The Lord’s Perfect Timing (LPT) | StoryaNiño

The Lord’s Perfect Timing (LPT) | StoryaNiño


A scenery common in the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino de Cebu to the beholden devotees of the blessed child is the rows of candle holders with black coatings. Common thanksgiving for health, prosperity, and safekeeping is evident in the prayers. Though, the heat of the burning red candles amplifies one unique story of thanksgiving: the realization of the Lord’s perfect timing.

One among the many faithfuls who visit the Basilica, this 25-year-old devotee from Leyte has time and time again believed in the miracles in her life; all to her worship of the Holy Child.

A pinnacle of her unrelinquished faith in Sto. Nino was when she thought about the importance of life as she mentioned that she found deeper engraved faith when prayers are being sent. She has drawn to her everyday axiom: “Your will be done.”

Indeed, this faith resulted in her recent visit, thanking the Blessed Child for this yet again, the best Christmas gift this year has offered: her being finally a Licensed Professional Teacher.

As a faculty of the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Miss Regina Rose Abogado, taught Religious Education to Senior High School students. As she emphasized, prayers require actions for the glory of God. As her advocate, she shares her insightful knowledge of the gospel with her students. In return, a license to give more inspiration to the youth.

Being a teacher without a license has always been her worry but from the time spent waiting for the results, she didn’t back down her faith as she claimed that worries are tests of faith and so shall surrender to God would be the best help to ease her to completing her petitions. Indeed, the Lord’s Perfect Timing is true.

Prayer with actions leads to miracles. /Ron Mhel Francis Blanco, BMSN Media Centre Contributor

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