Sun from the Only Begotten Son | StoryaNiño

Sun from the Only Begotten Son | StoryaNiño

The sun now rises, bringing new hopes despite the looming crisis.

Despite years of the Corona Virus, miracles come in moments as the sun rises again, bringing new hopes for Mr. Nilo Mariquit, 59 years old, of Brgy. Luz, Cebu City, as he welcomes and celebrates Fiesta Señor 2023 with excitement, gratitude, and a smiling face, along with his loud and upbeat “Viva Pit Señor!”

His devotion to Sñr. Sto. Niño started many years ago and continues to be firm because of the miracles that happened in his life, especially during the pandemic.

“Driver man ko sa barangay. Ako ang tighatod sa mga nag-positive sa virus sa ilahang quarantine areas ug kaloy-an ni Sñr. Sto. Niño wala ko nag-positive sa virus ug wala usab ko nawagtangan og panginabuhi.”

(I work in our barangay as a driver. I am the one taking COVID-19-positive patients to their respective quarantine areas, and with the mercy of Sñr. Sto. Niño, ever since, I have not tested positive for the virus and my work has continued.)

According to Nilo, he always asks the Holy Child every night to always guide him in whatever work he does and bless him with abundant health. This is why he believes that his prayers were granted by Him and that He bestows miracles.

He also emphasized that this Fiesta Señor 2023 is certainly a huge blessing for everyone, showing us that the right time always comes and no one can stop God’s plan for us even though the pandemic is still hanging around.

As Rev. Fr. Elizer R. Pelingo, OSA shared during his homily, “Is there something greater than what our Lord is offering us? Of course, there is none.”

Indeed, God is greater than any situation. Moreover, his greatest hope and prayer for this celebration is that there won’t be any more pandemic and disasters. /Angel Mary Cuico, BMSN Media Centre Volunteer

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