Till death, mag debosyon jud ko sa Señor

Till death, mag debosyon jud ko sa Señor

“Till death, mag debosyon jud ko sa Señor…”

These were the words of the 82 year old retiree, Mrs. Antonieta Oyales who has been a devotee to Sñr. Sto. Niño for more than 50 years. Her passion and dedication to serve the Señor is evident in her day to day living, which, according to her, she has been doing devotionals to the child Jesus ever since she came to Cebu.

Every year, she gives away candies to the children in her neighborhood, saying that since Sto. Niño is the child Jesus, that so she will give and share her blessings to the children as well.

When asked about the miracles Sto. Niño gave to her, she said that countless miracles had flowed into her life, not only her, but to her family as well, since the day they opened and gave their hearts to the Señor.

Mrs. Oyales only has one prayer to the Señor: that he preserves her and her family’s health, to receive blessings and give it all back again and that they may continue to worship and serve him in the remainder of their lives.

BMSN Media Center Student Volunteer | Moira Beatrice Zamora

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