The Beloved Disciple

Today’s Reflection
Gospel: Jn 20:1a.2-8 The Empty Tomb
December 27, 2018 | Thursday

Readings for today

Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter and the Beloved Disciple (John) were the first witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus. In different ways, they followed the Lord, witnessed the wonders that he performed, listened to his teachings, experienced his love, and so forth. It was such a personal and direct encounter with Jesus that made them his disciples. And all the three of them witnessed the empty tomb and announced what they have seen.

In our day, the Risen Jesus continues to reveal himself to us in varied ways. As modern day followers of Jesus, we are enjoined to announce to others the words and works of Jesus in our own lives.  Like Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter and John the Beloved, we are sent by the Risen Jesus to announce to the world the good news that God is alive for us.

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