Sincerity and Honesty

Today’s Reflection
Gospel: Mt 7:21.24-27 The Canaanite Woman’s Faith”
December 06, 2018 | Thursday

Readings for today

Sincerity and honesty are necessary in our relationship with God. Even if we call on God often, but there is no sincerity in our hearts, our desires and aspirations will not be heard. But when we pray with a sincere and honest heart before God, He hears us immediately. In the same manner, the one who hears the word of God and does it or acts according to it has integrity of heart. That one does the will of God and makes real the reign of God.

Often times we feel like doing something good, but not strong enough to do it. We have the right motivation, but unable to act on it because of human weakness, lack of discipline and will power. We need the spirit and wisdom of Jesus to stand and act on what we believe in.

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