Called to be Saints

“An optimistic person sees an opportunity in every calamity, while a pessimistic person sees calamity in every opportunity.”

This was the opening statement of Rev. Fr. Clyde Salitrero, OCARM during the last Novena Mass for the second day. He emphasized that being a true disciple or devotee means being optimistic or being someone who possesses a positive point of view in life. He also highlighted that we are asked to be optimistic rather than a pessimistic person. This simply broadcasts the positivity of a true disciple in times of difficulties.

Fr. Clyde Salitrero, OCARM

“No matter how difficult life might be, you always have a reason to smile.” Rev. Fr. Salitrero added that heartened the people about the importance of happiness. He shared his insights about being a true disciple of God. He also stated his confession experience where a taxi driver spoke of his life story and said that it was the sincerest confession he has ever heard because of its purity and sincerity.

With a multitude of persistent devotees oozing in the Basilica, Rev. Fr. Salitrero gave hope and enlightenment as he talked about the chances of an ordinary person becoming a saint. Moreover, everyone must start from being a good disciple of Christ. Let us all be reminded that life has struggles and we should always rise back up for the Lord will always be there to help us.

“There is no saint without a sinful past and there is no sinner without a saintly future. We are all invited to be saints but first, we must be an honest disciple of the Lord.” Rev. Fr. Salitrero concluded.


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