Sto. Niño celebration: Union of Love and Charity

Sto. Niño celebration: Union of Love and Charity

Sto. Niño celebration: Union of Love and Charity

CEBU CITY, Philippines—Thousands of prayers, intentions and thanksgiving were lifted during the hourly celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the Pilgrim Center in the afternoon Eucharistic mass, Sunday, January 12, 2020.

Over the years, the unending faith of the Holy Child has been instilled to all of the Cebuanos and one of the various ways is the attending of masses. The Holy Eucharist places under the God’s presence and also as a way to remember Christians together what Jesus did for us and acknowledge him wholeheartedly.


Rev. Fr. Melchor Mirador, OSA emphasized in his homily the devotion and obligation during the 1:00 pm mass. He asked faithful as to why do they come perpetually.

“We gather together in this mass, is this obligation or devotion? Do you come here for your devotion or is it your obligation?” he asked.

Mirador also said that Jesus is the vine and branches— one in love; unity in love and unity in charity. Therefore, he said that Jesus is the source of love and charity. When there is love, there is God.

The celebration of Señor Sto. Niño is the union of love, unity and charity where each one of us must adhere as to what the Holy Child symbolizes.

According to Rev. Fr. Genesis Labana, OSA, mass presider of the 2:30 pm mass said that we should do everything only for Jesus.  For like St. John himself did everything for our Lord. Fr. Labana highlights the official hashtag for this celebration – #AllforNiño.

“Buhata ang tanan para kang Niño og musunod ang tanan para kanimo.”

(Do everything for Sto. Niño and everything will follow unto you.)

With a gloomy weather and spots of raindrop quilt the crowded vicinity, people devout themselves to attend the holy mass every day. Thus, proving that Sto. Niño is the reason why people willingly wake up early and going home late despite of traffic crisis. /Jomelou Q. Menorias, CNU BMSN Volunteer

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