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Light of new Hope

People may see trials as the end of their hopes and good times, but not for Bernadith Amancio, 30, from Pardo, Cebu City. As for her, her challenges have led her to recognize the light of new hope reflecting on her – the beginning of her devotion and faith in Señor. Santo Niño.

Five years ago, there were a lot of uncertainties about how she would survive drowning in the ocean of her problems. The waves had been harsh to her; yet, only one thing was certain, it was the light blazing from above that allowed her to concede– that she is guided no matter how dim and deep her problems are, and she started believing that through this light, she would be able to transcend her challenges, which she did.

“Daghan g’yud kaayo og mga pagsuway akong naagian usa ko ni-devote ni Señor Santo Niño, ug tungod sa [Balaang] Bata, wala ko nagtuo makalingkawas ko sa akong mga problema.”

He answered Amancio’s prayers through His goodness and mercy, including that of his partner’s dream of becoming a police officer. He has now been in service to society for three years.

Who would also have thought that the biggest blessing she has received from the Santo Niño is her engagement to his partner?

“Fiancée nako niya. Karon lang first week of January mi nagka-engage,” her eyes sparkling with happiness as she recalls.

Amancio expressed her gratitude to Señor Santo Niño through completing the novena masses, which even strengthened her faithfulness and devotion because she firmly believes that He, the Santo Niño, always provides for her needs and astonishes her with the greatest miracles in life.

She is also uplifting each of us to never stop praying and to start believing in Him because He never fails to change our lives for the better.

“Pag-ampo ug pag-salig lang gyud. Ihatag ra niya ang tanan,” she emphasized. /Angel Mary Cuico, BMSN Media Centre student volunteer

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