TripAdvisor ranks Basilica as No. 1 destination in Cebu

TripAdvisor ranks Basilica as No. 1 destination in Cebu

TripAdvisor, the largest social travel website in the world, ranked Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu as the number one attraction in Cebu City out of the 225 sites. Other awards given to Basilica are traveler’s choice award 2018 and 2019, Certificate of Excellence 2018, Bravo! Widget, and Recommended on Trip Advisor.

These recognition only affirm that the church is an icon of Cebu not only to the Catholic pilgrims but also to tourists who had visited the mother and head of all churches in the Philippines. Cebu being the cradle of Christianity in the Philippines that through the church, people would have the chance to experience and witness the distinctive richness of history, faith and culture of the island.

The Augustinians as the pastors of the Basilica take cares the edifice devotedly since the current structure was built in 1700s according to the conservation development plans mandated by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

There are still many things to be known about the church aside from being the home of the miraculous image of the Child-Jesus, Señor Sto. Niño. Within the complex of the Basilica, visitors could visit and see the Magellan’s Cross, the image of the Ecce Homo, the mark of the first convent in the Philippines, the museum, the pilgrim center, paintings, and the religious store.

To know more about the Basilica please visit our website, or scan the QR code for the link.

You may also help us in preserving the historical and national treasure church through supporting our restoration projects by donating online or through our bank accounts.

This is a treasurer to behold and preserved for the coming celebration of the 500 year anniversary of the introduction of Christianity to the Philippines in 2021.




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