Intimate Relationship

Today’s Reflection
Gospel: Lk 10:21-24 Praise of the Father”
December 04, 2018 | Tuesday

Readings for today

Jesus shares with the disciples his intimate relationship with God. God is his Father and he is His Son. In their filial relationship, God has been gracious to him by giving him all things so that only the Son knows the Father fully. Thus the Son is capable of revealing God, his Father, to the world.

As Christians, we have known the God and Father of Jesus Christ. We have seen and heard Him through Jesus. We have become sharers in the divine life through him. In our day to day life, we continue to see and hear God in the Gospels and in our human interactions. May St. Augustine’s prayer be ours, too: “Lord, heal and open my eyes that I may see Your signs: drive away from me all ignorance so that I may recognize You”


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