A Plethora of Undying Devotion | Walk with Mary

A Plethora of Undying Devotion | Walk with Mary

Walk with Mary 2023

The Penitential Walk with Mary is one of the many religious activities that was postponed due to COVID-19, but after two years, it returned on January 13, 2023.

Just as how abundant Mary’s image is, her sacredness grew stronger each day through the protections and granted favors of her motherly intercession.

After two years of hindrance by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the religious activity of the dawn procession pulls around.

Arriving as early as 3:00 AM at the Fuente Osmeña Boulevard, the Penitential Walk with Mary has drawn a sea of devotees as the perennial faith to Our Lady of Guadalupe has flown over the brim of her miraculous figure, her carroza.

Around 400,000 devotees have gathered as they offered their love to the Patroness of Cebu.

The procession that began at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church then regrouped at Fuente Osmeña Circle and then to Basilica Minore del Santo Niño (BMSN) de Cebu was led by the Guadalupe Church Team Moderator, Rev. Fr. Fr. Manuel P. Tan, BMSN Rector, Rev. Fr. Nelson G. Zerda, OSA, the Augustinian friars and brothers, and joined by the Hermano and Hermana Mayores, Engr. Venerando Olandria and Dr. Donna Lei Olandria, together with their six children.

Furthermore, bringing their images of the Mother and Child sacraments, elders doll up their kids as little Niños and Niñas.

Throughout the walk with the Blessed Mother to the Holy Child Jesus, devotees lit their candles while praying the Rosary as a symbol of One Divine and Holy Illumination. /Sandara Abano and Katherine Espina, BMSN Media Centre student volunteers

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