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I wish

In this walk of faith, challenges are inevitable. At times, we run into tough battles and lose ourselves in the labyrinth of life. Despite these, there are no reasons– enough to lose the faith that we have. We may be tested, but giving up is never an option.

With teary eyes, this 65-year old mother from Tejero, Cebu City, shared her own story of unwavering devotion to the Holy Child. Back then, she was an avid gambler. It was in 1983 when she bought her image of Señor Santo Niño—whom she now calls “Ninin”—from the money she won from gambling, the same year she was pregnant with her third child. That was when her faith strengthened.

“Dugay naman g’yud na nako’ng gipangayo nga makapalit ko aning Sto. Niño,” she said.

“Akong gi-wish gyud ni Ninin karon nga year kay makagawas na akong anak [sa prisohan],” she added, showing a photo of her child whom she misses dearly.

She holds her own fiesta for the Miraculous Child every year. However, this year, due to financial constraints, it is still uncertain if she can keep the tradition. Thus, it’s one of the things she earnestly asked from Señor Santo Niño when she attended the novena mass.

Who was once a slave to gambling is now a faithful devotee to the Miraculous Child. Maria Neriza Lawas bears witness to the redirection that the Almighty brings to our lives. Wherever life may bring us, when the sun sets and the day ends, we will always go back to Him. /Gilbe Pelayo, BMSN Media Centre student volunteer

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