Today’s Reflection
Gospel: Lk 1:46-56 The Canticle of Mary
December 22, 2018 | Saturday

Readings for today

In Mary’s song of thanksgiving (Magnificat), one can feel her exultant joy for all that God has done in her life. She, who was lowly and humble, has been chosen from among the many, blessed and lifted up by God. She has seen the great things that God has done in her life. Thus, she cannot but sing a joyful song to the Lord.

Mary’s spiritual experience can also happen to us. When we reflect on the works of God in our lives, we feel grateful for the many blessings we receive. Oftentimes we realize that almost all the events, persons, and challenges in life are blessings from God. They are signs of how much He loves us. Let us constantly be grateful to God and sing joyful thanksgiving songs to the Most High all the days of our life!

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