from kissing and upon entry a disinfectant is provided, the devotee is encouraged to disinfect their hands before venerating the image.

The Basilica also placed posters provided by the Department of Health on every department and strategic locations for the public information drive on how to prevent in contracting the virus while the Basilica’s medical clinic is also planning to ask the help of DOH to conduct a brief seminar regarding COVID-19 outbreak.

Disinfectants are also provided in the entrance and exit areas where the visitors could use.

Meanwhile, the security personnel manning the compound are strictly advised to wear face masks.

Moreover, a disinfection control in the entire Basilica surroundings is conducted every day after the closing of the church.

With these efforts, the Basilica community is hoping for the public’s cooperation for everyone’s safety.

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